Can love happen twice with the same person? – Twinj (Episode 7)

I am back girls!! To annoy, bore and irritate u guys with my 7th episode!!
I am soo happy with comments on my previous episode!! but as usual couldn’t reply back !
I am literally happy to know tht u guys love my fs! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
The link of my previous episode:
Twinkle was in her room. The door locked behind her. Sitting in the corner of the bed with her head inbtwn her knees. Weeping.

Twinkles P.O.V
I was standing in front of him! My love! My kunj! My SADU SARNA!
I wanted to go near him, give him a bone crushing hug and weep which I used to do, back in London, when I was going through a hard time… I wanted to be lost in his deep brown eyes again…. Caress my fingers through his soft hair!!
But thinking of that day, that nightmare; I knew, that I completely lost you…. FOREVER! Because of HER, I lost you…. I tried a lot of times to tell u the truth. But u never listened to me! U trusted her more than me….!
P.O.V ends

Kunj was in his balcony, sitting in his swing with again those tears in his eyes… but this time he let it flow… because he knew he couldn’t control it, right now!

Kunjs P.O.V
When I was standing infront her, my siyappa queen, I wanted to hug and kiss her! Her hair which smelled like…. Vanilla and strawberry, which I used to play with, those cheeks and lips where I would kiss her and her eyes- all were the same…..
She once, meant the world to me! But that night, that dreadful nightmare changed everything… our 6 year relationship… came to an end.!
She was always behind my money.. I would have never come to know about it, if SHE… hadn’t told me about it…! SHE being a good friend helped me… but twinkle, she left me!
Twinkle tried lots of times telling what actually happened, but she thinks I am a fool to believe in her again! Twinkle tried to put the blame on HER, but it never worked out!
Now I am here, being sooo stupid and shedding my tears for the person I hate! For the person who betrayed me!
I hate her!!- that’s what I believe!
P.O.V ends

Who is this “SHE”?!

It was morning, both of them tried to sleep but couldn’t… they just stared at the ceiling the whole night thinking about the good times they spent together…..

Leela knocks on the door.
Le- twinkle! Get up!
Twinkle doesn’t responds….
Le- twinkle!!! Y do u sleep too much? After going to ur sasuraal also u will sleep like this?! Twinkle!!
Twinkle gets up from the bed and opens the door…
Tw- I am up maa…. (she fakes a yawn)
Le- thank god! Now go freshen up and come down for breakfast..
Tw- okay….
Twinkle goes to the washroom and looks at the mirror….
Her eyes were swollen after too much crying and she had under bags…. She washed her face and wiped them with towel…..

She went downstairs had her breakfast and came back to her…. She hadn’t spoken a word… when leela asked her why is so quiet and numb, she would reply nothing…
She sat on her bed with her resting on the head rest…. She needed to talk to someone. Tani wasn’t home. She went to her college and maa- she couldn’t afford her crying too.
Just then an idea came to her mind… she picked up her phone and dialed a number…. It was a girl.

Tw- hello?
Gi- hello? May I know who is this?
Tw- I am twinkle!
Gi- as if I didn’t know?!
(the girl was sounding angry)
Tw- then why did u ask?
Gi- just to make sure u are still alive!
Tw- y r u being soo rude?!
Gi- I am rude? Huh?!
Tw- yaa u r! u r being angry as if I did smethng wrong?
Gi- twinkle seriously? Like seriously u think u didn’t do anything wrong?!
Tw- what did I do?
Gi- then tell me… when did u reach india?
Tw- about 3-4 days back…
Gi- 3-4 days back and didn’t tend to call me? Or atleast message me?
Tw- so u r angry for that?
Gi- hw can u take everything so light handedly twinkle? How? U knw how much worried I was?
Tw- sorry…..
Gi- sirf sorry? And everything will be fine?!
Tw- Aisha!!! I am fine… thts what u wanted to know right?

That girl on phone is Aisha, twinkles bff cum sister. They used to live 2gether in London.
And guys she is not that “SHE” mentioned above in twinjs P.o.V…!
Ai- twinkle! I was literally worried for u! I called u so many times! Even krish tried! But no answer!
Tw- first of all! I am india girl! And for sure my number will change right?! duffer!
Ai- umm.. i…. whatever!
Tw- nincompoop! (means stupid,fool)
Ai- twinkle not again!

Twinkle was laughing. She was happy! There were only some people who could genuinely bring a smile her face, if she didn’t want to! Aisha was one of them… and krish.. twinkles another bff cum her brother. And of course.. kunj, her love
These 4 were the best friends! And stilla are… amid twinjs breakup, their friendship still shared a good bond. They can share everything with eo. Krish and aisha is also in an relationship…
These 4 used to live in the same house. That’s how they their friendship and love started!

