Can love happen twice with the same person? – Twinj (Episode 10)

Hello sweetos!!! Well I am back! Guys tbh I really feel bad coz I took time from my busy schedule to write the previous episode and all I got was 12 comments! But I am happy that atleast I have 12! For a terrible ff writer-like me- 12 comments is a gr8 thing!
Anyway just to remind u giys- I love of u including my silent readers to the moon and back! :*
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So without further do lets get into the episode (my masterpiece line XD)

The link for the previous episode:
Episode 9


Tanejas and sarnas head to the airport to leave to Goa.
They planned of going there early so that they can do the arrangements and last minute shopping.

They reached Goa and checked in a resort nearby the beach. They all went to beach and enjoyed from there.


-3 days later-

All were busy running from here to there. Leela, usha and manohar were receiving the guests.
Cause its………TWINJS ENGAGEMENT!!!! (finally)

Kunj was near sitting in his window looking outside the beautiful beach. He was not ready yet! He kind of looked sad!

Kunjs P.O.V
Its my engagement and here I am sitting near the window and admiring the beautiful beach outside! And before u ask me…. Yes I am sad! I don’t know why buy yaa I am!
I am doing this for my family! Over the past days I have seen them being really close- happy, laugjing n all. I don’t wanna ruin it! My family is my life!
And twinkle…. Once she meant the whole world to me! I still remember those times when we just did every dorky and goofy things and didn’t care what others thought about us! My London life-before 3 years was PERFECT! Just me, twinkle, krish and aysha! But all changed in a matter of time!

Ugggh! Again these tears! I hate them! why am I crying for that girl who didn’t even bother to confront me after all she had done!
I heard the door open. I saw my brother- yuvi. He looked angry!
“bhai”- he said. I just looked at him! “bhai its ur engagement and u r sitting here?! Do u know what time it is?” “no.” I simply replied. “bhai just go and dress up! Its time!” he screamed. “why the hell are u screaming?! Are u my elder brother or am I urs?” I asked him. “at this point of time, me! Go get ready fast!” he said. “ fine!” I say in defeat! “good boy!” “but… wheres by outfit?” I asked.

“Oh sorry…. Here go!” he said smiling and handing me the outfit. “cool. Tum jaao. I will come.” I said.
“sorry bro. I cant go without you! Go get ready!” he said slyly “what the…..” I just HATE this. Younger-ones-dominating-system.

P.O.V ends

Twinkles P.O.V
I just hate this! YOUNGER-ONES-DOMINATE-THE ELDER ONES! I mean like, I am the elder one here and my younger sister is exploding her volcano on me! “yaa I am! Why the hell on earth are bursting out?!” I asked. “cause its ur engagement!” as if I didn’t know! I sighed! “ok. U just go I will dress and come!” I simply said. She doesn’t move and does her one-eyebrow-up! Uggh! Kunj taught her this!
I just sigh in defeat and comes out changing my dress to this pretty dress! I just love the dress!

P.O.V ends

Yuvi and kunj comes down to the venue looking hot and breathe taking!
They started talking to the guests. Just then our hot divas comes down looking gorgeous!
Yunjs jaw falls looking at our divas! Later they come into senses and yuvi signals Tanya that she looks amazing! She moths thank you and blushes!

Le- chalo chalo. Its time…
Us- haan… kunj twinkle go to the stage… yuvi and tani take the rings and stand beside them.

They all nod in agreement.
Twinkle and kunj stand on the stage trying hard not to look at each other. Tani gives the ring to twinkle. Twinkle takes the ring and her eyes meets kunjs. A drop of tear fell from her eyes. She quickly wipes it. Kunj closes his and washes away his tears before anyone can see it…..
They both have a quick flashback.

It’s near beach side.
Kunj is on his kness holding a ring and twinkle was covering her mouth with her hand has tears in her eyes. But this time it was tears of happiness.

Ku- ms twinkle taneja, plz will u be my girlfriend.
Twinkle doesn’t say anything….
Ku- twinkle, please……..
She doesnt respond anything…. Kunj gets worried….
Tw- yes. Yes. Yes. I will!
Kunj gets happy and he makes her wear the ring! They hug eo and kisses.

