can love happen twice?? (epi-7)


Hi I am tanishqa I am tanvee sister u all.must be knowing her so please support me also as its a different story
Girl 1:please give my old ishani back please forget him and move on and live ur life again please
Ishani:no no I don’t be the old ishani I will never change I will be like this only for my daughter I want to live and ur ishani is dead 2years ago only now I want my little daughter my tiya live her life nicely so now don’t raise this topic again I hope u understand Aparna
ishani picks her two years old daughter tiya and takes her to her room
Aparna: but not everyone is like that beast there r still good people alive saying this she breaks down
Screen shifts to a house in London
Boy 1:bro come it’s our flight time we need to go back to India chalo na
Boy 2:coming shikhar
Shikhar:what coming shikhar come Rv
Rv; ha now I am ready chalo
Shikhar; what yar the biggest business tycoon is so careless
Shikhar:where is your phone
Rv: in my pocket
He checks his pocket but it was not there
Shikhar:stupid it’s not there it is on the couch
Rv:oh haan I kept there sorry bro
They both left for airport
Screen shifts to back to ishani house
ishani was playing with tiya when aparna comes
Aparna:Ishu well u join in the company in which I am working
Ishu:sure why not BTW what is the post
Aparna: as accountant
Ishani:sure but tiya
Aparna; don’t worry ur family is coming back to Mumbai
Ishani:really that’s gr8( turning to tiya) tiya my baby chalo tomorrow meet ur grand pa and grand ma
And tiya claps seeing her mummy smiling
Aparna smiles seeing her smiling after 2years
So guys ishani is a bubbly sweet beautiful girl who has changed due to her bad past and aparna always support her she is her best friend (played by pooja sharma who played the role of draupadi in mahabharat)
Shikhar and ranveer are brothers and Rv is elder by 2years and he is a business tycoon and Shikhar is a doctor
So now I hope u like it let see how ISHVEER love story will bloom

Credit to: Tanishqa

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