CAN I LOVE YOU? Please? Intro


Hello everyone….
Once again Aisha here…..ppl don’t kill me for hunger games…. Infact the problem is that I cannot simply copy paste the book so I need time to think and then write the ffs
So I was thinking to start another story…
I will surely continue the hunger games but it will take some time…. Till then enjoy this story….
So lets start the character sketch…

Swara Gadodia – a very sweet bubbly girl who loves her family alot…. But has sort of sadness in her mind…. She loves her sister alot

Ram Gadodia – Swara’s father – a very cruel man who hates Swara and loves his second daughter Kavitha

Kavitha Gadodia – a girl who loves only money and shopping…. She loves her family but not more than shopping…She is really pampered and doesn’t respect elders….hates Swara

Sujata Gadodia – loves Kavitha alot….hate Swara
She is housewife

Now another family….

Ragini Bose- Swara’s best friend… Loves Swara a lot.
Knows everything about her and supports her a lot…. She thinks of Swara like a sister and can’t see her in pain… She still cries thinking about her real twin sister
They both were separated when they were babies…
She has no memory of her but has heard alot about her from her parents

Sharmishta Bose – loves Ragini alot and still misses her long lost daughter…. She considers Swara as her own daughter as she feel very happy near Swara and feels as if she has some connection with her

Shekhar Bose- loves Ragini and Sharmishta… And has some connection with Swara but he rarely meets her as he is mostly working

Dadi- loves her family and Ragini alot she still misses her grand daughter

Dada- a fun loving person who loves to tease dadi and is crime parntner of Ragini…he saves her from scoldings but when it comes to family support he becomes the backbone

Our hero ‘s family

Sanskar Maheshwari – a cute flirty boy who loves flirting and is a spoiled brat he is son of most rich person who owns the college hence eveyone talks with respect and no one can raise his voice on him…. He loves his brother and family a lot and can do anything for them…he does not believe in love…..
His marriage is fixed with Kavitha

Laksh – a very cute guy who loves his family and brother alot….. He believes in love and has a huge crush on Ragini…But now is brocken as after school he never saw Ragini….
But don’t worry they are going to be in same college… But college has not yat started

Annapurna -loves her family alot and is worried about Sanskar hence decided his marriage… Hoping that atleast she will make hime responsible

DP- a very rich business man who loves his family alot and is also worried for Sanskar hence agreed for his marriage

Pls dont think that they don’t love Laksh its just that they are not worried for him as he is responsible….

Adarsh – loves his brother and family alot he mostly works in UK but still shares great bond with his brothers.

_______________________________________________so ppl this was the introduction….
It will be a Raglak and…


Pls tell me wether l should continue or not…
And pls dont be angry on me I won’t kill u all.. Coz if I do then who will comment?
Oh m not selfish its just that I cannot tolerate KAVSAN don’t worry Kavitha will soon change..
And I will post this regulary dont scold me pls…


Credit to: Aisha

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