Can love happen twice – Episode 14

Episode 14:

Krishna was at home. She was passing by the room of her mom. She heard shouting of her mom. She entered the room and found that her mom was talking to her P.A.

“How can he do this?” She exclaimed.

“I don’t know ma’am but there’s nothing we can do about it. We complaint to the police but they can’t do anything as we don’t have any proof that those designs were ours.” her P.A Mita explained.

“Why the hell you didn’t registered the copy of our designs.?”

“Ma’am we had registered it earlier but today in the morning we found all the files burnt. And the registerer is refusing to ever register our designs”

“Ok you go I’ll do something about it.”

“Ma’am there is another bad news.”

“What?” Soumya asked terrified.

“The company and all the branches and factories infact everything except this house has been named to Mr. Mishra”

“What? Why?” Krishna asked not able to control herself more.

Both looked at her.

“Mom. What’s all this? What is happening?” Krishna asked confused.

“Krishna… ” she proceeded but eventually stopped.

“Tell me mom.”

“Krishna… Okay I’ll tell you everything but please stay calm.” Soumya said.

“I’ll manage myself Mom. Just tell me.”

“It will not be that was for you.” She said.

“Why?” Krishna asked.

“Look Krishna. You know our company is a fashion designing company. It was very successful till you dad managed it but after him I took over the company but eventually the our business started falling down. Our company was at major loss. At that time one of your father’s friend tried to help us. He managed to get us a very big deal. A fashion show was going to be organised which could have given our company enough profit to stable for once. And if were stable for once it would not have been hard to stand company again. But today we got to find that all our designs are already shown in another fashion show by some one else name. We had registered our designs but the registerer is refusing to register our designs. Due to all this the show got cancelled and now our company is at heavy loss. And today we got to know that the person who stole our designs has taken our company. We have lost everything Krishna. Everything except this house of ours.” And by the end Soumya started to cry.

“Who did this?” That was all Krishna asked.

“You won’t like to hear it Krishna.”

“Just tell me who?”

“Saiyam Mishra.”

Hey guys I don’t know if registration sort of thing happens in fashion industries or not. Just my imagination.
And Belated Happy Valentines day. Thought to post on 14th Feb but my great internet what to say about it.???????
Anyways bye bye.
Love you all. See you soon.

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