Can love be painful (YHM, KKB) PART 2

Hiii guys I am back i am really sorry for the late update today onwards I will update regularly

Here airport is shown a girl comes nd hugs her bro,hey aliya now u came here I missed u a lot yar ya she is aliya, her bro Abhishek mehra Rockstar
Abhi; Hii Aliya , how was ur journey I nd raman Bhai missed u so much thank God ur here after 5 yrs u came 2 india

Aliya; bhai I missed u both u nd raman bhai ,journey was not nice


Ali;A stupid, idiot passenger he irritated me a lot he so called name is Purab ,he is a idiot nd duffer …! Nd he is flirting with me..! Nd where is raman bhai

Ab; be cool yarr raman bhai went to meeting he came here but urgent meeting is der so he went der. U arrived here

Ali;Awww ….! Again whenever I come here he won’t receive me , everytime u only receive me, now see if won’t talk 2 raman bhai…!

Ab;always u want raman not me na I am gng from here u go 2 bhai nd be there says with spout face

Ali; hooo here some one is jealous , u both are imp 2 me bhai
They 2 go to their house , abhi nd aliya send their quality time by remembering their childhood memories,nd talking about raman too
Raman is so possessive about aliya.

Ali; bhai now how is raman bhai ?
Abhi; he is changed completety in dis 5yrs totally

Ali; because of us bhai love relationship is broken, now we should correct it it’s our responsibility to bring both together , we three did mistake so raman to took decision to breakup it our mission to unite them ok na bhai

Abhi ; yes ur correct I already started dis mission with the help of pragya

Aliya; how is dis possible u too always fight with each other now she’s helping u I can’t believe dis

Ab; do u remember u, me, pragya did dis mistake, raman bhai did breakup so she is helping us to unite them ok na

Ali; ok bhai now tell all details about ur mission to unite both, what u too did upto now
Both of their conversation is mute

A girl is shown talking to someone on phone pragya is calling her di see u promised u will listen and follow my instructions today do u remember do u have any guess ok I will tell she is ishitha iyer
Ishu; ya is shown know baba…! How can I neglect my promise ok first u go and ready now

Precap a big suprise for u all

All the positive nd negative comments are accepted nd plz commit it so I can also known whether my story is having capacity to full ur excitement or not


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