Can love happen twice with the same person? – Twinj (Episode 1)

Hello guys, I am Hima, a new writer! So since it’s vacation time, I thought of writing one fanfiction…U can’t call it a fanfiction as it’s only gonna be a few shots/episodes. So without further delay let’s start with our 1st episode

In Taneja house.
A black car arrives at the gate. A beautiful girl wearing black jeans and white full sleeve sweatshirt with black sling bag, gets out of the car.
As she was about to enter the house, a woman wearing salwar kameez stops her. She is Leela Taneja.

Le- why did I send u there?(asks with an angry expression on her face)
Girl- how do I know?
Le- Why don’t u understand puttar? Why r u doing? Varun is such a nice guy… (Her angry expression changes into a sad, disappointed face)
Girl-(she cups her mthrs face) why don’t u understand maa? I dont want to get married!
Le-Twinkle puttar….. Varun is such a nice guy! Why did u reject him!?
The girl is our bubbly Twinkle Taneja!
Tw- maa see….I understand what u r trying to tell and yes Varun is a nice guy…and in his place if it is any other guy I would still have rejected! And u knw na what happened 3 years back?! I won’t anything upside-down in my life again maa!
Le- so r u planning to stay single forever ?
Tw- maa u don’t think about all these things now! When it’s the right-

Another gorgeous girl wearing white pants and pink jumper with a messy bun cuts off twinkle! She is Twinkles little sister Tanya!

Ta- ufff!! This mthr-daughter drama will never end!

Twinkle and Leela look each other and laughs!
Tw- cme here…
Tanya runs and hugs both of them.. They do a group hug!


In Sarna house.
A handsome guy in black pants white tee and a leather jacket comes out of the car parked outside the Sarna house….

An old lady comes with an Aarti plate. She is Bebe..(sister of Manohar and Usha Sarna,the owner of the house)

Be- Arre Kunj puttar u came…..
Yes girls it’s our handsome Munda Kunj.. son of Manohar and Usha Sarna, brother of Yuvraj Sarna….

Kunj runs dramatically towards Bebe and hugs her and give a kiss on her cheeks…
Ku- Yes my babe!! I am back and that too only for you!
Bebe pulls his ears… Be- u go hug and kiss every girls in London like this?
Ku- Haww babe u r doubting on me??
They both laughs and hugs again.. just then Manohar Yuvraj and Usha comes out of the house…
Us- Kunj v r also standing here!
Ku- hw can I forget u guys?!
He goes and hugs all the three… And he was soo glad to be back yuvi again…

Yuvi and Kunj go to kunjs room they sit on the bed and starts talking….

Uv- how’s London n all? Good huh?
Ku- yaa everything’s good!
Uv- everything’s ok bhai? ( He asks with concern)
Ku- yaa everything’s ok.. but y r u asking it again?
Uv- no nothing! (He fakes a smile)
Just then uv’s phone rings…
Uv- I will be back bhai….
Ku- yaa…

Kunj says in his mind- I know yuvi why r u asking it again… What happened 3 years ago was a nightmare and its a past! So no use of thinking about it and ruining my present and future! I am over it, yuvi! I am over it!!

What happened 3 years ago in kunjs and Twinkles life? Is it connected?

So there u go guys!!
Hope u guys enjoyed! And if u guys want me to improve anything plz let me in the comments down below!!
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Love u all!


  1. Anam_sidhant


    |Registered Member

    Heya Hima, finally telly updates posted your article!😂😂
    Well,the story seems pretty interesting!❤️Looking forward to read further episodes!


    • Hima.S.Akbar



      thank u sooo much Anam!! If u hadnt told me then i would still be wondering why my aricle is not posted yet! Again thank u and will try to post as soon as possible! <3

  2. Priya23

    Hlwww hima…..wlcm to tu family….
    Yaarr this plot is very much interesting…. I love it sooo much….and What happened in between twinj i wanna know further….
    Sooo plz post next epi soon….will be waiting…. Do cont…
    Stay happy and keep smiling….

  3. Roshini125


    |Registered Member

    Hey hima……
    Wr were u all these days….u knw I tried contacting u….I sent many mails to u also bt u didn’t reply at all….I tried a lot…
    Anyways happy u r back….hope u remember me….n ff is so nice eagerly waiting fr next….

  4. SidVee_Yashvee


    |Registered Member

    Heya, welcome to tu 🙂 the plot is really interesting.. loved it.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤ .. ans u think I’m already following ur insta ac 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.