We can never be together..chapter 4

Hey all..iam early this time..i was on cloud infinity after reading ur lovely comments. Thank you so much guys for commenting.it really means a lot ..ok so moving on to my ff the next chapter is going to be the last one so plz keep supporting..n silent readers if there r any plz try to comment.n btw i almost forgot all of u were right about the voice..ok so lets proceed to chapter 4…happy reading!…

Chapter 4
“U R A COP??”..i hear a familiar voice yelling…uh-oh iam so busted i thought…i turned back n saw twinkle with a shocked face…” t-twinkle i-i can explain” i said trying to find the right words…” i thought we were best friends n that u share everything with me but U R A TRAITOR” she yelled…”twinkle please let me explain..i didn’t do anything on purpose….”i said but she cut me off..” u cheated me” she said teary eyed..” twinkle please just listen to me…i know that i made a mistake but my being friendly towards u wasn’t a part of my cover..i really thought of u like my bestie..i know that u r not going to trust me but please dont judge me before knowing the whole story” i said trying to convince her..i know iam a very bad person i cheated the person whom i consider more than a best friend..i dont deserve to be forgiven but a part of me wanted her to forgive me n forget my betrayal..”u better start talking” she said in an angry tone…yes at least she gave me a chance to explain..”look i was sent her on an undercover mission to find out about ur brothers drug business n provide intel to my boss about the trade..i was so engrossed in my mission but everything changed after we became friends..i thought of telling u everything but it would put both of our lives in danger..they can kill anyone who would be a threat to their business even if it means to kill their own sister n u know it better than i do…i couldn’t put ur life in danger twinkle..” i said with teary eyes..i am sure she wouldn’t forgive me yet begged her to forgive me selfishly…”u know what kunj i should be hating u 4 cheating me but i can’t help it.. u r more of a family than a friend…but this doesn’t mean that i forgave u so easily…if u want me to forgive u than i have to accept my condition” she said…uh-oh i can see where this conversation is heading..”what condition??” I asked..i know what she was going to ask n i cant approve of it but still i wanted to hear what she had to say..”let me help u in this mission” she said..i knew it..she just cant think of anything else other than how to teach her brother a lesson…”u know i cant do that…iam not authorised to…iam not even allowed to tell you that iam an undercover agent..” i said trying to convince her…”kunj u cant do this alone…n i want to help..if u r not going to accept my condition iam not going to accept ur apology” she said with a grin…”u r so stubborn,aren’t u?” I said..”dont drag the conversation kunj just tell me do u accept my condition or not?” She said sternly…”try to understand twinkle i cant put ur life in danger” i said still determined to convince her…”it is my life kunj n i can do whatever i want to” she said angrily…”iam not going to let u help me twinkle n thats final..i have already taken my decision n i dont intend on changing it” i said sternly…”it is not urs to take” she yelled..”u know kunj how much i wanted to run away from this life but it was u who convinced me not to make such stupid mistakes as even if i ran away uv would find me 4 sure n then bring me back to this hell…but kunj i really cant take it anymore i just want to get out of here with u..”she said teary eyed…” dont emotional blackmail me twinkle..” i said n tears started gushing out from her eyes…y is she doing this to me???..she knows that i cant see tears in her eyes….ok i give up…”fine! U can help me but u have to follow my orders n plz don’t use ur stupid brain as u don’t have it” i said annoyingly…”yes!” She said n started jumping childishly as if she just won a medal in a debate competition..which was exactly what had happened she won the debate but not a medal of course..” thanks kunj 4 letting me help..i promise i will listen to u” she said happily

precap: kunj gets shot in a crossfire…

Hi again…i know todays epi was boring but i wanted to show their bonding..it was really needed as i cant show that all of a sudden they developed feeling 4 each other…i promise the next epi will be a long one n will be very interesting too ..n if possible i will post it tomorrow it self…n 1 more thing i dont speak much i mean i generally dont open up with anyone till i start feeling comfortable with them so please dont mind my very short comments in ur ffs…i really love them all but just cant express it through my comments…but dont worry i will get used to all of u…
keep smiling


  1. |Registered Member

    Amazing awesome epi but PRECAP Kunj got shot oh nooooo!!!
    Btw u r continuing ur ff na till 20 epi

  2. sujina

    no…no…plz dont let kunj 2 die…make it as it was dream of twinkle or kunj..
    Bt i know u shud justice d topic of ff.
    bt anyways i hope it’ll b +ve…plz contd. asap…o_O…<3…

  3. Sayeeda


    |Registered Member

    What a cute episode……Yrrr maza agaya …loved it …
    Next one will be ur last one …it makes me feel bad when I think of it ; I wanted it to continue for some long time ….but it’s ok as I don’t have another option …
    Well Fan let me tell u whether u write small comments or big it doesn’t matter to me ; what matters to me is that u r always their to comment to support me ….I feel so good when I find ur comment nd for how much I thank u for it is less … u r a very good human being …
    I hope u come up with next ff soon …

    • Fan



      Hey sayeeda..tysm 4 ur lovely comment..iam on cloud infinity now after reading ur comment..i will surely come up with another story..

  4. Angita


    |Registered Member

    Loved it loved it loved it too much. Twinkle itni ziddi heh yaar. Actually I kinda enjoyed the conversation a lot. Anyways I’m not afraid of the precap for Kunj death as I know you won’t kill him but I’m worried there might be something cooking up on your head. ???trust you

  5. zayb_zikra

    Mai tera haire jabra hoye jabra fan ho gaya…..
    Omggggggggggggggggg wht a epi Yarr srsly amazing…???????????
    Do cont asap

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