can love happen twice?? (epi-6)


Thanx a lot people for commenting on my ff. if you all donot like the plot then please feel free to give your views. And sorry for the late update. Hope that you all will like this episode. And please friends do comment.

The story starts as it is shown swara standing in the workshop. After maybe some hours her co-designers had come. As she was new over there so they introduced themselves to her. They are quite friendly,except that Kavya.
Shrishti: she has got a big basket of attitude in herself and is very rude with everyone. When she comes to design she doesn’t allow anyone to enter the room except her.
Swara: why?
Afreen: coz she thinks that we might copy her nasty designs.
All of them burst out laughing. Actually all of them got to be her good friends coz there were not many…only 6 designers, including her.
Her new friend list consisted of,

Shrishti, Afreen, Ekta,Rishab and Vivan.
She felt quite good to meet them,after two months she did have some friendly chats and PNPC abt that Kavya the great.
Vivan: everyone hates her.
Ekta: including sanskar.
Swara: then why is Mr.Maheshwari even marrying her?
Rishab: he never told anything about that.
Afreen: yaa…we did ask him.
Suddenly they heard another male voice
Sanskar: whom are you all people discussing abt?
All of them got up from there seats. He smiled at them.
Sanskar: i hope that miss Gadodia wont need any introduction if these all people as it seems like you have already done that.
They all smile and so Sanskar starts explaining them abt the new project. The project was quite big. 15 new styled designs of lehenga’s were to be made. They have to be different and gorgeous…heavy works of gems and sparkles or maybe colourful stitches but they have to be the best of the bests.
Rishab: sanskaar ,if we can finish this project and crack it then will you give us a world tour?

Sanskar:(smiling) well i wont be able to give you a world tour but u can get a tour to USA.
Shrishti: why not a world tour?
Before sanskar could reply,ekta said..
Ekta: sanskar please don’t say that you don’t have that much money.
They all laughed at this. They are so friendly with him,as if he is not there boss but a college frnd. That’s why maybe he was telling me not to call him SIR.
They had a little bit of chit chat and then they all left at 5o’clock.
Swara: aren’t we suppose to work till 7:30??
Ekta: yaa,but today sanskar has to go for a family party.
Swara: o,i know.
Shrishti: how do u know?
Swara: even we are invited.
Vivan: wow…you are his relative?
Swara: no.
Vivan: then?
Swara: my father is also a business man,so they had a deal together.
Rishab: deal that you will go to each and every party the Maheshwari’s will throw?

Afreen:(hitting on rishab’s head) idiot,her papa and sanskar’s papa are business partners. They had friendship through business deal. That’s why he invited them for the party.
Swara:(smiling) yes correct. Ok then guys…lets meet up tomorrow.
Everyone waved her a by and left on their ways.

As soon as swara entered her house her mom’s train of questions started
Sumi:(excited,tensed) how was it beta? Was it good? Was he polite to you? Did you make friends? Is the workshop good? Did he say anything for being late?
Swara: maaaaaaa…calm down. Chillax. Everything was just O.K. Now go and freshen up and start doing your makeup or whatever.
Sumi kissed her on her forehead and left while swara headed to her room.
At 6 pm Sumi called Swara downstairs and told her to wear something fabulous.
Swara: maa we are just going for a family party.
Sumi: soo what Swara Gadodia should look the best in every party.

Swara: but maaa…
Sumi: now no more but’s go and get ready.
Swara pouted and left from there. She searched through her cupboard and found a orange anarkali. The anarkali was designed with black designs. It was ok for a family party. After sometimes she came down and joined her parents. They left at 6:45 pm but not without listening to her mother’s scolding.
Sumi:(angrily) i told you to wear something gorgeous. This is so simple.
Swara:(surprised) mom u call this to be simple??
Sumi: yess, Shekhar just look at her.
Swara: if that’s the case then it would have been better if i was born as a boy.
Sumi: y?
Swara: den i could have wore a simple jeans and t-shirt and gone everywhere.
Sumi: badmash.
All the three of them laughed at this.
When they reached the Maheshwari mansion they were greeted by Mr. Durgaprasad Maheshwari and his wife Mrs. Annapurna Maheshwari.
‘Were they being soo friendly with my family due to the business deal or there’s something else?’ swara thought.
After sometimes suddenly Annapurna came to swara and had a casual chat,
AP:(cupping swara’s face) how are you beta?

Swara:(with a warm and confused smile) i am fine aunty.
AP:(looking at Sumi) she has grown up soo much. She has still got that sweet face.
‘Grown up?? Still got sweet face? What does she mean??’ swara thought.
Sumi: ha ha…she’s still your bubble, Swara.
‘YOUR bubble???, what are they talking abt?’ swara got curious with these thoughts.
Swara gave them a confused look.
AP: it seems like you couldn’t recognize me. After all she met me 17 years back.
’17 years back? I was just 6 years old’. She calculated.
Dp laughed.
Dp: swara beta, your papa and i are childhood buddies.
Swara:(shocked)(thinking to herself) what? Childhood frnds? If papa nd uncle were childhood frnds den y did mum…
She looked questioningly at Sumi,who didn’t even look at her for once as she knew what’s coming.
AP: re Swara beta y are standing idle over there? Come here I’ll introduce my daughter to u.
Swara gave her a faint smile and went with her.
Suddenly on their way they met a very sophisticated girl. She looked like an idle Marwari.
AP: swara, this is my daughter uttara.
Uttara looked around.
Uttara:(smiling) hi.

