can love happen twice?? (epi-5)


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The story continues as swara is seen siting in her study.’ I have got such a messy life. Tomorrow at the morning Il work in that workshop,on top of that at the evening the Maheshwari’s have kept a party. That is also what party? just a family party. Then y d hell did they call us? O ya coz my papa is going to work a big project with them. (looking up and saying) wah,god. Wah. AP Ki leela apram par hai. Seriously i mean…what to say? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..’
Swara remembered how her mother was scolding her for not calling that soo called Maheshwari inside when suddenly her papa came to her rescue and informed that the Maheshwari’s had called them for a party. This made Sumi a little calm and she took a promise frm swara that swara shall apologize to him for not showing a good gesture. ‘ i mean seriously,who does that?’ she was quite frustrated with all these and so she started talking to her white big teddy.
Swara: hi tedu(teddy’s name) you know i am not at all wanting to work with Mr. Maheswari but my ill luck.

Suddenly tedu fell from the bed.
Swara:(dramatically screaming) Teeedddduuuuuuuuuu…(while picking up tedu) even you are on mumma’s side. She hugs the teddy and goes to sleep.
Next day it is shown at 4o’clock suddenly swara sits up on her bed.
‘why the hell am i feeling soo uneasy?’ she keeps her hand on her forehead and feels sweaty. She comes down from her bed when she suddenly gets a sound. Her room was dark but even then she could feel somebody’s presence.

‘who’s there at this time?’ she thought. she went towards the switches and switched on her light and to her horror she found ‘him’ standing just in front of her. ‘Mr.Maheshwari’ she gasped. Before she could ask anything else suddenly she found him covering her face with a black stuff and the next thing she found out was that she was not able to breathe. She struggled and struggled when at last she was free. Swara sat up on her bed. ‘o my god,o my god. It was just a dream. Just a nightmare. Just a nightmare.’ she came out of her bed so that she can go and wash her face when she suddenly heard a sound. The same noise which she had heard in her dream. She looked up at the time.4:30 am. ‘maa had said that dreams which we see at morning COMES TRUE ‘. She looked at that side and den suddenly she found everything going blank,blank,blank.

The next thing swara saw was her mother sitting beside her. Everything was soo hazy…and she had a severe headache.
Swara: what had happened mom?

Sumi: beta,how are you feeling? Are you ok?
Swara: don’t know.
Shekhar: its ok, you had just fainted.
Swara turned to his side.
Swara: why?
Shekhar: doctor said due to excessive stress and shock.
Swara thought for a while and then suddenly she got up on her bed.
Swara:(horrified) maa…what’s the time?
Sumi:(calmly) 12:30pm.
Swara: whaaaat…
She had been sleeping for soo long. Today she was supposed to join her job and now. That Mr.Maheshwari will surely kill her.
Swara:(tensed) mom i need to goo..

Shekhar: swara. There’s nothing important than a person’s health.
Swara: papa,its you who says that. Not my boss.
Sumi:(smiling) no Swara. Its what your boss said when we called him to inform about your health.
Swara was shocked. Whaat…that khadoos said that? But how can he be soo polite. Is there something fishy.
Sumi: he just said that when you feel better just go and meet him,as he would be discussing the plans of a new and tough project.
Swara nodded. She seriously couldn’t believe that that irritating creature was being polite to her or rather just to her parents. She looked at them and gave them a faint smile. After all these she rested a little and den had her lunch with her parents,then she left for the workshop.
As soon as she entered the work shop she found most of the designers going out.
Are they going back home?

She looked at the other side and found a poster where it was written open till 7:30 pm. Then? She called one of the workers
Swara: excuse me,where are you all going?

Worker: we are all going for break. Lunch.
Swara: ok,thanx.
She sighed. Thank god.
She went upstairs and found the room open. She found many new carton’s and those plastic models. On one of them there was a lehenga. She went near it to have a close inspection. The lehenga was ok but it was full of all sorts of gems actually not gems but small mirrors. It was not bad but the dazzling affect was too much, it wont be pleasant to the audience’s eyes and it will be costly. She was thinking how to make the design a little more comforting when suddenly she heard a girl’s voice .

Girl:(rudely) that’s my design.
Swara got a little startled and turned around to find a girl wearing a blue miniskirt with a yellow top and a pink blazer on top of it. She was holding a hand bag on one side of her hand and standing there with a questioning expression.
Girl: who are you? And what the hell were you trying to do with my design?
Swara: o,i am swara, swa…
Girl: i know miss swara,that u came here to spoil my dress. Don’t even dare to touch Kavya’s designs.

Swara:(calmly) listen kavya i was not spoiling your dress. I was just trying to make it perfect because the dazzling affect will look bad, and the dress will get heavier which will be uncomfortable so for that just take out those small mirror sort of stuffs and put golden border. That would make the thing sober and attractive too.
Kavya: how dare you talk to me like that?
Swara got confused. She never spoke to her in a rude manner.
Kavya: do you even know whom you are speaking to?
Swara: miss kavya?
Kavya: yes, the fiancé of Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. Your boss.

Swara was shocked. But if that was true then it would have been there in every news channel. Why is it still a secret now.
Kavya: what happened? Now u cant speak anything after hearing his name. Huh…
Swara: mam, i was just trying to help you so that audiences like it.
Kavya:(shouting) Stop Arguing with me you cheapooo
She put her hands up to slap swara,but swara held her hands half way.
Swara:(sharply) just because i am giving you respect that doesn’t mean that you r allowed to call me a cheapo or either slap me.
She jerked away Kavya’s hand.

Kavya:(threatening tone) you just wait and watch Swara, Il tell your boss to fire you today itself.
With this she turned around and left from there calling out Sanskar ‘s name every minute.
Swara stood there crossing her hands by ger chest.
Swara: god knows,what does she think herself. Just because Sanskar agreed to marry her she thinks herself to be the queen. How ridiculous. Huh.
She turned back to see that nonsense design again but instead of that she found herself looking at a broad chest. She looked up and met his eyes. Were they dark brown or black she debated. Then suddenly she found him smiling at her. She came back to her senses and moved back.
Sanskar:(smiling) thank God. At least somebody had the guts to tell her that this design is a disastrous one.
Swara giggled on the word ‘disastrous’,while he continued smiling.
Sanskar: soo miss Gadodia,how are you feeling now?

Swara: much better. (she paused) and thank you Mr.Maheshwari for being soo polite.
Sanskar: its ok, after all its my duty to take care of my employees.
Swara looked at him for a second. She never knew why but looking at him or his smiles made her heart beat faster. She looked down to keep herself calm unknown of the thing that he had come closer to her. He bend down to her ears and whispered which did startle her,
Sanskar:(whispering) by the way miss Swara, I found it quite delightful when i heard you calling my name (sanskar).

She froze for sometime. Already that warm breath of his on her shoulder was making her mad and on top of that ,that name thingy. But that was coz she thought there was no one in the room.
Sanskar moved back and left frm there while she stood there still confused about what just happened now.

Credit to: Mia

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