Can love happen twice with the same person? – Twinj (Episode 11)

I am going straight episode and all of my bak bak will be at the end of the chappie.

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3rd persons P.O.V
Both the families hung out in the beach, as they were exhausted from working and shopping.
To be precise, they wanted twinj to talk. Both the families have noticed this. Its been 2 days after their engagement and still, they barely talk.

“maa, me and yuvi will in the water. Okay?” asks Tani. Leela responds in a nod. Yuni runs from there giving a wink to their parents .

“leelaji, hum log jaakar nariyal ka pani peekar aate hain na? I am tired.” Says manohar. Both leela and usha agrees and heads ahead, leaving shocked and nervous Twinj behind, all alone.
They understood that it was their families plan.

“um…. Wanna walk?” asks kunj. “yeah sure.” Twinkle had no other choice than accepting his offer, coz her mother warned her to be with kunj itself.

They didn’t talk during their walk. Both knew that, if they talk, they will either end up in an awkward moment or quarrel. So, they preferred silence.

It became dusk, all returned to their resorts and then to their respective rooms.
P.O.V ends


Twinkle was walking down the hall corridor looking at the phone, frustatedly.

“I swear Ayesha, if u don’t pick up the phone now, I will kick ur @$$ off!” twinkle voicemails Ayesha.
Twinkle was mad and Ayesha and Krish for not attending her engagement and moreover now, not picking up the call or replying to any message.

On the opposite side of corridor (where twinkle was walking), kunj was also coming looking at the phone, pisssed off. He was dialing calling him repeatedly, but no reply.
Krish. Kunj was mad at him, as Krish and Ayesha were not present in his engagement. He was going on cursing them.

“that idiot! When he should be here at his best friends marriage ceremonies, he is probably now cuddling with his gf cum my bff Ayesha! Why cant he just pick the phone up?!” he mutters to himself

Twinj were so engrossed in their phones, that didn’t know they were walking opposite to eo.

And…. Now u know what will happen! (*wink wink*)


Twinkle and kunj fell onto to the ground with a great thud! They looks at eo a=with their eyes widened.
(and now all the fun begins… hehehe)

“tumhare aankhein hain yap attar? Dekh ke nai chal sakte the kya?!” twinkle screams

“oye miss twinkle taneja! Tum dekh ke nai chal sakte the kya? Mein toh acha khasa sukoon se chal raha tha, lekin nai vahan par bhi chali aayi, mera sukoon mujhse cheen ne keliye!”

“mr.sarna, first of all, u were on ur phone and let me make it clear- u bumped onto to me!”

“Ha! And can I plz know what u were doing?!” he asks sarcastically “u were also on your freaking phone! Ooh…. Now I get! When u see a HOT guy coming, u just cant resist, that u decided to bump onto the hottie himself- that is me… right twinkle? He smirks at her.

She narrows his eyes at him. “wrong mr.sarna! and plz, just stop thinking ur hot! You are NOTHING- I repeat ‘nothing’ when compared to the boys of One Direction and David Beckham. They are the hottest people to ever exist on this planet! So just stop giving yourself false hope”

“One Direction and David Beckham?! Shouldn’t u be saying that- they are nothing when compared to me? Cause I am hot-cute-dashing-hansome and what not?! (true tho! )U r just jealous that they are not hot!! And…. U bumped onto me! So say sry and leave!”

“What a great joke kunj! Should I laugh for it?!” she says sarcastically and he narrows his eyes. “why should I be jealous! U r the one whose jealous! One direction and David Beckham is and will be the hottest persons ever! and why should I say sry for?! U were the one who was on ur phone and who bumped onto me!”

“excuse me?! U were also on ur phone! So, its not my fault completely!”

“atlast u admitted it was ur fault-”

“OUR fault!” he narrows his eyes!

“whatever” she shows attitude

“oops! Sry! Yeh toh tumhari puraani aadath hain na?! galti karo aur blame kisi aur ke upar daalo?!” his voice becomes stern while twinkle looks at him shocked.

“u know what?! I am done explaining to u! i have trying ever since to tell u what happnd- but no! the great kunj sarna doesn’t like to listen to those people who really LOVE AND CARE ABOUT HIM! U JUST DON’T CARE IF OTHERS ARE HURT OR NOT! FOR YOU- U R THE ONLY ONE HURT AND THAT’S THE ONLY THING THAT F*****G MATTERS TO YOU! She yells and tears starts rolling down from her eyes.
(guys they are still on the floor)
“can u please get up?! Aap log beech raaste mein baite hue hain! Aur agar aap logon ko ladayi karna hain toh kahin aur jaagar kijiye. Lekin ab ke liye plz humhare raaste hatt jayiye.” A worker tells them.