AP: u ppl talk Il take care of the guests.
They agreed to it and started chatting. After sometimes swara came to a conclusion that uttara was a chatty,friendly and an innocent girl. They were talking abt random stuff’s when suddenly they heard a loud noise. At the entrance of the Maheshwari mansion,they found a girl standing with a mike. Swara found that same irritating designed lahenga.
Uttara:(irritated) a gayi maharani Victoria. Miss Kavya, huh.
Swara looked at Uttara in surprise, ‘that means everyone hates her’. She felt a little happy.
Kavya: good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am sure that u all already know abt the bonding between Sanskar and me. So to strengthen this bonding into a lifetime one i hereby declare that after 3-4 days Sanskar and I are going to have our engagement ceremony. Soo please enjoy this evening to your fullest.
With this she ended her announcement and came down followed by a big round of applause.
Uttara: how dare she declare all this nonsense?
Swara: but she had already told it before Mr.Maheshwari.
Uttara:(confused) Mr. Maheshwari??

Swara: i mean, Saanskaar.
Uttara: she’s mad. Look at her dress. Our servants wear better dresses than these. It is not at all looking elegant.
Swara secretly smirked at this. She had after all warned miss ‘kavya’ to change the design but she had insulted her. ‘now you will get insulted for your foolishness’
Swara: if you all hate her soo much then y is your brother even marrying her?
Uttara:(sad) its all my fault.
Before Swara could ask her anything suddenly one of uttara’ friend came and took her away from there. Swara was again left alone, so she thought of roaming around the mansion. It was not that she was not used to big mansions and bungalow’s but even then, after all it was her soo called ‘boss’s’ house.
Swara:(thinking) woww there house is soo damn beautiful. Unlike ours. Ours is a haunted house with most of the rooms kept locked and empty.
She met many people on her way,which made her fell uncomfortable. After all she didn’t knw any of them. That’s when she thought of something. She went to ap and asked,
Swara: aunty, can i just go inside a room and take some rest.
AP: sure beta. Feel free to go anywhere. After all this is like ur own house.
Swara:(thinking) own house?
She smiled at her and left.
‘Wow Mr. Khaddos’s mum is soo nice. He could have learned something frm her.’ she thought.
She found an empty room at the right hand corner of the staircase and moved inside.
Swara:(while opening the door) helloooo, anybody’s there?
When she confirmed that nobody was there she closed the door. She went and sat on the soft
feathery bed.

‘woww its soo awesome and cozy,everyone will fall asleep.’ she smiled while thinking these all.
She looked around and found a balcony. She stood in the balcony while staring at the full moon.
Swara:(to herself)Why did mum lie to me? She could have said that she forced me to go for this competition coz she wanted me to work with him. But its ok. After all she is a mother, and all mother’s want there child to be the best.
Swara went back in the room and looked around. She could understand it that it was not a females room…she thought of looking for the washroom when she found a door just beside the cupboard. She opened the door and found a library sort of place.

‘WOWWWWW’ she exclaimed with excitement. She turned around to find if someone was coming or not. When she found that no body was there she went inside. Well its a bad manner to sneak inside somebody’s secret room but after all it has got soo many books. She started looking around and reading the names. She was soo excited she thought to read the books just over there. But to her horror she suddenly found a sound. The sound of the door lock opening.’ Oh no,what shall i do? If someone finds her there then he/she might ask her. What the hell was she doing in someone else’s study, after all she was JUST a guest.’ she felt frightened thinking these all.
She frantically looked around to find a place to hide and fortunately found one. Just behind the shelf. So without wasting a minute she squeezed herself over there so that no body finds her. She could hear some footsteps coming inside and then the door getting locked. ‘If he/she switches of the light. Well i am quite afraid of the dark’. She tried to calm herself when she felt as if the footsteps were coming just to her side.’ Oh no, i am dead today’. She closed her eyes. Prayer after prayer fled up like birds from her frightened spirit. But it seemed as if God was too busy to listen to her prayers. She found a shadow moving just in front of her and the next thing she found was a man standing in front of her. He didn’t look at her at first as he was too busy to confirm if someone’s at the door but as he looked at her side he was shocked
Swara:(shocked) tum?
Person:(shocked) tum?
Suddenly they heard somebody opening the door, the person pushed himself so that he can get space to hide.
Swara:(whispering) what are u doing here Mr. Maheshwari?
Sanskar:(whispering) shouldn’t i be the one asking you that?
Sanskar came closer to her. She looked at him a little confused.
Sanskar:(whispering) i don’t have much space to hide myself.
Swara was going to ask the reason behind it when she heard that same irritating voice… Is it

Kavya: sanskar darlinggg, i knw u r right here. Stop playing hide and seek with me baby.
Sanskar moved more closer to swara.
Swara:(whispering irritated) Mr. Maheshwari, are you planing to kill me by suffocating me over here?
Sanskar: miss Gadodia if i don’t move then she’ll catch us and suffocate both of us.
Kavya:sanskaaar, where are you honey?
They heard another voice,
Person: kavya beta, he’s not here.
Kavya: but Sujata aunty i saw him coming over here.
Sujata: no beta, he went that side. In jiji’s room.
Kavya: ok aunty Il check.
Sujata: ha ha…jao jao.
Sanskar waited for sometime and then carefully came out followed by Swara. But then suddenly they found the door opening and a lady standing there. Sanskar and swara gave a horrified look at each other as the screen froze on their faces.

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