Can love happen twice with the same person? – Twinj (Episode 12)

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Kunjs P.O.V

“I just need some fresh air, so I am going to the beach.” I said to yuvi. I didn’t wait for his answer. I just scooted myself out of this mess. I heard yuvi mumble something, but I ignored.
I really need some fresh air!

I walked towards the beach and the breezing wind hit me. It was really soothing.
I went and stood near the beach. Waves hitting my leg, I crossed my arms over the chest and looked at the water. I can feel the hot tears flowing down my cheeks. I didn’t care to wipe them away.

Why is life so complicated?! I closed my eyes let down a heavy breath.


“hey kunj!” Alisha greeted me. Alisha was my friend from college. She is really sweet. I wonder why twinkle hates her.

“hey Alisha! Hw u doing?”

“cool. And u?” “same here!”

“uhm… kunj…..” I looked up at her. She seem tensed. I guess she wanted to tell something.

“Alisha, all okay? Is there something u wanna tell me?”

“actually…. I don’t how will you react to it! I don’t want anything to be ruined. And that to because of me.!” She started sniffing. Now… I too got tensed up. I knew whatever she was going to say, it is gonna be bad.
I cupped her face. “hey hey Alisha! Don’t cry! Wait u come with me to the park.” She nodded and we headed to the park.
When we reached the park, I made her sit down and I too sat beside her.

“now. Shoot.”

“well… kunj its about twinkle” now I became more worried. I feel my hands sweating.

“about twinkle? Whats wrong?” I said a bit calmly so that she doesn’t know how much damn tensed I was.

“twinkle…. She….” “I want a verbal answer Alisha! Don’t just trail off! Finish off the god damnit sentence you are speaking!” now she was getting in my nerves. So I just yelled at her!

“shes cheating on you!” I was shook. I expected it too be bad but not worst.

“Alisha! Do you know what u r talking about? I know twinkle really well. She will never cheat on me!”

“I know kunj u cant believe this! But trust me, I was walking down the corridor yesterday when I heard her talking to Bradley. She was saying that she doesnt love you and she is only with u only for ur money. And she only loves him-bradley!”

Does she know what shes talking about?! My twinkle will never cheat on that too with Bradley?! She hates Bradley! Money-cheating-bradley! My mind is literally going blank.
I looked up at Alisha. She was crying. I hate seeing girls cry. I even know one thing that when girls talk and cry at the same time, they say the truth. They mean whatever they say at that point of time.

“a-are y-you s-s-sure?” I asked her tears falling down from my cheeks. She nodded! Hell ya she was saying the truth.
I thought about it!
Whenever I talked with Alisha, twinkle would come in btwn and would give glares to Alisha, why u ask me? Because Alisha is close with Bradley and twinkle ‘loves’ Bradley! Now I get it!

That fu****g b***h!

I just got up from there and went to twinkles apartment which she shares with Ayesha.

And when I get angry, I am another kunj!

I went to her apartment and crashed opened the door and went inside.

“MS. TWINKLE TANEJA!” I yelled. Twinkle and Ayesha came running from upstairs.

“kunj. Why on earth are u shouting!” Ayesha yelled back.

“kunj whats going on?” twinkle asked. How can she be so calm after all she have done to me! That b***h!!

“wow! Ms..twinkle taneja! Great acting!” I said clapping my hands. “6 years u have been acting and-“

“kunj what r u even talking about?!”

“oh twinkle! Plz give it a rest!” “kunj sarna-“ “ayesha I am not talking to u!” I snapped Ayesha. She was shocked.

“twinkle I loved u so much! 6 years- 6 years I gave u my love and what did u give back me in return? Betrayal! Why did u do this to me!” I completely broke down.

She came to me and caressed my hair. “kunj! Even I love u! 6 years- I also gave u my love! And what r u talking about betrayal?!”

I just pushed her. “betrayal?! U betrayed me god damnit! U did! All these years u said u were in love with me but in reality u were just in love with my money! And that stupid guy-bradley!” I saw tears coming down her face! Yes it is my weaknes. But not anymore!

“kunj u know how much I hate Bradley right?! I just love u for who u r and not for ur money! I love u kunj!” she whispered the last part as she cupped my face and laid her forehead againt mine.

I pushed her. again. “just stop it twinkle! Give it a rest!”

“kunj! Who the hell told u I am cheating on you?” “Alisha did and-“

“kunj really?! U believe her more than ur girlfriend?!” I just hate that word now.

“just don’t say that word twinkle! U r not my girlfriend anymore!” she gasped.

“wdym kunj?!”

“we,” I said pointing at both of us. “are.over.” that was so hard for me to say.

She started shaking her head from side to side. “kunj! No plz! I love u and I can never cheat on u! kunj plz listen to me!” she cupped my face. I jerked her hands away and started heading towards the door when she pulled by my arm.