Fb ends.

Le- twinkle puttar…. Make him wear the ring.
Twinkle nods and makes kunj wear the ring. Her hands falls on her side. Everybody claps and she forces a smile.

Us- kunj now ur chance.

Kunj nods and holds twinkles hand. He had unshed tears. As kunj takes twinkles hand shiver runs down her spine.
Yuvi gives him the ring and makes twinkle wear it. Twinkle and kunj shuts their eyes and lets down a drop of tear! Everybody claps for them. they hug their family members.

They poses for photos. But for every photo they give a fake smile.

At last every guests starts going one by one. And the crowd becomes less.

Every goes to their rooms and sleeps.

Twinkle and kunj look at their rings and sleeps crying.


Phew! Did u guys like it? Plz tell me in the comments down below if u like it or not! Positive and negative comments with eggs and tomatoes are welcomed! 😉

Loads of love <3

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  1. Amazing….
    Lovely fb….
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  2. hima yrrr u rocked it…
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  3. Hey what did u say to urself,, A terrible writer,??? Dare to split this word again in ur mouth,, got it warna,??? Now listen don be sad yarr, everybody’s exam are going, that’s why they didn get time to cmnt, and don wry u’ll surly get cmnt.?? plzzz everyone keep cmnt in my friend hima’s AMAZING ff, plzzz,???
    Well episode is sooo nice,☺☺☺ Aww my twinj their engagmnt scene was soo emtinal,?? plz show some romance,?? well post next soon,☺☺
    Love you,❤❤

  4. Presha

    Hey hima gud to see u after so long this one is fabulous loved it

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    Hey Don t get sad due to less comments. … and you are a amazing writer. ….. Loved Twinjs flash back it was just too good
    Loved it ….
    The episode was a bit emotional ??
    Love you post soon ?

  6. Baby

    ofcourse dear i loved it soooo mch☺
    finally dere engagement woohooooo☺
    too good luvd it to eternity…..
    it was soooo very osm fabulous n adorable
    cute episode d beach scene wen twinj were sitting n crying was like jst
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    Woaaaah!!! Its lovely????loved it. Sooooo cute. Plzzz post next soon
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  8. Fabulous episode hima I loved it and plz don’t call ureself a terrible writer yaar and pls clear the misunderstandings between twinj soon

  9. SidMin23

    It was nice and who tell u that your a terrible writer but your super writer and finally twinj are engaged with each other

  10. Purvi128

    Hey Hima,
    What did you say a terrible writer?? Huhhhh … how can you say that .. sorry me ne late comment kiya but please don’t say this again ….
    U r really a good writer .. i just love this ff … its so unique … a hat ke ff ..
    I loved their engagement .. so sweet … feeling so sad for twinj … i love them … yaar mujhe rona aaraha hai ..! Bechare …!
    Post next as soon as possible ….!
    With love ..!???❤

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    Awesome episode dear just loved it and what are you saying that you are terrible writer then let me tell you one thing don’t think of it even for a minute otherwise I will not talk to u I love you and your writing the most you are a best writer ever…. And all knows it so bash yourself OK…
    Love you to the moon and back shona ?????& keep smiling and laughing always ????????????

  12. RUTU.....

    Hey it’s don’t bash yourself typing mistake sorry for that

  13. Hey hima… don’t say again that ur a terrible writer plsss…. I love ur ff ???but never cmnt…. now I will…. Its soo amazing…. Twinj emotions u portrayed so beautifully…. Love it dear…. And plsss if possible give some twinj romance…. And post next part soon….☺☺
    Lots of luv..❤❤

  14. LoveTWINJalot

    Hey hima… Woow this is soo nice epi.. Amazing dear..☺ luv it, loved twinj scene…?? yeah plz show some twinj romance,? post soon..☺ and ur gudd writer..☺☺
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    Awesome hima

    N better u don’t say anything about ur writing skills dey r amamazing
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    Fab update yrrr.. just soo good!!! But just waiting to know their past.. what is the resn for all this hatered

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