can love happen twice?? (epi-4)


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There’s a leap of two months. Its the last day of the second month when the results are going to be declared. Only one lucky student will get the opportunity to work with Sanskar Maheshwari. It was not an easy game. Almost every student had opted for this competition. Many tough works with practicals,and new designs and styles had to be made to compete everyone. You cant be second or third, you have to come out to be the first as the seat is only vacant for one person.
At first Swara was not at all interested in this stuff till her mom informed her about the importance. Afterwards at the starting she dod her best in every exam but the last exam was a disaster. The fabric which was supposed to be used for the cloth was an uncommon one nd no one knew which design will make it look a beauty or suit it.
Even swara was out of ideas so out of frustration she drew a simple design which she had drawn on her first year. She knew that this made her chances of getting the seat come down from 50 to 0%. She didn’t regret it.
Swara:(thinking) who is even interested to work with that rogue. Huh…
When Sumi got to know about this she almost fainted. She shouted at swara..
Sumi:(shaking her) why did you do this swara, why? How can you let this opportunity go from your hands.
Sumi was soo disgusted with her that she did not speak to her for 1 day. Fortunately after that Shekhar came and informed everyone that he got the deal with the Maheshwari’s. It was something which made swara really happy but more than that she was relieved that she wont have to be ‘frnds’ with that coward,as per her mother.
Remembering all these things abt the past a smile spread on her face. Yes now she can go to any other university and do a job,nd with that money she’ll join music classes, give donations to NGO’s and etc.,etc.
She stepped inside the college while students started ranting the same things which they had been ranting for the last 3 years.
1st student: ya ya, this time even swara is going to be the topper.
Swara: not at all. My exam was very bad.
2nd student: that’s what every good students say.
They discussed abt these and their future when they heard the principal’s voice in the sound box calling everyone to assemble in the hall.

Principal: students, please take your seats.
Everyone settles down and the principal starts
Principal: as you all know that today we will declare the final results for you all. With this you will leave our college and join some university or open your own workshop, But. But only one person from you all is going to work in the workshop of Mr. Maheshwari, and the person is…
Swara listened attentively. She was 110% sure that its not her. It can be Dhruv or some body else. But not her. She knew how badly she did in her last exam. So it was not her.
Principal: and the lucky person is…he opened the envelop in which the name was given.
Principal:(smiling) this girl has really made me proud…and the winner is Miss Swara Gadodia.
Swara was was shocked. She froze for some seconds. Kavita was sitting beside her and cheered. Swara looked at Kavita giving her horrified look.
Kavita: what happened?
Swara: did he take my name?
Kavita: i don’t think any body else’s name is swara Gadodia…
Principal: miss swara,it would be an honour if you come up on stage and take your certificate.
Certificate, award,first prize??? What the hell was going on?? She was not supposed to be the first girl this time. She knew it very well that her design was the worst anybody could have ever imagined. Then what’s all this? She could not move from her place. At last Kavita pushed her and told her to go. Swara went up on the stage. She was still shocked. She saw everyone clapping for her. She took her certificate and the small award.
Principal:(only to swara) you go and wait in my office. Il declare the other positions and come back. Then we will do the needful formalities for you to join his workshop.
He gave her a encouraging smile but it didn’t work. She went to his office without looking around her. She couldn’t understand how did this happen. She had felt soo happy and relived that she wont have to work under him,then? She entered the principal’s office without looking up as she was engrossed in her thoughts when she was suddenly greeted by a smooth voice.
‘Hello miss Gadodia’
Swara got a little startled and looked up to find HIM standing actually rather leaning on the wall. Swara heard the room door go click. She saw him coming near her.
Swara:(telling herself) don’t be nervous swara. Everything is fine. As your mother said,he wont do anything bad as he’s frm a reputed family. And moreover its not his house its college.YOUR college.
Swara: i didn’t expect you here, Mr.Sanskar.
Sanskar: but i did expect that you’ll win.
