We can never be together..chapter 1


Hello everyone..fan here..i know that many of u dont know me but i know u all….i comment rarely on ff but trust me i read all of them…u know i love reading ff so thought to write one..this ff is a very short one i mean i will end it within 4 to 5 chapters…my ff will be in kunj’s pov…so lets start with the first epi..’

“Wake up sleepy head, ur late for work”..i hear my very own personal alarm clock yelling..i know she is my sis n i should be thankful to hear for waking up everyday but i just hate mornings..i wish i could sleep for some more time but i should get going else jane will be mad at me..i quickly got up n brushed my teeth n got ready..”kunj ur bf is ready”..i hear mahi yelling again..i quickly put on my coat n tie n went to the dining table to have bf with mahi..my phone started ringing n mahi grabbed my phone n answered it..”hey jane i know work is important but please let my bro have his bf today. I promise he will be thr soon…btw r u free this sunday?..ohkay then we will go shopping”mahi started making plans with my partner..these girls only know to shop i dont understand y cant they think of anything else other than shopping..mahi finished talking with jane n asked to hurry up as jane is waiting 4 me..i quickly stuff the toast in my mouth n grab the keys of my car n run out..

“bye..try to be home early bro” mahi yells..i put the keys into the ignition n start the engine..i know u all must be wondering what i do for a living..well i put criminals behind bars..ya iam a cop..ok so let me introduce myself to u iam detective kunj sarna one of the NYPD’s finest..i live with my sis mahi sarna who is also my only family..our parents died in a car crash when i was 10..thats when i decided to become a cop..my sis is a doctor a cardiologist to be specific..n jane white is my partner..ok so enough of all the intros i have a case to work on..
i enter the building n proceed to my desk..it is filled with case files ” hey kunj boss is waiting for u” said jane who was sitting at her desk which was right in front of mine. “Is it about the drug cartel case?” I ask her..”yup..n i think he wants to send u undercover”..oh gr8 mahi will be very pisses at me as the last time i was undercover i almost got killed.. i quickly proceed towards his cabin..”come in” he replied to my knock on his door.

i entered his cabin..”take a seat kunj”..he said..i sat down i front me was the case file i could see a picture of an Asian male in his mid twenties..this is yuvraj the nephew of the famous drug lord CKR”..i know his name aound weird but everyone one knows him by this name i wonder what his was..”ur mission is make friends with yuvraj n earn his trust. I have been given orders to send one of my men so that we have someone on the inside to give us intel about the next trade “..ok ao i just have to pretend friendly n earn their trust..i can do this..”ok iam in” i answer enthusiastically..”good.so now listen to me carefully..yuvraj goes to xyz bar every friday..u r going to meet him there today n start ur mission..so get ready..u r kunj sharma who is a loser n jobless n has no family” my boss started telling me about the person whom i was going to be in this mission”..all the best..n plz dont get killed” ever since my last undercover mission when i was almost killed my boss started worrying about me alot n it is just so annoying..i should be happy as there so many people in my lyf who care a bout me but i just hate getting attention..”i will not disappoint u sir”i assured him..after that conversation i went home to get ready to go undercover..i tried calling mahi but it went straight to voice mail..i left her a voice msg that iam going on a mission n will see her soon…i know she will be upset but i love my job n i want to provide service to the society..

Precap:kunj meets uv
Hello everyone it is my first ff so please comment n tell me how it is..feel free to throw tomatoes n eggs..i know iam avery bad writer but i will improve slowly..n feel free to suggest..iam open to suggestions..btw i know u all r waiting 4 twinkle but i promise she will ebter our heros life in the next epi. So stay tuned…

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  1. Affaa

    who told your bad writer…..amazing yaar…go for it..all the best

    1. Fan

      Thank u so much for commenting affaa it means a lot..?

  2. Shatakshi

    Omg fan!!!
    What a piece of writing..
    It was too good
    The way u expressed kunjs POV was Amazing
    Loved it❤❤
    Do continue asap

    1. Fan

      Thank u so much shatakshi..i will try to post the next epi tomorrow..

  3. Nice storyline…kunj a cop..sounds interesting..
    Waiting for our heroine twinkle’s entry…
    Keep going

    1. Fan

      Thank you so much priya

  4. Purnima.agrawal30

    Nice epi…keep going…& post next part soon….

    1. Fan

      Thank u for commenting purnima

  5. Lama

    wooow fan…what a unique ff…very interesting…loved it…post asap

    1. Fan

      Thank you for commenting lama.

  6. Hey it was amazing …u r not a bad writer
    Continue it plz post soon

    1. Fan

      Thank you so much zaku..

  7. Kruti

    Dhamakedar beginning ….aage aage dekhtehain hota hai kya…..gud beginning
    Eagerly waiting for the nxt one

    1. Fan

      Thanks for commenting kruti.

  8. Sayeeda

    Don’t ever try to say that u r bad writer…. infact u r tooo good dear..
    Ur ff is soo different ….unique nd to imagine kunj in cops role is so exciting….
    Seriously I’m very excited for the upcoming episodes.. loved it..

    1. Fan

      Thank you so much sayeeda.

  9. Sameera

    Wow story was just mind blowing ??

    1. Fan

      Thanks for commenting sameera.

  10. die hard fan of Simin

    Nice one but plz there should be a happy ending I am saying that just coz of your ff’s title….okay

    1. Fan

      Thank u for commenting..to be frank i myself dont know how i am going it end it..lets see it depends on my bheja..

  11. Can’t wait on ur remaining epis this ff is interesting n can’t wait to c twinkle’s role in this 🙂

    1. Fan

      Thank you for commenting romaisah..it really means a lot..

  12. Ria

    Fan, the episode was amazing..you’re not at all a bad writer.. I loved your piece of writing..please continue writing.

    1. Fan

      Thanks ria..will try to post the next chapter soon..

  13. twinjfan-(tamanna)

    wowww…it is really a different concept…loved it do cont asap…

    1. Fan

      Thanku ao much tamanna..

  14. SidMin

    The episode was amazing Fan waiting for Twinkle’s entry And you are a good writer waiting for the next episode

    1. Fan

      Thank u so much for commenting sidmin..

  15. Dreamer...arundhati

    Dare u say u r a bad writer…
    After reading this epi no one wuld say that u wrote first time an ff..
    It was superb… Its very interesting .
    Dear fan u ur a very gud writer.
    Continue soon.
    I m very eager 2 read.
    Luv u and ur writing. . Dude

    1. Fan

      Thank u so much for commenting dreamer..

  16. Saby

    Nic 1 fan? waiting for UV and Kunj meet
    And also eager to know twinkle’s role

    1. Fan

      Thanku so much for commenting saby

  17. Shreya098

    great start..
    I am all hooked up to it
    continue asap… waiting for next update

    1. Fan

      Thanku u some much shreya098..iam glad u liked it..

  18. awsm… pls continue soon

    1. Fan

      Thanku so much ariya..

  19. Shonaa...

    U r not a bad writer…. don’t say dat…. u r too gud…. nd d ff is also a unique one… love diz….. love diz continue soon….

  20. Fan

    Thank you so much shonaa..glad u liked it .

  21. hey fan sorry i m late but was busy so now only i open tu
    anywaya ur starting was ssuperb
    keep going

    1. Fan

      Its ok sana(aamu)..Thank you so much for commenting..glad u liked it..

  22. hey fan amzing yr jst luvd it sry fr being sooooooooo late 2 cmnt

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