CAN I LOVE YOU? Please? Episode-1

Hello ppl m back with my ff to entertain you all
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It was still dark outside…neither the sun nor the moon were present.. Every one was sleeping peacefully in their houses wrapped in blankets and were hiding them selves from the cold winter…..
In a house….A beutiful girl was sleeping without any blanket or matress don’t worry she had become used to this treatment. The room had no bed just a table where a paper piece was kept
Two faces were drawn one of a man and one of a woman….. They wre the girls imaginations they didnot depict any specific face…
There is also a small clock placed beside the paper
It start ringing loudly disturbing the girl.
The girl wakes up slowly and switch off the alarm.
She gets up and takes the piece of paper in her hand.
Girl- good morning ma and baba…see your Shona woke up so early u both are happy now na?that I have become mannered… Are u still angry with me? Pls come in my life atleast once.
Atleast let me know whether you are alive or not..Pls come back atleast tell me that I am mot an orphan..Pls ma baba..Pls..
She starts crying
This had been her routine since she was 15 and now she was eighteen… She once heard Ram and Sujata talking..

Flashback ______________________________________________

One day Swara returned home… She heard her maa and baba fight
She got very afraid and hid behind there door..
She going to go but stopped listening to Sujata

Sujata- that girl Swara! I hate her. I want to kill her Ram I hate her

Ram- I know Sujata.. I also want to kill that girl..u know firstly my salary is not sufficient for my Kavu then also spending on this girl’s college.

Sujata- then lets not send her to college. Whu are you sending her? She doesnot deserve so much love..

Ram- m helpless Sujata… If I dont send her neighbours will start talking about us. They might even think that she is not our real child..they might even realise that we have stolen her and not adopted.. We dont even have her birth certificate… Then police..

Sujata- oh no then police…urgh this is all because of you Ram why dod you ever bring her home? If I had no child it would have been ok but why did u steal her? Look at my poor Kavu she is suffering because of this b*t*h..

Ram- Sujata how was I supposed to know that u were going to be pregnant soon…remember you had been crying because u had know child..and when you saw Shona you only asked me to bring her..

Sujata – ok o Ram now lets leave it
This was enough for 15 year old Swara she runs from there and locks herself in her little room
She starts crying and takes a paper from her bag and draws a face of a couple
And then looking at the woman says Ma and then baba
Flashback ends

Swara wipes her tears and smiles
Swara- m such an idiot. I am greeting you with my tears on such a special day.. You know today is my first day of college and Ragini is also going to be there
After saying this she widens her eyes and looks at the clock
Swara- oh no its aldready 5. Get up Swara or else ur mom and dad will kill you
She comes outside and cleans the floor
Then she goes out recieve milk she heats the milk on one stove and on other stove starts making chappatis and sabzi after doing that she packs ram’s and kavita’s tiffin and then makes tea for Ram and Sujata and coffee for Kavitha
She checks the time and goes to get ready for her college… She wanted to wear a jeans like Kavitha but has none so wears an anarkali suit she applies kajol and some lip balm she wears her earinds and looks like an angle
She opens her cupboard and takes out a ring..Its simple but beautiful
She thinks ‘Kavu today is your birthday but you wont take the ring if I offer it to you..what should I do? ‘
She smiles mischievously and wears the ring.
Her thoughts were disturbed by a scream
‘no its only 23 I want 24… Wat the hell are you both doing its my birthday and only 23 gifts? Why do you spend so much on that girl…’

Sujata- oh my dear we will go for shopping… Swara u b*t*h bring coffee for my doll

Swara quickly heats the coffee and enters
Kavitha takes the coffee
Swara- happy birthday Kavitha
Kavitha- are you expecting me to say thanku?
Never where is ur gift?
Swara- I dont have anything
Kavitha – give me the ring on your finger
Swara- but Kavitha its..
Sujata- how dare you were what Kavu wants.. Give it to her
Swara gives the ring and goes out of the room crying
After coming out she wipes her tears and smiles
‘Hapy birthday Kavu’
She goes to waterthe plants

In another house
Well its a mansion
It has a huge lawn and different garden
Gardners helpers servants in uniform..
In this fairytale castle there is a beautiful room
The room is completely pink and has huge bed in middle
A beutiful girl is sleeping but wakes up hearing a loud scream
‘uhh this girl she is sleeping till now…. Look at that Swara she might have woken up at5… She is such a. Sanskari girl and look at our girl
Its aldready eight and her college is at 9
The girl comes out of her room and looks at her screaming dadi
Girl- if you love her so much then adopt her na?

Dadi- yes I was also thinking the same

Girl-are listen Shomi ur mother in law is giving u a sister in this age..

Sumi- Ragini u na wait I am coming

Sumi chases Ragini all over the place

Sumi-Ragini wait I got tired

At that time Shekhar enters with a glass of milk
Shekhar- Ragini beta drink this milk

Ragini- papa give it to ur wife I am going…My Shona will be waiting
She was just going when dadaji stopped her

Dadaji – oh madam. Nightdress me college jaana nayi style hai kya?

Ragini realises that she is still in her nightie..

Dadaji- first drink this milk na…pls for me he makes puppy face

Ragini drinks the milk and says mischievously looking at puppy face

Ragini – abhi samja apne is khadoos dadi ko kaise pataya…

Dadi- laado u na…

Dadaji – arrey Paru Wat wrong did she say you only said na that u had a crush on me

Dadi blushes and goes in.

Ragini goes to get ready
Sumi has tears in her eyes.. Shekhar notices that

Shekhar – kya hua Sumi?

Sumi – bas kuch nahi woh mere bachhi ki yaad agayi..wo agar hoti to…

Shekhar – Sumi pls tum bhi jaanti ho humne kitni koshish par humare shona ko dhoondh nahi paye police ne bhi haar man li…par dekho na humare paas humari Laado hai na hum use kisi bhi tarah ki kami nahi hone denge..

Sumi- tumhe pata hai…mujhe jabhi samjana ki hume do betiya hai tabhi maine socha tha ki ek ka naam Swara hoga aur dusri ka Ragini
Aur saath mein woh dono SWARAGINI honge

Ragini was listening to all this sitting in her room
She had tears in her eyes
I dont know why but I feel as if my Swara is out there waiting for us…dont worry ma baba.. I will find her coz SWARAGINI cannot be completed without Swara…I will find her
We are SWARAGINI together

Precap- Sanskar and Laksh intro

So how was it…? Pls comment…
Sorry if I made it boring…pls comment

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