Can love happen twice – Episode 12

Episode 12:
“Happy birthday Saiyam..” Krishna shouted happily.

“Thank you” He replied

“I have planned everything. You have to take today leave. No excuses. Ok?”

“What plan?” He asked



They went for a movie. After then for lunch and finally they were going to a place which was a surprise.
After a good ride of 20 mins they reached a place. It was utterly breath-taking. A lake with flowers all around them.

“Its beautiful Krishna.” Saiyam said mesmerized by the view.

“You know Saiyam this meadow is my favourite place in the world”

“Why?” He asked.

“When I was a kid mom use to bring me here everyday. We use to have a mom-daughter day. It use to be so much fun.”

“You don’t come here with her now?”

“She’s dead.”

“What? But Soumya aunty is alive.”

“She’s my step mom. After mom died dad remarried. She loves me like her own child. I too consider her like my mom but I can never give her my mom’s place.”

He remained silent. “Anyways so after mom died. This place was like only memory of my mom. Whenever I am in any problem I come here and I am automatically calmed down. No one knows about this place not even Dad and Mom.” She was lost. All the memories of her and her mom was running in her mind.

He noticed it,” Krishna are you okay?” He asked her.


“Come here” he said signalling her to hug him. She immediately went in his arms. He wrapped his arms around her.

“Shsh. Don’t cry baby. I am sure your mom won’t like if she saw you crying.” He said running his hands up and down on her back soothing her.

“I am sorry. Its your birthday and see I am here talking all these and spoiling your birthday” she apologised.

“Its nothing like that. You can share whatever you want with me.” He said and for some odd reason he meant it. He wanted to be there for her. He wanted her to know that he is here.” Ok then so where’s my gift?” He asked changing the topic.

“Oh I totally forgot about it. Wait I’ll bring it” she ran towards the car and brought the packet.

“Here” she handed the packet to him.
It was a jacket.

“Its awesome” he stated.

“Uh… There’s something else I wanted to give you” she said politely.

“What?” He asked.

She handed over a locket to him which had a half heart at the edge.

“What’s this?” He asked looking at the locket.

“Its my mom’s. The other part of the heart is with me. My dad gave it to her. She gave it to me and said to give it to someone who really love. I was a child back then. I picked it and gave it to mom. And then she said not her but someone who will be there for you always no matter what. Who will care for you no matter what. With whom you can feel safe and protected.”

“Krishna I can’t take it” he denied.

“Take it Saiyam. You deserve it. I really feel its for you”

Unwillingly he took it but knew he had no right over it. Again the confusion took over his mind. Again this feeling come back. He didn’t know what was this. He felt connected to her. He felt peace with her but all this feeling went when the cruel reality faced him.

Se you soon guys.


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