There was a silence in the conversation….
Ai- twinki….
Tw- hmm..
Ai- whats the problem? Just blurt it out!
Tw- where r u now?
Ai- going to go to attend a wedding…
Tw- ok then… I will call u after that…
Ai- twinkle u know that I can and I will spare time from my however-busy- schedule to spend time to listen to my bestfriends proble, right?
Tw- yaa…
Ai- then? Just speak up babe!
Tw- wait a sec lemme add krish too…
Ai- hmm.
Twinkle adds krish and starts a conference call….
Kr- twinkle!! Where were u damnit?!
Tw- I was here itself…..
Kr- cant u just call? Or atleast message?
Tw- oh god krish! I have just got this same lecture from ur gf too! So please, not u! again!
Kr- haan haan ok! Its better she did it.. otherwise u know how I am…. Vaise… why did u call?
Ai- haan twinkle… tumne bataya nai ab tak….
Tw- hmmm.
Kr- twinkle! Plz stop that ‘hmm’ and tell!
Tw- ok… so guys… I am getting married!
Kr and ai- what!!!
Tw- ya…
Kr- but how? When?
Ai- twinkle! U didn’t inform…
Tw- guys guys! Relax ok…! And I was not able to say because I just met the guy yesterday….
Ai- twinkle… just go with ur heart…
Kr- yess girl…. If ur not ready or u don’t want to… JUST BACKOUT!
Ai- Ik u don’t want to get married and all…..
Tw- RELAX!!!
Kr- how can we?! And Ik u still love ku-
Tw- krish I don’t love him!
Kr- u cant lie to us babe!! And Idk if u knw or not.. but….. kunj is also getting married….
Ai- what!! But he didn’t tell me! Wait till he get in my hands….! Anyway twinkle… why r u doing this to urself?
Kr- twinkle theres still time…. Just backout if u want! U knw we will ALWAYS be there with you… no matter what!
Tw- cant u guys just get it? I am over him!! Anyway don’t u want to know who the guy is…?
Kr- nope!
Ai- not interested!
Tw- its kunj…. (says faintly)
Kr&ai- what!!!
Kr- seriously!!
Ai- r u damn serious! Like really? R u getting married to kunj??!! (she was excited!)
Kr- I am sooooo happy!!
Ai- I am literally dancing! Oh god lot of shopping to do!
Kr- aisha I am booking a flight for us…..! we need to be there!!
Tw- wait wait! 2 min bfre u were telling me to backout and now u r happy?!
Kr- umm… that.. voh…
Ai- actually v didn’t knowwho the guy was na…. isliye….’
Kr- yaya ya…
Tw- just shutup dramaqueens!
Kr and aisha laughs…. Joined by twinkle. They share some cute time on their conversations and then they disconnected the call!

Twinkle was feeling good now.. talking to her bffs is the best to do!!

Precap- wedding preparations+flashbacks
Whoa!!!!!! I am done and I knw u guys were excited about the wedding preparations… but didn’t have a single bit of marriage preparations in this episode…. But I really needed to introduce Krish and Aisha.
Also plz tell a pair name for them and suggest which celebrity u want to see them as!!
Pakka promise next episode I am going to do the wedding preparations and as u guys know that I am lazy, I wont be explaining every bit of it. And the costumes they will be wearing, I will put up the link or photo.

And guys one help- which ritual comes first- haldi or mehendi? And as background song I will be using hindi as well as English songs too.!
And as always- hope u guys like!

Loads of live! <3

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  1. Hey that was so nice hima loved it….

  2. Sohi

    Hi my dear
    The episode was awesome and emotional too
    Who is that SHE in both the pov
    And about krisha (krish +aisha) take sanyukta and randhir as pair or your wish
    Do continue and ya mehendi comes first

  3. Presha

    Hey him a awesome amazing update loved it

  4. Episode fab and bit emotional too
    Liking the track
    Do continue

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  6. Amazing

  7. SidMin23

    nice and waiting for weeding of twinj

  8. Hey hima ….. it’s just awesome ….. And their friend ship bond and friendly talks was so amazing ….. Love it …..
    U can give their name as …..
    (Krish+ Aisha= Krisha ) i thinks also many other name to but I like this name and hope u like their name …..
    And mahendi function is first then wedding day’s morning is haldi function and then night is wedding ceremony ….. I guess hope so ….. And we’ll surly like the song what u select in function …..
    So plzzzz post soon ….. will be eagerly waiting 4 ur next update …..
    Keep smiling ….. Love you …..!!

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    Now who is dis “SHE” I want to know that.. n twinj ka flashback..??
    Twinkle krish n aisha ki frndshp.. that ws d best of all yrr.. jst lived reading it.. n d way krish said i know u still love kunj.. that ws defining true frndshp yrr.. jst loved this part.. hope to read d next part soon

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    Awesome.. loved the trio’s friendship.. their bond was amazing.. n KriSha sounds good.. n mehndi function comes first.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

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    Awesome amazing Superb hima
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    the epi was cute and bond between them made it more beautiful… n who is this SHE?
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