We can never be together..chapter 5 (part 1)


I know iam late ..n iam so sorry 4 making u wait…tysm 4 all those lovely comments it really means a lot..

chapter5: (part1)

“Come in” i said, answering the knock on my door…”hey bro r u ready??..we should leave now” uv said..”ya sure”i said n msged twinkle to execute the plan..”bro u know that we cant take our cellphones right?” Uv said…” i remember..i was just checking my mails” i said pitting my phone away…uv had a briefcase in his hand..it was probably the drugs that we were going to sell…”lets go” i said n we made our way towards uv’s car..uv’s bodygaurds n jeff were going to follow us in another car…i just hope i everything goes as per our plan..i started thinking about our plan…it was not a very good plan but it was our only option..uv told me that thr is going to be a change of place n the new place is going to be of the buyer’s choice..we were going to go to the old place there one of the buyer’s men will escort us to the new place..i cant inform my team about the new place as i dont have a cell phone n i also cant take down many men without backup..so my plan was that twinkle should hide in the trunk of uv’s car n after we reach the new destination she would call jane so that jane can track our location n send backup..we almost reached our old location

..but wait..”hey y did u turn left??we were supposed to go right?” I questioned uv..he didn’t answer n was just looking at the road..”answer me uv..we were supposed to go the abandoned factory n pick up someone”i yelled..he stopped the car at an abandoned industrial place..it was quite far from our original location…he looked at me with a serious expression..”y did we stop here ??” I asked…he took out his gun n removed the lock n pointed it towards me..”GET OUT” he yelled so loudly that even twinkle could probably hear him..i was shocked by his actions..everything was going smoothly then y did uv’s behaviour change suddenly..jeff n his men surrounded our car n they looked pretty angry..whats happening??.i thought..uv got out n came to my side n pulled me out of the car..”what happened bro? Y r u behaviour like this?”..i asked…he then pointed the gun to my head n said ” iam not ur bro kunj or should i say detective kunj sarna?” I said said evilly..OH-NO..how did he get to know about??.how did he know my name?? Does he also know that twinkle is also involved? How should i inform jane that my cover is blown? so my questions started popping up in my head n i just looked at him shocked but i managed to say something sounding surprised…” i think u r mistaken bro..iam not a cop”…”IAM NOT UR BRO” He yelled..”come out of the trunk twinkle i know ur in thr” he called out…HOW ON EARTH DID HE GET TO KNOW ABOUT EVERYTHING??.. i was so shocked that i was just glued to my place n my mind was just bkank i didn’t know what to do next n i dont know how this will end…jeff then proceeded towards the trunk n grabbed twinkle by her hair n pulled her out n he held a gun to her head..she lookedat me with painful eyes…my blood was boiling with anger…HOW DARE HE HURT MY TWINKLE??..I pushed uv n tried to go near them but these stupid bodyguards held me back..i tried to fight them but i couldn’t risk twinkle’s life..i was helpless 4 the 1st time..”now u both might be wondering how come this dumb uv got to know about ur full proof plan??” Uv said..”dont think too much i will tell u..u remember kunj when i told u about the trade n that u had to accompany me?..well after that i came to ur room to tell u about the change of plans thats when i heard u telling twinkle about u being a cop n u r mission..n oh i also heard u r plan”..uv said with a grin on his face..”i was very angry n i thought to confront u n then kill both of u..but where is the fun in that? so i let u both think that everything is going as per ur plan..n see i trapped u in the trap u set 4 me” he continued…”come on sissy i thought u love ur life but i think i was wrong..u love to see me suffer but guess what? Its going to be u who is going to suffer” he said evilly..”let her go..she is not a part of this…kill me but please leave her…she is not at fault i tricked her int helping me” i cried out..”oh shut up!..i heard ur conversation n i know that it was she who begged to help u in this..”he said..i tried to fight the bodygaurds but i couldn’t..then i heard a familiar voice call out “FREEZE..NYPD..PUT DOWN UR GUNS” it was jane i could recognise her voice..i guess twinkle did call her..jeff pushed twinkle aside n then bang bang bang they started shooting..i grabbed twinkles hand n we took cover behind a pillar..”follow me twinkle n please dont do anything stupid..i dont want u getting hurt in a crossfire” i said n quickly grabbed my gun..what? dont think too much..obviously i wouldn’t go on a dangerous mission without a gun..i started firing at the bad guys slowly we tried to move near jane…

