Can love happen twice with the same person? – Twinj (Episode 2)


Hola guys! Thank you for all your support!
So here is the 2nd episode…!
It was night time and cold winds are blowing…. our Punjabi patakha was standing in the balcony and enjoying the cold breeze…
She was deeply thinking smethng and as usual she was interrupted by Tanya…. She ran and stood beside twinkle and started breathing heavily….
Ta- di… what are you….thinking(she says panickingly)
Tw- Tanya!! You came running for asking this question?!
Ta- umm….. no di.. I just…um… came to talk to you…
Tw- y r u stammering?
Ta- no nothing… di, we will go insisde na come its very cold in here!
Saying she drags twinkle into the room and makes her sit on the bed!
Tw- Tanya… r u upto smethng?!
Ta- no no no di…..
Twinkle looks at her suspiciously….
Ta- hows New York?
Tw- u have asked me this bfre and I even answered it! (she says it an kind of irritated tone)
Just then Tanyas phone beeps she picks the call and says…. Ta- di is my bestfrnd I will talk and cme ya..?
Tw- y don’t u clearly say its ur BOYFRIEND?! (she smirks)
Ta- no di.. not all….
Tw- don’t lie tani I knw who ur bf is, his family and everything! And u knw that I am close to him also….right?
Ta- yaa yaa I knw! It smetyms feel lyk u both r in relationship! (she jokes)
Tw- shutup pagal!
Ta- I thnk u should sleep now its already 10:30….
Tw- yaa… gn…

Tani says to herself- thank god!
Tw- what?
Ta- no nothing! Gn…
Tani sighs in relief….

Meanwhile in sarna house……
Yuvi- y r u not sleeping bhai?
Ku- y do u want me to sleep?!
Uv- coz bhai.. u came tday and look really tired!
Ku- tell me one thing clearly! R u upto smethng?
Uv- what bhai? No no nothing! U sleep na pls….( he begs kunj)
Ku- ok fyn!!! Don’t cry like a baby now!
Uv- I love you bhai..(he kisses kunjs cheek)
Ku- huh?!
Uv- u knw na I missed u soo much.. thts why.. u knw!
Ku- ya ya ok! (he senses smethng fishy) gn…..
Uv- yaa bhai gn…
Kunj says to himself- theres smthng fishy…wait beta uv I will find it out..)
Kunj acts to sleep and uv sighs in relief! Uv gets a phone call he picks and says
Uv- all cool! I am cming my love!!!…. yaa yaa ok.. I am cming …. Bye bye…

Kunj to himself- toh acha beta…. U r going to see her… wait and watch bhai….

Uv gets out of his house through kunjs room…. And heads towards taneja mansion!
(Yess guys… uv and tani r in a relationship!!!!!! So lets if their di and bhai will find out what they r upto)

Uv reaches tanis room through climbing the pipe.. but he doesn’t knw that twinkle is in the room too!
As twinkle got suspicious she got up from the bed without tanyas notice and keeps pillows instead of her and covered it with a blanket… no shes hiding in the wardrobe…
And as the love birds met… they hugged each very tightly…
Uv and Ta- GUESS WHAT!!!
And they laugh and again as they were going say… twinkle came out of the wardrobe… and stands crossing her hands…..
Tw- tani so… for this u wanted me to sleep right??!!
Uv and ta- di…!!!!!!!
Twinkle laughs very hard…..!
Ta- u were sleeping right? Then how?!
By time uv goes and hugs twinkle and twinkle hugs back too…..
Uv- di.. when did u cme?! And tani y didn’t u tell me?!
Ta- lo…lovebirds met!
Twinkle and uv laughs….
Tw- I came 2 days back…

By hearing all the screamings and shoutings, leela got and knocks on their door…
Le- twinkle! Tani! U r nt slept yet?!
Ta mutters to herself- oh babaji! What will I do know?!
Tw- u both r gone!( she smirks)
Ta- di!! Uv u go know plz!!
Uv- ya ya bye!
Uv leaves….
Ta- thnk god!
Tw- v r going to sleep good night!
Le- u both na!
She goes….