“atleast listen to me?! I love u so much! U just cant leave me by not giving me proper explanation! U cant just walk away! With a slight misunderstanding u cant let our 6 year relationship in drain! Kunj! Plz talk it out!” now she started crying harder.
I wiped her tears away from her cheeks. “save it for ur wedding with Bradley! Everything is over btwn us! Bye!”

That was the last time I touched her and I know I am going to miss it.
“kunj! U cant walk away ! just listen to her damnit!” I heard Ayesha yell. I ignored and the slammed the door shut. I walked out of the apartment! My eyes were bloodshot! More tears started coming down and I ran my fingers in my hair.

I just hate this.

I just hate her.

I also made a mental note to thank Alisha for telling me the truth.

(fb ends)

When I came back from London, I told my parents’ about everything. How she cheated on me an stuff. I thought they would support me. But I was shocked with their answer. Maa was mad at me. She thinks I left her. I told her everything and she still this that I should have given her atleast one chance to speak.
Well, the thing is…. Maa doesn’t know that twinkle was my gf nor do twinkles family know that I was her bf. Tat something good at this point of time. No mess!
Only tani, yuvi, manik- twinkles cousin and avni- my cousin knows about it in our family.

I opened my eyes. Tears still coming down. I felt presence of someone next to me. I turned to look by my side to see Tani standing there facing the water her hands crossed over her chest.
I quickly wiped my tears. I always try not to cry infront of my younger ones and family. I just hate them being sad.

“hey.” I said.

“hi.” She said still facing straight.

“kya soch rahi ho princess?” yes. I call her princess. She is like my sister. U can say more like my daughter cause I am really protective of her and I love her to death.
When I first knew about yuvi and tani dating, I was really scared that one day yuvi will break her heart . Not that I don’t believe my brother and all…. But still….
When v both broke up. Like us, tani and yuvi was also having tough times. Cause we 4 are really close.

Yes 3 years we have been apart. But mine and tani’s bond was still strong. We used to skype, call, text eo every now and then. I used share all my secrets with her and same goes for her.

After 3 years when we met that day- my proposal day, I was happy to see her I never really saw her in person or even didn’t talk.

And now I got my chance.

A smile crept onto her face. “u still haven’t forgotten that name!” she said facing me.

“nope! I can never forget my princess!” I said messing her hair. She hates it!

“bhai! Stop!” she winced. I giggled.

And then tears started coming from her eyes rolling down to her face. She bit her lower lip and faced away from me and looked straight. She was trying to control her tears.

I turned her, now she was facing me and I cupped her face. “why r u crying?! Did yuvi do anything wrong?” she was looking down. “tani, face me.” She still kept looking down. “tani…. Plz.” She looked up and she was at the urge to cry.
“now tell me will ya?”

“I missed you bhai.” Tears not only started to come down from her eyes but mine too.

I pulled her into a hug and she hid her face in my chest. “I missed u too, buttercup.” Note- I call her by different names!

She chuckled and looked at me. “u will never change!”

“nope!” she laughed! God I missed her laugh.

“well… bhai kya soch rahe the aap? And I don’t want to here ‘nothing’!” I chuckled.

“puraani baatein…. How everything changed… and all those stuff…”

“u said u were over it na?” “yup… it still haunts me… I don’t know why u guys dont believe me….”

“bhai u know I trust u right? but…..” “ u don’t have to give me an explanation.” She nodded.

And then we talked about random things, some old things, we laughed and played. That’s one special thing about tani, she knows how to make u laugh when u even dont want to and u will never know when the time passes by!
I felt like, she wanted tell me ‘somethings’, but when I ask her about it she just shrugs off.

“bhai… lets go! Time bohoth ho chuki hai, and tmrw is ur sangeet! Did u practice any dance?!”

“nope! I don’t like dancing.” She raised an eyebrow, wow! Now she is perfect at it! “wow buttercup! U can do it perfectly now.” I say, motioning towards her eyebrow.

“learned from the best!” she winked “ anyway tmrw u will dance or sing! I will make u do it!”

“lets see!” I winked at her. “lets go now. I see many guys are giving u dirty stares.” She just laughed! Hey! What is there to laugh for that?!

I put my arm around her shoulder and walked towards the resort.

What a day!
Guys guys! I know u will be angry at me for not posting. Guys my exams are coming. And I have to study, since its my board exams!
I will not post anything until, 28 march. I know it’s a long leave but the blo*dy exams! If I get time I will try to post. Note the keywords, ‘if’ and ‘try’!
Anyway I hope thing chapter has some of things that wanted from so long. I know this one stupid past! Sry for that! Tune into the next episode for more ‘past relevations’.

Love u all nd I will miss u!
Will be back soon! <3.

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