CAN I LOVE YOU? Please? Episode-2


Hello ppl m back with my ff to entertain you all
Pls keep on commenting ur comments are my support… If you stop commenting then how will this ff live?
Ok now lets go to the story….

Recap- SWARAGINI intro


The sun has aldready rosen
The sun rays fall on a huge mansion
It looks like a king’s palace..
There are beautiful flowers ? and birds all around inside the house a lady is singing
She is standing in front of the idol..all servants have gathered around and are listening to their madam ‘s beautiful bhajan…soon a man enters
All the servants greet him silently
He comes amd stand near his wife
The lady ends the bhajan and turns towards him with aarthi thali

Lady- you are again late ji…

Man- why do you always greet me by this line.?

Lady- toh Durgaprasad ji with which line should I greet u… Aur aap itne me hi thak gayi… Meine kuch jada kaha bhi nahiye ab tak
The lady goes and gives prasad to everyone..

DP- are matlab aur baki hai?Annapurna?

Ap- ha bilkul Dp ji…

DP- Dp?

Ap- haa toh kya? Apka naam bhi kitna bada hai?

A boy enters at that time..he is really cute and hot..

Boy- haa maa apko kisi aur se shadi karni chahiye thi.. Hume toh isse chutkara milta… Me itna handsome hoo aur papa?apko koi aur nahi mila kya

DP- Abe gadhe ki aulat…agar me nahi hota toh tum ‘handsome ‘ nahi hote..

Laksh- are papa mein toh aapki aulat hu na?…ya koi aur tha mom..wo apka college me crush kon tha woh nam kya tha?

Ap- Laksh tum bhi na she blushes… Angry’tum jaao apne bhai ko uthao….

Laksh runs upstairs….

Dp- waise Annapurna tum aaj bhi tum blush bohot acha kar leti ho..waise wo crush kon tha.?

Ap- aap bhi na..She runs inside…

Here in a room a boy is sleeping.. He is soo cute and handsome..

Laksh enters..with a thud
He looks at the boy and says
‘utho Sanskar..’

He looks around and finds a feather and smiles mischievously and goes towards the boy.. He starts irritating him…
Boy- baby ur so soft…come near naa
Laksh is shocked by this he take a water jug and pours it on boy head
Boy- what the hell..Laksh!

Laksh- Sanskar who is this do u love her?….m ur brother tell me who is she does she love you?

Sankar- lucky yaar love?seriously? I hate love..There is nothing like that ok?

Laksh- but who is this baby?

Sanskar- huh? My girlfriend…so called b*t*h… Kavitha.. No no Anna.. Nah Kavya.
.shit I dont remember. .

Laksh – anyway get ready its first day of our college..remember?

Samskar- haa yaar chal….

So ppl how was it? Dont hate me if you feel it small pls comment ok?
Precap- SWARAGINI meet sanlak….college fun…

Credit to: Aisha

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