But……. From the otherside that is frm kunjs balcony.. he recorded everything…. But… he didn’t knw that twinkle is there too… so he only captured him going, he hugging tani and he comingback and all tht.. but no twinkle!
Kunj thinks that he did a great job and pats his back…

As uv reaches and sees him laughing.. he gets scared…..
Uv- bhai were u not sleeping…
Ku- no…(uv gets more tensed!) I was actually seeing this video.. its so funny!( uv gets relieved)..
Uv- bhai show me also na…
Ku- yaya her u go( says llaughing)
He plays the video… uv was soo shocked!
Uv- what the…! Bhai u??
kunj starts lauging..
Ku- yees me my bhai… what do u thnk of me? That I am a fool?
Uv- bhai!
Ku- aur not only u.. I am going to show this vdeo to tani and….
Uv – and….
Ku- mom and dad too!!( he starts running)
Uv- bhai no!!
He starts running behind kunj.. after a long time of chasing and catching… uv finally gives up and slowly sleeps…

Ku- my bhai!! This is why I love u soo much!
After saying this kunjs sleeps to….

So! Episode 2 over! How was it? Was it too long? Any way.. hope u guys like it! Bye ! love u all! <3
And sry for concentrating more on yuvi and tani!

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  1. hey i m new to this site can anyone tell me hw to post the article please guyss
    and comng to the episode it awsm i love each and every ff but i was not registered….. and please smone tell me hw to post

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      First of all thnk u!!?
      One the top of the site there r two boxes like white colour..The menu and search…. Click on menu and u will get ‘submit article’… Click on that n read the instructions n write Ur ff!

      1. thnx a lot dear can we be frnds

      2. Hima.S.Akbar

        of course we can be!

  2. Presha

    Hey its just awesome

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      thnk u presha,,,! <3

  3. RUTU.....

    Hey It’s really a cute episode
    I am waiting impatiently to know twinjs past ???

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      thnk u!! u will know it in the cming episodes! <3

  4. It’s fabulous n superb loved it

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      thnk u riddhi!<3

  5. Oh god hima ur sach great writer. Yaar seriously i enjoy it and i love this epi soooo much..m desperately waiting to know about twinj past…
    But whom i will imagin in role by tani. If u don’t mind can i imaging shiritama mukharji in by tani role…coz I can’t imagen anyone instead of her. Coz i love UV and her (Mahi in real tei) pair as couple..plzzzz..
    if u want m not forcing u to agre with me…
    and tum jitna v long kyu na likho mujhe short hi lagta hey.. He he..
    OK now plz post ur next part soon….
    Love u..

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      thank you for ur valuable comment priya! u will knw their past in the cming episodes! and yaa u can imagine shritama as tani… i just want you guys to imagine and read the story!! lots of love! <3

  6. SidMin23

    Superb episode

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      thnk u soo much! glad tht u liked it! <3

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing fabulous marvelous cute funny epi

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      thnk u so much purnima… glad that u liked! <3

  8. Adya

    Omg … Yrr the episode was amazing…
    I love it soo much… Superb
    Post soon.
    Loads of love!

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      thank u adya!! i will post soon…. loads of love and thnk u for supporting me! <3

  9. Chiku

    Awesome ❤️❤️?Loved it
    Cont soon

    1. Hima.S.Akbar

      thank you… will cont soon <3

  10. SidVee_Yashvee

    Wow it was super awesome.. loved it.. waiting for the next ❤

  11. Ramya

    Awesome episode hima lovely
    Loads of love keep smiling

  12. SidMin

    Loved it 🙂 Awesome 🙂 Twinkle tho Twinkle Kunj bhi na is so funny 🙂
    Love you 🙂

  13. Aanya_pandey

    Aaww.. that ws an amazing update..

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