We can never be together..chapter 3


Chapter 3
“kunj please take care of my sister n keep her safe” uv said..”i will dont worry” i assured him…in the evening when twinkle came out of her room iwas mesmerised by her beauty she was looking very beautiful..she was wearing a black shimmering one pice which was just above her knees..she wore black heels .to be frank i cant describe girls clothing..what r u doing kunj u cant get distracted u r here on a mission i thought..uv lent me his white suite so wore it n got ready..”lets go” twinkle said in an annoyed tone…jeff drove us to the venue n we reached chinki’s farmhouse it was very beautifully decorated..i have never been to a party like this before..twinkle junped out of the car n hugged a girl..”happy birthday chinki” she said…oh so the girl is chinki..”thanks twinki”..i thought u wouldn’t come because of uv” she said..”well bhai cannot stop me from attending my besties bday party” twinkle said..”iam so happy u came..who is he?” Chinki asked pointing towards me “he is kunj bhai’s frnd..bhai said he would let me go if i took him with me” she said sounding disappointed..”oh..hi kunj” chinki said to me..”hi chinki happy birthday ” i said giving her a handshake…”twinkle come with i want 2 show u something” chinki said pulling twinkle..”what is it??” Twinkle asked curiously..n they left leaving me alone..i was strolling n chit chatting with random people n to be frank i really enjoyed the party..after a very long time twinkle came back n said..” lets go kunj iam very tired”..we sat in the car n left..while returning to our house..” thanku so much kunj i thought u would be like uv bhai’s stupid bodyguards who would follow me around n didn’t leave me even for a second but u r a gentleman who respects one’s privacy ” she said…”u r welcome” i said…” u know u r very different from my other so called family members..so i was wondering…can we be friends? ?” She asked…i dont know y but that last statement made me very happy i felt like i have achieved something.”ya sure” i said…we talked for sometime n then she slept resting her head on my shoulder..during the whole car ride i was very happy..maybe it was because i was attracted to her..after reaching home i woke her up…she woke up n was embarrassed be her act…”iam so sorry..it was totally unintentional..i didn’t realise when i feel asleep on ir shoulder”she said..”hey its ok we r friends remember so u don’t have to say sorry..promise me that u wint apologise again” i said…she smiled n n said ” i promise ..n I am glad that u r my friend” she said..we wished each other good night n went tp our respective rooms..that night i couldn’t sleep her innocent face kept coming in my mind..
its almost a month now n my mission is almost done..but somewhere iam feeling bad that now iam having only few days left here..is it because of my close friendship with twinkle? I thought..twinkle n i r close friends now n it has become very difficult for me to hide my identity..i even started liking her..my thoughts came to an end when i heard uv calling me…” hey kunj i need to discuss something really important with u ” he said…” yes go ahead” i said…”i am personally going to deliver the goods to our no.1 customer tonight at 12 at our everytime place n i want u to accompany me ” he said..”sure” i said…yes! so the trade is going to take place today..now i just have to inform boss about it n then after tonight i can go back home..i went to my room n called my boss..” hello boss detective kunj sarna reporting …i have new intel..the trade is taking place tonight n iam going to be thr..” i told him the details about the time n place “…yes i need backup..we have to catch uv today at any cost…dont worry sir the mission will be successful…” i hang up n then i hear a voice yelling..” U R A COP????”..uh-oh iam so busted…
Precap: surprise surprise..
Hey all i hope u liked this chapter…
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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome….loved twinj’s characters…..I think it was twinkle’s voice…..eagerly waiting for next part….

    1. Fan

      Tysm purnima..

  2. Shatakshi

    Hey fan…
    U know what…I have become ur fan…seriously… Its too good yaar
    N the voice…I think its of twinkle…just a guess.
    N really loved the episode’s

    1. Fan

      Tysm shatakshi..

  3. Hey fan
    It was amazing..superb…awesome!!!
    Was waiting for ur ff
    Sorry I didn’t comment on ur last epi as in PRECAP u wrote another chapter cmng ….so I didn’t wrote a comment..
    And yeah the voice I think is of twinkle……….
    Vaise ur ff is one of the best FFS I like…….
    U will post Nxt on sat????
    Will be waiting post soooooon!!!!!

    1. Fan

      Tysm zaku..i was literally jumping after reading ur comment..keep supporting.

  4. Kruti

    Awesome epi’s ….eagerly waiting for d nxt one
    And ya the voice at the end is probably twinkle’s am I right??

    1. Fan

      Tysm kruti..

  5. Sayeeda

    Fan u urself don’t know that how much extra ordinary ur writing skills r…
    Seriously I have become a big fan of urs…plzzz continue it for long as I can’t afford this ff to end soon….
    Soooooo cute episode…. amazing…
    I think the voice is of Twinkle …..
    Waiting for ur surprise

    1. Fan

      Tysm sayeeda..glad u liked it..

  6. Angita

    You kidding I loved this chapter but a gain to much suspense just sure can’t wait

    1. Fan

      Tysm angita..iam glad u liked it..

  7. Shreya098

    wow what a episode..loved it?
    I think the voice is of twinkle…

    1. Fan

      Tysm sherya098..glad u liked it..

  8. Saby

    omg fan….. that was just mind blowing….
    seriously uh write so well….
    omg who the person must be? i guess its twinkle who heard that…
    do cont. asap….. eagerly waiting for the next epi………………..

    1. Fan

      Hey saby tysm for ur comments…iam glad u liked it..

  9. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    awesome…..I loved twinkles character… I guess the voice is of twinkle…

    1. Fan

      Tysm 4 ur lovely comments twinjfan-(tamanna)

  10. Shonaa...

    Amazing episode…. again suspense…. i thnk d voice is of twinkle…. but waiting for ur surprise….

    1. Fan

      Tysm for commenting shonaa…lets see if u r right..

  11. Lama

    Superbbb episode…very excited for the next part…post asap

    1. Fan

      Tysm lama..iam glad u liked it..btw were r ur ff iam missing them a lot..plz try to post them soon..

      1. Lama

        Hey Fan, i think u guessed me wrong…i didn’t wrote any ff uptill now

  12. Hey fan…..
    M srsly very sorry for nt commenting on ur previous epis dea…??
    Hope uh don’t mind…..???
    N yaar epi ws jussssssssssssssss amazing loved it so much……..
    Means srsly u jus nailed it….???????
    Hatts off to u Yarr…??????
    Matlab amazing …..
    Superbbbbbbb…… .
    Nt wht nt???
    Batao ab jaldi se cont kardena plzzzzz…..?????❤❤❤????

    1. Fan

      Tysm zikra..iam glad u liked it

  13. Yaar very interesting!!!

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      Tysm romaisah

  14. hey fan both episodes wr amazing pls post nxt episode asap n yah i thnk she is r jasmin m i rite

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      Tysm baby..glad u liked it

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