After a long gunfight finally they lost n i arrested uv..”take him away from my sight” i sad to the other cop…”gr8 job kunj..we finnished the mission..ur frnd called me on the right time u knw”..jane said..”..speaking of which whr is she??” She asked..thats when it striked me..whr the hell is twinkle??..i panicked n started searching 4 her then i heard her call out me name..”KUNJ”..she said drawing my attention towards her..i ran toward her n hugged her..”its all over twinkle..u r free”..i said…just when i started to think that everythingis okay i saw jeff pointing a gun towards us..oh no he was going to shoot twinke..he fired

the gun n my mind went blank..i pushed her aside n “Ahh!!”..i could feel immense pain in my chest..then i heard another gunshot but this time it was jane she shot jeff n fell down…”KUNJ!!” Someone cried out..i couldn’t think anything my chest was paining badly n just fell down…”kunj please stay with me”..twinke said…i tried to open my eyes but i couldn’t..i was in pain n i just wanted it to go away…i couldn’t hear anything anymore..everything was just blank..

Hey all sorry once again 4 being late..but kya karun i was busy with my exams…ok comingto the chapter…how was it?? Will kunj survive ??…Please share ur views through comments…n oh i almost forgot that next part will be in twinkle’s pov..n i will try to post it soon..

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome epi…loved it….eagerly waiting for next part…..

    1. Fan

      Tysm purnima..glad u liked it..

  2. Kruti

    Wowww…what an amazing epi loved it

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      Tysm kruti..glad u liked it..

  3. Its nice but I found it by chance bcz its not upload on tei page… I did not find it on tei page

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      Tysm chehak..even iam confused y isn’t it uploading on tei page..maybe it will get posted after some time..

  4. Angita

    Amazing year nice episode but do not kill Kunj pls

    1. Fan

      Tysm angita..glad u liked it..

  5. Epi was amazing !!!as always was waiting for u !!!
    No plz Kunj should not die

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      Tysm zaku..glad u liked it..

  6. Wow yaar amazing and emotional!!! Plzz don’t disappear again do post ASAP plzz

    1. Fan

      Tysm romaisah..i will try not to disappear again?

  7. Shatakshi

    Hey fan
    What an Amazing episode yaar
    Seriously it was thrill reading it
    Loved it to the core❤❤❤

    1. Fan

      Tysm shatakshi..plz post the nxt part of ur ff..i am eagerly waiting 4 it..

  8. Sayeeda

    Hey Fan….I’m so sorry for commenting late…
    U know na TU site was not accessible yesterday nd I was sooo much desperate to read ur ff….
    Yrr Fan …ur ff is toooooo gooodddd….jitni tarref karun utna kaam hai …
    Loved ur episode…. awesome… amazing…. but plzzz don’t kill kunj plzzz…
    U made me ur Fan….seriously u r the best..

    1. Fan

      Its ok yaar..iam glad u commented…tysm 4 ur lovely comment..btw plz post the nxt part of ff..

  9. SidMin

    Loved it Fan waiting for the next what will happen to my Kunj
    Pls post asap 🙂

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      Tysm sidmin..will try to post soon..

  10. I just loved it waiting for next part eagerly

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      Tysm queen..glad u liked it..

  11. finally u posted…i was wa8in 4 it….loved it…hope kunj wont die…contd.soon…

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      Tysm sujina..glad u liked it..n iam so sorry 4 making u late..i will try to post the nxt part soon..

  12. Hey fan sry for commenting late on ur ff yaar bt kya karu….
    Ws so busy…
    Ok commin to d epi….
    It ws jussssssssssssssss amazing…..
    Do cont asap plzzzzzzzzz……

    1. Fan

      Its ok zikra..glad u made time to read n comment on my ff in ur busy schedule..tysm 4 ur lovely comment..

  13. Shreya098

    it was superb.. just loved it????
    oh my god kunj???
    eagerly waiting for the next update… continue soon

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      Tysm shreya..glad u liked it..

  14. Baby

    amazing fan jst lvdd it pls cntinue thnkgods uv gt areesstd bt twinj w8ing fr nxt update asap

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