We can never be together..chapter 6


Chapter 6
“Good morning bro” mahi wished me after waking me up…”good morning sis” i greeted her..”u know doc said that they r discharging u today” mahi said excitedly..” really? Cooll!!” I said..yes! Finally i can meet twinkle after 10 days..i feel so bad 4 her just when she was released from the clutches of her evil bro she again has to stay under house arrest…n to be frank even i am so bored with this..even after being discharged i have to take back up wherever i go..”i talked to ur girlfriend..she sounded super excited on hearing the news that ur coming home today” mahi said..” she is my friend sis ” i corrected her..” ya ya whatever u say bro ” she said giggling..in the afternoon the doc came n completed my final check up..he told i was fit n i can get back to work..after finishing the formalities mahi ordered me to go back home n take rest n she went to do routine check up of her patients..i left the hospital n while on my way back i tried calling jane but it went straight to voice mail..uggh y isn’t she answering my call..i was worried sick..

i then tried calling twinkle but her phone was switched off..i rushed towards my apartment n to my surprise the door was open..i mean it wasn’t locked..i went in called out for twinkle n jane..but thr was no response..i started searching 4 them in the house..thats when i saw jane lying unconscious on the floor in the kitchen..”i sprinkled water on her face to wake her..”jane..jane..r u okay??” I asked on seeing her open her eyes..”kunj??” She said..”what happened here??n whr is twinkle??” I asked..i was worried..who wouldn’t be??her so called uncle put a hit on her..n now shez missing..”kunj..i was in the kitchen getting myself a glass of water..twinkle was in the bedroom..then i heard a scream n just then someone hit on the head n then everything went dark..i think they took her”she said weakly..”did u see his face??when did this happen??”i asked..”right after mahi’s call..she called us to tell that u were coming home today…kunj i didn’t see his face..i don’t know who they r..iam sorry..i broke my promise..i couldn’t keep her safe” she said teary eyed…”hey shh..it isn’t ur fault..u did ur best..now try to remember..didn’t u see anything which can help us find her?” I asked…just then i got a call from an unknown number..i answered it..the guy on the phone said…

Hey guys!!!..sorry for being late as always..i know i know it has become a routine now..i always post late n ask sorry..also sorry for the short chapter..but iam busy so i wrote this chapter in a hurry..i hope u guys like it..n plz share ur views about the chapter through comments..

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing…..shocking….suspense…..eagerly waiting for next part….bhot tym baad post kiya epi….bt plzzz next epi thoda long…..plzzzz…..

    1. Fan

      Tysm purnima..ya i will try to post soon..

  2. Chiku

    Loved it ???????
    It ik for short update

    1. Fan

      Tysm chiku..

  3. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Fan superb in fact I’m becoming ur fan
    Dear it was superb
    Twinkle is kidnapped
    Kunj gets a call
    So much of suspense but dear here we readers ask to write soon but u ……….I wold like to say fan Plzz post ur next epi soon
    Love u ??????
    Take care

    1. Fan

      Tysm dear..glad u liked it..i will try my best to post soon this time..

  4. Finally u posted!! Awesome epi
    But quiet short plz upload long episode and also post soon

    1. Fan

      Tysm zakiyah..i will post it soon..

  5. SidMin

    OH god this suspense is killing me where is Twinkle ? Who called Kunj?
    Please post the next episode soon and yes Loved this episode 🙂

    1. Fan

      Tysm sidmin..glad u liked it..

  6. Sayeeda

    Fan yrr this is not done!!….
    Seriously I was waiting since long for ur ff…. U told to post it around 15 or 16th August nd u r posting it now..
    U know na how much I love your ff nd wait for it.. Plz yrr jaldi post krdiya kro wait nai hota hai..

    Suna tha sabr ka faalh meetha hota hai lekin mera toh honey se bhi zayada meetha tha….
    Aree coz u posted ur ff today nd moreover episode was amazing.. Fab… Superb… Duperb one…..

    But still u left the suspense…. Every time u keep me hook to ur story….

    Plz post next one soon… Plz it’s ur Sayoo request plz…

    Keep smiling dear ???

    1. Fan

      Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry…a million times sorry yaar…after a tired some day my mind stops working so i don’t write on weekdays..n in weekends my mom scolds me if i use my phone for too long..so i write in installments..islye har bar late post karti hoon..but i will try to post soon this time..n tysm for being a regular commeter..love u❤

  7. Romaisha

    Great epi Fan!!! Was missing your ff alot!!
    Hope u come back soon 🙂
    Love u ?

    1. Fan

      Tysm romaisha..glad u like it..this time i will try my best to post soon..

  8. Angita


    1. Fan

      Tysm angita..btw iam eagerly waiting for ur ff i mean both the ff..plz post soon yaar..dont take revenge from me for posting my ff late..

  9. Awesome….. :*:*:*:*

    1. Fan

      Tysm sanu

  10. Jisha

    I was waiting for your ff ..u r a fabulous writer…u know how to keep ur readers connected… suspense n hook us to story..????
    Awesome… continue soon

    1. Fan

      Tysm jisha di!!!!!..actually i watch a lot of crime shows n i love mysteries n suspense..so this ff is like an inspiration from all the shows that i watch…btw sorry for making u wait..i will try to post the next chapter soon..

  11. dreamer..arundhati

    Fan I m in luv with ur f..osum

    1. Fan

      Tysm dreamer..glad u liked it..

  12. Aamu

    amazing…missed ur ff
    do cont

  13. Fan

    Tysm aamu..i will try to post soon this time..

  14. Fan…u posted…i was in d verge 2 read ur ff…n again u left a suspense corner…bt plz post soon…loved it..

    1. Fan

      Tysm sujina

  15. Baby

    fan amazing
    oh god where is twinkle is missing
    n who were dey
    u no so many questions
    post nxt asap
    n if psbl den pls give a recap b4 d nxt episode
    osm dear luvd it 2 d core

    1. Fan

      Tysm baby..n as per ur request i will give a precap b4 the nxt chapter..btw when r u going to post the nxt part of ur ff??..iam eagerly waiting for it..

      1. Baby

        oh dear i thnk i m ending it soon u ll get it

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