How can be a person like U ( Chapter 1) “U R SO CHANGED”


Hi guyz Keira here this is my 3rd and swaragini’s 2nd ff
I’m backkkkkk Mr. My first swaragini ff

My ff vil Start from where laksh kissed kavya’s forehead in front of ragini and she turned and weeped silently for a sec and said : romance in public looks weird so avoid it. Laksh and kavya gets surprised

Ragini turns and gives sweets to all elders bless. Suddenly sm1 hugged ragini from back and hides his Face near her neck. Evry1 was shocked and laksh was super angry.
Ragini:(with full excitement+ happiness) (shouts loudly) I know this touch I know this touch I know this touch. The person hugs him more tightly. Ragini shouts loudly ACE played by pearl v puri. Ragini turns and jumps with excitemen ace ur back I didn’t thought u vil cm soooooooooooo early yaar she hugs him tightly the person kisses her cheeks. Evry1 grins (except kavlak) as they know ragini vil NVR cross her limits ragini brokers the hug and hits her playfully
Kavya In mind: oh God soooo handsome and hot guy. He should be my husband and look at my hubby he has grown braed and looks so old he is perfect and I hv married laksh fr property then y to worry let’s play another game now and gets an idea.
Ragini: maa this is my bf ace

Ap: we don’t need intro swara told us about him
Fb starts
In today’s morning swara told evry1 that ragini’s bestfrnd is cmng he is very much flirty caring and so on…
Fb endz
Ragini: ohhh
Ace goes picks swara and turns her sanky gets angry.
Ragini:ace leave her sm1 is getting angry pointing 2wrdz sanky all look at sanky and laugh. Sanky goes 2 room swara goes beside him. Suddenly rags cell rings
Ragini: SWASAN STOP she shouts swasan stop and says call came
Ragini: yes all gets boggled
Ragini lifts the call and puts on speaker
Voice: cngratz mam ur hardwrk bought colour ur companies hv launched with more profit that we thought

Ragini: thankx and bye and hv u infrmd evry1
Voice: yes mam bye
Ragini jumps 3 times with excitement and hugs ace tightly and turns her laksh gets super angry and shouts romance in public ragace apart themselves look at laksh and each other faces then burst out laughng .
Ragini: maha baaba and evry1 2day I’m v.happy and I hv organized a party 2ni8 and evry1 is cmng and I’m gonna give a news so please cm
Ace: ragini y u hv changed ur attire
Ragini: which attire
Ace: ur western attire
Ragini: its India
Swara:interrupted ur both western and traditional… Like me welllllll multi talented girl. Gd
Ace: tdy u vil wear traditional
Rags:noooo ace makes a pout face okkkkk I vil change ur expersions.
Ace: I hv bought 1
Rags: ACEEEE. In mean time ace bought a dress and box which has other accessories
Ace: wear it
Rqgs take and goes guest she changes it cmz laksh mouth was open wide rags was wearing a 0.5 wide strips over her shoulder and top of pink colour has a Mickey mouse on its front has 2 side rotated pocket on kidenys her top ends 2 inches above her knees with pinks 7 inches high sandal heels 2 stone earnings 2 pink bands in her right hand she takes blessings from all bless her happily she his youngsters kavya fumes in jealousy seeing laksh ace and evry1’s lv 2wrdz rags
Sujata: jiji our bahu swara and ragini both r multi talented and look at rags how beautiful she is she is beauty with brain kavya tries maximum 2 talk with ace but ace totally ignores her.
Ace: let’s go ragini and puts his hand around her waist and pulls her 2wrdz him and gently kisses her neck no 1 noticed her except kavlak both were fuming in jealousy

Party time and property

So guyz how was it I wrkd 3 dayz on this epi

Credit to: KEIRA

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  1. Seriously…..I laughed while reading it…..I wsh u wre a wrtr of swrgni…I do wnt to change hr drsng style….at least they wld hve changed hr attitude to brve grl…she dnt hve self respect…nce 1?

  2. Awesome yaar update i am backkk Mr. Plzz

  3. Nice start… Loved to see Laksh jealous…

  4. Interesting.. Continue dear…

  5. seriously…….. ur efforts are really awesome……. the way u described ragini and ace… mouth was open……I was stunned……. literally loved it 4r the core…..and plz tell the name of ace in the next epi……..and heartily request plz don’t take another 3 days 4 chap2 plzzzzzzzzz……..can’t wait that much……….with lots of love

  6. Amazing… Yaar.. so ragini is a business women…. N post ur both ff… Soon… U didn’t post iam back mrrr… Today ?…

  7. It’s so nice….I luved it…??

  8. It’s so nice….I luved it…??esp laksh’ jealously…

  9. Hey Keira please update your i m backlk Mr….and this one is also good but im eagerly waiting for i m back one…?? Plzz try to update it fast

  10. Wow…wonderful..abeer looks grt with teju.Want more ragace scenes

  11. awesome yaar…….kavya want Ace …lol….

  12. Awesome
    Kash aisa serial me hota

  13. I laughed reading it..n i wish it was in d serial..truly..writers must peek in here once n get sm realistic ideas to write a story instead of some of their unrealistic n bogus serial 😉

  14. This jealously scene was so funny…i really want something like this in the serial’re far better than the original writers…please continue… ??

  15. Me too want same raginI in do show its nice continue

  16. mridulakrishnan

    awesome update dear…

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