Can love happen twice – Episode 7

Epi 7

“I don’t have anything to say Saiyam”
“You have. Tell me what’s wrong?”
“Nothing is wrong”
“Then why the hell are you ignoring me?”
There was a silence. No one uttered a single word. Saiyam came more forward to her.
“What happened to you? Why are you ignoring me? He asked politely
“No I am not.”
“Yes you are”
There body was too close. He moved forward to reach for her lips. He was about to kiss her when she pushed him.
“You can’t do that again”
“What?” He paused for a moment then spoke again,” Did I kissed you Krishna?
“Yes” she whispered softly.
“When?” He asked shockingly.
“That day when you were drunk. You kissed me.”
He was shocked also confused at the same time. He analysed everything and then spoke,” So this was the reason you were ignoring me?”
She remained silent.
“Krishna you could have told me”

She was surprised by his reply.,” Really, what do you expect me to tell you? Hi Saiyam you know last night we kissed?”
“Do you regret it Krishna?” He asked.
She became shocked by his statement.
“What do mean?”
“Straight and simple. Do you regret kissing me Krishna?”
She didn’t reply. He placed his hands on her forearms and asked again,” Answer me.”
They were too close. They could hear each other’s breathe. She was panting heavily. He came forward. His lips lightly brushed hers. She spoke panting,” Sai….yam….we should….. not do……..thus” she was stammering. His lips moved towards her ears. He nibbled on her hears and said,” Everything is fair in love and war baby.”
Saying this he smashed his lips with Krishna’s. They were slow but magical. She was not responding. He holded her by her waist and made his grip strong. He pulled her more closer. He deepened the kiss. She started responding now. Her hand automatically went to his hairs. She dug her fingers in his hairs. He tried to pull her more closer. By the time it was no more slow they were madly kissing each other. His tongue continuously tried to enter her mouth but she didn’t allowed. After sometime finally giving up she allowed him. There was a war between their lips. His one hands automatically reached the hem of her kurti. He opened the first button. He thought she’ll protest but surprisingly she allowed. Building courage he went for the second button but their was a knock on the door. They moved apart. Someone knocked the door. After sometime the knocking stopped. They were breathing heavily. He slowly opened the door and find no one there. He rushed out and after sometime she also rushed outside.

So guys. This episode was totally hot. I think so. I wanted to ask if you guys want me write Saiyam and Krishna’s P.O.V about the dressing room’s incident or shall I normally continue my story?


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  1. finally u come back candy miss u.this is tha best gift for kriyyam anniversary….thnk u sooo much.

  2. Shabnam

    wowwwwww what a come back candy i really miss you awwwwwwwww kriyam kiss lovelyyyyyyyyyyy can’t wait for next how was your health dear now tack care yourself post regular love you

  3. Finally u come back i miss u so much
    And episode is awesome
    Update soon

  4. LOved it update soon❤️❤️

  5. yaa…literally episode was on fire….so so hot one….n thnku once again for coming back….we kriyam fans literaly needed this .. n acording to me u should normally continue this story ….plz no POV…..plz nxt one soon

  6. yaa….episode was on fire ……u did really well….each n every scene was portray very well….n thnks for coming back ….all kriyam fans really needed this….thnku once again….n according to me u should normally continue ur story …plz no pov….its just my advice.. its depend on u how u want to continue…nxt plz soon ….waiting..

  7. Muniya

    Oh My…this epi was really on fire…
    The description of Kriyyam kiss u gave..was really splendid…
    Loved it dear..
    Take care and come back soon…

  8. Fidato

    Oh…my…. It’s so….hot..????

    Nice come back Candy…. Nice description… Looking forward to see more Kriyam moments… like this… I really want to know their pov through your story….it will be nice….

  9. Aarti32

    Nice one indeed..update soon dis time

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