We can never be together..chapter 2

hey guys iam back with another chapter..thank u so much for the lovely comments..it really means a lot..coming to my ff i can post it only on Saturdays n sundays as iam very busy in weekdays..sorry but please understand..ok so lets proceed to my nxt chapter

chapter 2
I wore a torn denim n black t-shirt n a deep blue coloured hood..i made my hair a bit messy as i wanted to look like a loser..i quickly looked at myself in the mirror n prayed to god n left..
I reached the xyz bar..as i entered inside i started searching for my target..i found uv sitting at the bar counter n drinking alone..i went n sat beside him n ordered the bar tender to give me something that will make me forget all my sorrows..uv noticed me n asked about my problems..i told him my fake story of being a loser all my lyf n wanted to do something different..i saw a grin on his face..ok so now i think he believes my story..”hey i think i can help u get a job” he said..”what?..really thank u so much..but i dont think i can be of any help to u” i said sounding doubtful about my abilities…”trust me u r the right person 4 the job” he said..i was about to tell ok when his phone started ringing n he told me that he would be right back..i was curious so i followed him..he started walking in the lonely street behind the bar when suddenly a few thugs stopped him n started beating him..i thought to grab this opportunity to show him that i could be trusted so i rushed to his rescue n shooed the thugs away..he was very thankful to me n told me to come with him..

We reached a big bungalow in the outskirts of the city…there were gaurds near the gate ..n one of them approached uv’s car n opened the door for him…they were staring at me with suspicion when i got down from the car along with uv..”dont worry he is with me n i trust him” uv said..the gaurds looked relaxed after hearing this…we entered the house..n a man came running toward us…”where have u been uv??..n y the hell didn’t u take ur bodyguards with u??”..he asked sounding concerned..”relax Jeff u worry like my mother..i went to the bar..n i didn’t take my bodyguards with me as i wanted to be alone..ok leave all that n my friend kunj he saved my life today” said uv…”n kunj this is Jeff my best friend..” said uv pointing towards him..”hi kunj thanks for saving my brothers life” jeff said…”oh i almost forgot uv..sir wants to meet u n he sounded pretty angry” jeff told uv..”oh no i better get going else he will be very furious”..uv said n ran upstairs..”so y r u here?” Jeff questioned..”uv told that he would give me a job”..i replied..”hey twinkle how was ur day?” Jeff asked the girl who was entering the house..she was accompanied by two bodyguards..she was about my age n looked very attractive..she didn’t to bother reply n went to a room n banged the door..”who is she??”i asked curiously..”she is twinkle uv’s sister” jeff replied..”whats with the attitude?” I asked..”she is always like this she hates us all..she thinks that our business is a bad effect on the society” jeff said…well thr is one person in this place who is against all this shit..i wanted to know more about her…

Days passed n they treated me like i was family..i rarely used to see twinkle..she never leaves her room….its sounds weird but it has been a month now n i have still not heard her voice…i started thinking about her but my thoughts came to an end when i banged into someone..i wondered who it was..i was about to speak when someone kept a hand on my mouth..”please dont scream” a voice whispered..it was very dark so i could not see anything but i was sure that it was a girl..”twinkle is that u??..what r u doing here??..u should be in bed..it is midnight n everyone is asleep”..i said…”then y r u awake??”..she asked me..”u know generally people dont answer a question with another question”..i said..”really??i didn’t know that thanks for the info”..she said sounding annoyed..”what with the bag??r u trying to sneak out??”..i asked..”aa…no..no.. i-iam n-not sneaking out” she stammered..”oh iam feeling very sleepy”she said yawning…i knew she was lying..she wished me good night n rushed to her room..

days passed n twinkle started talking to me frequently..”bhai iam going to chinki’s bday party tonight” twinkle said..”ok come home soon n take kunj with u” said uv…wait what? Y do i have to babysit her??iam supposed to spy not babysit i thought..” i can stay as long as i want to u cant tell me what to do..n iam not taking anybody with me”..she yelled..”its an order twinkle..take kunj with u or miss the party” uv said firmly..”fine i will take kunj with me..r u happy now..i hate u uv” she yelled..wait y isnt anybody asking me is i want to go or not..ugh how iam i supposed to do my job..

Precap: another chapter on the way..


  1. SidMin


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    Loved the episode fan Twinkle’s entry was superb he hate what Uv does so Kunj may fall for her waiting for the next episode

  2. Sayeeda


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    Fan dear how much I compliment u on ur writing skills is less……everything is so well written ..hats off to u..
    I really loved the part of twinkle’s entry nd her sneak out…..

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