Can love happen twice with the same person? – Twinj (Episode 3)


Hello beautiful people!!! I am here with the 3rd episode!! Thnk u all for supporting me… and sorry coz todays episode will be short!
And guess what?! Tmrw is my birthday!!!

Anyway without further delay lets get into the episode! 😉

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
It was a bright and sunny day. Twinkle woke up due to the sun rays falling on her face…. But our tani was still sleeping! Twinkle got up and went to freshen up… afterwards she walked to her room…(it was tanis room where she slept the previous night)
She closed the door behind her, opened her wardrobe and took out a dress…. And as she was taking the dress a photo fell down.. she went down and took it… as she saw it, her eyes was filled with tears.. she left the dress there itself and sat on the bed….

Tw(says to the photo)- why did u do this to me?(she starts sobbing) u knew that I loved u right? I spend my lifes 6 years with u And…. U always told me that u trusted me, u trusted our love and now… u broke my trust! I don’t know why I am even crying for the person who don’t love me , who don’t trust me…u should have atleast listened to me!!(she wipes her tears) I am not going to forgive you! I hate you! I hate you MR.KUNJ SARNA!
(woah! So heres the beginning of twinjs past… twinj where in love but eventually broke up.. but why?! Twist toh abhi baaki hain mere dost! :))


Kunj was also doing the same thing… he was taking his dress, and a photo fell… he took it… and he looks at the picture angryily….

Ku- why? Why the hell on earth did I love u soo much! I should have known…that u were only going to hurt me….. u know what?! I HATE U! I HATE U MISS.TWINKLE TANEJA! I never thought u would be sooo cheap! I feel pity on myself for loving you! 6 years.. ..6 years I have spent my life with u and u?! I will never forgive u! NEVER!

Saying this he keeps the photo back in the wardrobe and goes to change…..

PHEW!! So that was tdays episode! I am literally sry for this short episode… I am out of time.. so really really sorry… hope u guys understand!
And hope u guys liked it too!!!

Loads of love! <3

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  1. RUTU.....

    What an amazing episode dear but really feeling sad for twinj ????

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Thak you dear?

  2. nice epi hima and thnx a lot for telling me hw to post article

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Thnk u soo much! ? My pleasure!?

  3. Presha

    Hey its just super se bhi uper

  4. WOW ?…
    It getting more and more interesting….
    Awesome ? post nxt asap…

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Thnk u? already posted!

  5. SidMin

    Loved it Interesting twist 🙂
    Twinj past looks scary
    Post Soon Cant wait 🙂
    Love you 🙂

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Thank u dear??
      Love u too?

  6. Chiku

    So lovely❤️❤️❤️Loved it
    Post soon

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Thnk u?? already posted!

  7. Shreya098


  8. Chouto sa update ?but it is nicee???

  9. Ria

    Hey Hima,
    Okay, I haven’t been commenting since the start, but here you go.. I’m really loving the plot and hope you aren’t planning to end it really soon. Do post the next one soon.


    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Thnk u ?soo much for commenting ria! Will make sure that it doesn’t end soon! I already posted! Are u the ria from monica-ria? If u r …. U r just amaziing!?

      1. Ria

        Yeah, I am that Ria only?

      2. Hima.S.Akbar

        Aah!! U r just amaziing!!!??

  10. It’s getting more n more interesting
    Post asap

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Tysm? already posted!

  11. Simiyy

    Its getting interesting after each episode
    I can’t wait to know what happened 3 years ago
    anyway post soon loads of love

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Thnk usko much sweetheart!?

  12. SidVee_Yashvee

    Wow amazing epi.. waiting to know what happened in the past.. do cont soon ❤

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Thnk u yashvee??

  13. Ramya

    Hey hima awesome episode
    Amazing twist dear
    N a very happy birthday to u
    May ur all wishes come true
    Loads of love keep smiling

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Thnk u soo much dear? loads of love!

  14. Adya

    Hey hima…
    Firstly a very prosperous and Happy birthday dear… May all your wishes come true…
    Now today’s episode was amazing .. I’m too excited to know what happens next…
    Try posting soon..
    Loads of love.

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Thnk u soo much adya? u will get to know it soon!?I already posted!

  15. Aanya_pandey

    My god!! That ws really good n yrr eagerly want to know d past

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      Thnk u dear??

  16. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome shocking epi

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