They both look up and see many pairs of eyes glued at them. they kinda felt embarrassed!
Kunj got up and took his phone. Twinkle also tries to get up when……

“ow!” she cries holding her left ankle which was swollen due to the fall earlier.

Kunj looks at twinkle who was trying to get up but he was not going to help after what happened few minutes ago.. He just stood there, watching twinkle struggle to get up.

“ouch!” she cries even more harder.

Kunj couldn’t take now, he went towards her and offered his hand. Twinkle looks up at him. “No!” she sternly says.

Twinkle holds the table nearby and tries to get up, but failed. He again offered his hand and she again rejected.
She tries several times but couldn’t make it.

“twinkle just don’t be stubborn! Take my hand!” says kunj.

Twinkle laughs bitterly. “ I didn’t have ur hand to pick me up when I was down at that time, when I needed u the most! i know how to standup on my own! I just dont need u help or sympathy!”

She again tries for one last time. Again, she failed. She just gave up and sat on the floor shutting her eyes tight and tears rooling down her cheeks, until when she realizes two arms surrounding her waist and lifting her up. She opens her eyes, to find kunj was carrying her in a bridal style.

She interlocked her fingers btwn her neck and looked at kunj. Kunj also looks at her. They both had mixed emotions of guilt-sadness-hatred-hurt-anger in their eyes.

Meri raahon mein pade
Tere pairon ke nishan
Ne kahan.. ne kahan
Teri saanson se judi
Meri saanson ki wafa
Ne kahan.. ne kahan

kunj looks away from her and reminisces his past, tears forming in his eyes.
She telling him, twinkle coming and crying, twinkle leaving, him crying…………..

Girte un ansuon mein
Kuch toh tujhsa lagge hai
In ashqon mein main na khota
Agar tu hota toh na rote hum
Agar tu hota toh na rote hum (x2)

Twinkle closes her eyes and again those thoughts comes to her mind.
She laughing with someone, and he placing her lose hair strand behind her ears, them going to a bedroom, she crying and that nightmare itself!

Tears starts rolling down from both of their faces. They didn’t care whom ever watched them cry. They just….. let their heart out!
Before twinkle could think further of her nightmare, she realizes herself detaching from kunjs body. She looked and saw, they reached her bedroom and now kunj was placing her on the bed.
She saw kunjs bloodshot eyes and kunj saw hers. They share an eyelock. Kunj quickly turns around and picks his phone.

“um…hello….. yes doctor, this is kunj……could u plz come to my resort?….. um… okay thank u doctor”

“um… doctor will come within 10 mins” she nods.

After 10 mins doctor came and examined twinkle.

“mr.sarna, theres nothing to worry about, she just has a sprain on her ankle. Here are some medicines and I advise u to take good care of her.” doctor says.
“thank you doctor” they say in unison. Doctor smiles, nods and leaves.

“take rest.” He tells her he leaves from the room.

“kunj?” “yeah?” “plz don’t tell anyone, okay?” “okay.”
Twinkle pulled the blanket over face and drifts to sleep, crying.

Kunj comes out of the room crying, shuts the door (twinkles room) behind him, he places his head in his hands, messes his hair and again starts crying.

Yuvi comes there and sees kunjs messy hair.
“bhai, everythings fine? And why r u here in di’s room?”

“umm… voh.. actually… twinkle… shes not…er… feeling well, so I just came to check on her.”

Yuvi widens his. “is she okay? What happened?”

“yuvi! There nothing worry for, shes just having a bad headache so shes just sleeping! Okay?” kunj practically yells.

“bhai….-” “not now yuvi plz! I am not in a mood to talk anything!”

“u told that u just don’t care if anything slightest happen to her. then y r u worried for her, or even checking on her?” kunj sighs.

“yuvi…..can we please drop this topic?” kunj looks up and faces yuvi. Yuvi was shocked to see kunjs bloodshot eyes. He instantly something was not right.

“I just need some fresh air, so I am going to beach.” Kunj says yuvi nods.

“babaji di or bhai ke beech ki dooriyaan aur misunderstandings dhoor kar lena! Plz!”


Now before u guys start to hate me, I am so sry for-
1) Dragging this track/story (being the author of the story, even I feel it too!)
2) Now revealing any past/giving u any hint about the past.
3) Not showing any romantic scenes btwn twinj (sry priya )
4) Not mentioning Sidhant as the hottest guy! I am really sorry for that! We all he is hot! Right?!

Plz bear this chapter, cause in next chappie, theres gonna past revealations(trust me this time!) some romantic scenes and…. Wedding ceremonies! And all I can say is that, that chapter is not so far from coming! 😉

For those who don’t know One Direction- they are the worlds best boyband. They make amazing music. I am big fan of them and they all look damn hot!

David Beckham- footballer. He is in his 40’s but still looks dashing hot!

Love u all to the moon and back! <3

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