Can love happen twice with the same person? – Twinj (Episode 5)

And I am back with the 5th episode. And really sorry I was not able to comment back to few of them!
And as you guys suggestesd I am going with the name YuNi for Tanya and yuvi.
Recap- twinj meet.
Yuni take twinj with them. They enter twinkles room and both sits opposite to each other but their eyes don’t meet!
Yuni leaves the room and goes to tanyas room…
Ta- what do u think? (asks worriedly)
Yu- everything will be fine…. don’t worry….(but deep inside he is also worried) when we both are here……(he pulls her closer) lets talk about US….
Tanya blushes- you cheapo! (hits him playfully)
And our lovebirds starts romancing, playing with each others hands and hairs, Tanya keeps on blushing and all that… lets leave them alone.. why interfering in their love life ;)…..

Meanwhile twinj…..
Twinkle is so nervous that she bites her lower lip and clutches her dress so tightly! Meanwhile our kunj has a mixed expression on his face of anger, hatred, happiness and love!
Ku- you knew about it right?!(says looking down with anger)
Twinkle was happy to hear his voice after 3 long years, but doesn’t show it…
Tw- I knew that you were going to ask this only……that I am marrying you for money and all….
Deep inside kunj was so happy to hear her sweet voice once again! But all those moments comes in his mind again…..
Ku- backout from this marriage!
Twinkle looked up with shock….. he also looks up… their eyes meet…
Tw- I wont!
Ku- what do u mean I wont huh?! I cant spend my entire life with a cheater like you!
Twinkle gets hurt with his words….!

Tw- if u want u backout from this proposal! Even I don’t want to live with a person like you! My decision is final! I wont backout!
Ku- what the…..
Tw- whats the point in living if I have to spend my entire life with you? Its better I die!

Kunj gets hurt… he remembers his moment with twinkle…

Twinj were in each others embrace…
Ku- twinkle… tell me one thing… if u had to choose between me and ur life whom would u choose?
Tw(looks at him)- why are u asking this?
Ku- u just tell…
Tw(cups his face)-so… whats the point in me living without u you?! I had better die!
Ku- how many times have I told you not to talk about dieing?!
Tw(smiles)- I wont die without taking you with me!
Ku- u better not!
They both laugh…
Fb ends…

Kunj have unshed tears in his eyes…. Just then leela comes in..
Le- so u both talked?
Twinj- yes.
Le- so whats your decision?( she asks worriedly) kunj?
Ku(looks at twinkle then at leela)- it’s a yes from me aunty….
Twinkle looksat kunj with astonment
Le- and twinkle?
Tw- it’s a yes from me too maa….
Leela gets delightened and hugs kunj….
Le- kunj puttar u go down.. I will come with twinkle…
Kunj nods and leaves…

Le- twinkle… u didn’t tell yes because of the things I told u in the morning right? are u really ready?!
Tw- no maa I didn’t….. I am really ready for this marriage!
She hugs leela and tears starts coming from her eyes….. this was being watched by kunj….
He knocks on the door…. They both break their hug…
Le- kunj puttar what happened?
Ku- actually aunty I forgot my phone in here… so I came to take it..
Le- oh… (leela walks towards the table and takes his phone…she unknowingly presses the home button….)
Twinkle gets shocked by seeing his homescreen.. yess it was a picture of him… but someone was kissing him in that picture…..but the picture was cropped with his smiling face and that girls lips….. of course twinkle understood that picture because… that girl was our twinkle only…
she could feel the tears filling her eyes… but she controlled!

Leela hands him the phone…. Le- now u both come down.. v have to tell others also..
They both nods… leela goes and kunj was about to go when he stopped and looked at twinkle…

Ku- the way u love ur maa and cant say no to her… even I love my parents and cant say no to them!

Twinkle (looks at him and says in her mind)- his love for his family never change!!
Ku- lets go down… they are waiting for us …
Twinkle nods and they both walks….

Precap- yuni gets caught again by twinj..

And here is the 5th episode! Was the episode boring? I know there were many “twinkle was shocked” moments!
And tmrw onwards my school starts… so I wont be able to post regularly! Sorry! 🙁
Hope u guys liked this episode!

Loads of love! H

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  2. Hey hima.. Ur just amazing dear.. Love the whole episode very much… Suparbb..
    Now m started to loving this ff more.. This is just fantastic.. M happy that twinj agree 4 their marriage.. And now m very much exited to know twinj past…….And preceps looks so interesting yuni will be caught in twinj hand.. He he.. Plz post soon dear..
    Keep smiling… Love you…

    1. Oh sorry… Wish karna to vul hi gayi sily me..he he.. Ok
      A big happy new year to u… May god bless u and keep u always happy and fulfilled ur all wishes…. Soo stay happy and enjoy…

  3. Asna

    Awesome epi. Do continue

  4. hey hima it was too good and happy new year dear

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    Awew that soo lovely??loved it. Soo cute.
    Happy new year?
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    Hey hima..
    I’m so happy that they agreed for the marriage… Amazing episode…
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    Try to post soon…
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    Enjoyed it❤❤

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    Amazing hima
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    Hey Hima,
    After reading your ff I really fall in love with you and your ff it is an awesome episode and emotional too plz post asap I am eagerly waiting for it love you ???

  10. Awesome episode n when u got time plz post

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    Love it and wating for next update

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    Awesome n loved the episode.. with twinj talks.. and wish u a very happy new year 🙂 eagerly waiting for the next ❤

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    awesome amazing

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    Soo.. this updaye it ws cute cum emotional..
    Happy new year dear!!

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    Loved it 🙂 SO happy that Twinj are getting married Twinj talks are making me curious to know about the past 🙂
    Try posting soon 🙂 Love you 🙂 Happy new year 🙂

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