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Can love happen twice with the same person? – Twinj (Episode 8)


Guys I am happy as well as sad!
Happy because- u guys are loving the track!
Sad – very low comments! Silent readers please comment, ur comments encourage me to write more! So please do comment.
I am not going to give a looooongggg thank u speech! (guys I speak a lot!)
So lets gets started with the 8th episode!
The link of 7th episode:
The Sarnas arrive at Taneja house. Leela greets them and asks them to have a seat.
Twinya(twinkle and Tanya) comes down and greets them.

Le- ushaji, how come u r here?
Us- actually leelaji, v need u too decide the marriage venue?
Ma- do u want here itself or somewhere else?
Le- manoharji, wherever u decide, we will be happy with that.
Us- now u r also a part of our family. So we have to look about ur comfortability too!
Le- no no nothing like that! V will be happy, wherever u decide. And u r from the grooms side too!!
Ma- areyy leelaji no groom-bride side! V r one family!
Le- yaa I know… but still…..
Us- no but-vut, aap log decide kijiye.

Yuni looks at eo.
Ta- areey! Maa, aunty, uncle! Lets do one thing na! Let di and bhai decide!
Yu- that’s a perfect idea!
Le- aah! That’s good…..
Us- so twinkle, where do u want ur wedding to be?
Tw- aunty nothing like that!
Us- what nothing-like-that? Its every girls dream to have their weddings at a very special place! So where do u want?
Twinj look at eo.

Ku- so twinkle where do u want ur wedding to be?
Tw- ‘my’ wedding? (she hits him playfully on his chest)
Ku- ouch that hurts!
Tw- it should! (she winks)
Ku- anyway, I mean OUR wedding. Where do u want it to be?
Tw- hmmm…. Lemme think…..
Ku- areey no no twinkle don’t think too much! If u do, u will give stress to ur brain and then, u will come up with some stupid answer!
Tw- just shutup Mr.K, varna I wont marry you…..
Ku(he becomes dramatic)- no Juliet no! please don’t say that! Please don’t leave me… I cant stay without you…. Please Juliet! I love you….!
(if u guys are true sidhantians then u will know how he acts this scene. Right? 😉 )
Tw- shutup dramebaaz!

Ku(again acts)- as you say madame! (he bows and winks)
Tw- oh god!! Kunj…… (she blushes)
Ku- yess….. oho… someone is blushing….
Tw- when did I tell I am blushing?
Ku- when did I tell that YOU are blushing?! (he smirks)
Twinkle (again blushes)- voh… na….umm…..
Ku- haan haan bolo…..
Tw- whatsoever!
He laughs and twinkle joins him…..
Ku- nevertheless, u didn’t answer my question…
Tw- hmmm… so.. I want my wedding (kunj shots her an one-eyebrow-look….ugggghhhh I love when he does that>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hope u guys like it!

loads of love <3

  1. Presha

    Hey hima awesome yasr loved it PR suspense main latka diya PR koi nahi we will wait
    Post soon
    Like be u

  2. SidMin

    That was cute 😍
    Loved the dramatic Kunj part the flash back was so sweet 💕💕
    Love you and post soon 💝

  3. Sohi

    Cute episode
    Plz clear their misunderstandings sooo

  4. Sohi

    Please clear their misunderstandings soon
    Do continue and post soon bye

  5. Chiku

    Awwwww!!! Thats soooo cute😘😘😘😘lovely. Loved it
    Pos soon😘😘

  6. loved it…hima….they r in flashback..?

  7. Cutieeee

    hey hima…..awsm episode flashback was so cuteee…plz make them together…plz post u

  8. Hima.S.Akbar

    Guys guys!!! This is so short update! The one which I wrote was a very long one in which twinjs engagement got over! How can they just post half of it?! Can anyone plz tell how to delete the episode! Plz😥😥

  9. Hey hima,,,,,This is just awesome 😊😊 but short epi 😕😕 I want more 😁😁 so plzz post soon .
    Love you 😘😘😘

  10. SidMin23

    It was good n hope soon twinj miss understanding will be clear do post soon

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  12. SidVee_Yashvee

    Awesomee.. loved it.. and of course I could imagine Sidhant doing that dramebaazi in his style😍😍 aww he’s so adorablee😍😍.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  13. Simiyy

    Hey it was really cute
    Try to post soon

  14. RUTU.....

    Awesome episode and very cute too just loved it

  15. Ramya

    Hey hima
    It’s amazing n I can imagine kunj in dat dramatic style n I’m sure he looks amazing.
    Sry fr late
    Loads of love keep smiling

  16. Aanya_pandey

    That ws such an amazing update yrr..

  17. Purvi128

    Hey Hima .., the epi was fab ,.., flashback was soo sweet … love twinj like this … nd ya i can imagine sid saying those lines … he is just superb … want to knw their past .. what happened that they got seperated … Waiting eagerly for the revelation . Nd ya i have a request … can u plss make it a bit longer … if its possible for u …
    Plsss unite twinj soon … very soon …
    Post asap ..
    Love u

  18. hawww hima thats not fair atleast u should have revealed the suspence anyways awesome episode loved it eagerly waiting for next episode plz post soon 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

  19. Baby

    ohhhhhhhh god hima too cute episode 😀
    loved it soooo mch sooo ccute n adorable fb…..
    n episode d sajhedari d families r carrying for eo osm amazing
    luv u lods♥♥♥♥

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