Swara got confused. He went and sat on one corner of the table.
Sanskar: well congratulations.
Swara: thanx.
Sanskar: i was really impressed by your design.
Swara: r you being sarcastic?
Sanskar: to some extent.
Swara: then y did you choose me?
Sanskar:(comes closer to her) because in that sort of fabric work your design was the best. Remember your first years lesson?
Swara suddenly gets shocked. Yes in the first year they had studied abt the same fabric and there was this sort of design she had made which was made perfect,perfect for the…
She looked at him while her eyes grew larger as she realised what a mistake she had made by doing that simple design, Sanskar smirked.
Sanskar: Il show you my workshop by today. And tomorrow we will start working.
Swara nodded. She couldn’t understand why but she knew one thing that if the principal did not come back in some minutes then she’ll surely break sanskar’s head with her trophy. After whatever had happened with her two month’s ago she had taken an oath that she’ll surely kill all those flirts in this world. And she was sure that the person standing right before her is the world’s biggest flirt. He’s a rogue. Somebody should take flirting classes from him. God knows how many mistresses’ he has got at present. 13, no no..18 maybe…24. Why do i even care? She thought. Finally the principal came.
Principal: i hope i didn’t make you wait for too long sir.
Sanskar: no no not at all, besides i had a good company.
He looked at her. She angrily turned away her face. “Was he literally trying to flirt with her? No what are you even thinking swara. You are nothing to him. NOTHING.” She told herself.
Principal:(looking at swara) we will really miss a jewel like you.
She gave him a warm smile. As he prepared for the paper works for her academic years end. After all the formalities swara left the principal’s office with a heavy heart. She’ll miss this college.
Sanskar: miss Gadodia?
Swara: yes sir..
Sanskar: come I’ll drop you home.
She didn’t say anything. On there way swara didn’t speak to him. She was quite having a strange feeling. ‘Isn’t all these just a dream? A bad dream although’. She thought. She started tapping her feet.
Sanskar got a little irritated but she didn’t care.
Sanskar:(irritated) miss Gadodia can you please stop tapping your feet.
Swara looked at him.
Swara:(surprised) did you just say please,Mr. Maheshwari??
Sanskar didn’t look at her. He was not interested to talk to her. Huh…
Suddenly he stopped his car before a big mansion.
Sanskar: this is your work shop.
Swara: what? (thinking to herself) such a big mansion just as a workshop? Great.
Sanskar:(confused) whaaat?
Swara: nothing sir.
They entered the mansion. At first in the entrance she found many foreigners standing and designing western clothes.
She looked at all the designs and got mesmerized. Fashion and designing is such a colourful world.
Then they headed to the second floor and sanskar opened a big door.
Sanskar: this is your work shop.
Swara looked around. The room was empty and it was a very big room with clothes scattered everywhere. It was painted all white and the room size seemed to be too big. Maybe as big as the museum hall. Suddenly a question popped in her mind
Swara: sir, why are those foreigners working in a different workshop? If we worked together then we may make out a great idea with new and uncommon designs.
Sanskar:(serious tone) miss Gadodia, first, stop calling me SIR.
Swara: but sir…
Sanskar: i m not finished yet. U are just 23 and i am 26. 3 years difference doesn’t mean that you’ll call me SIRRR. And second, you know what,you should think before you speak…nor you’ll get into deeeeep trouble someday.
Swara got confused.
Swara:(thinking) what wrong did i speak now?
Swara; ok, i understood s…(she stopped herself) Mr. Maheshwari.
Sanskar smiled and they left for her house.
As they reached swara’s house swara lazily got down from the car and headed towards the gate.
Sanskar:(thinking) how rude. She didn’t even thank me for dropping her. He saw her entering the house and left from there fuming about her behavior. Swara didn’t give a damn abt it when she saw her mom gardening. Sumi saw Swara standing there and got up.
Sumi: what were the results honey?
Swara:(bluntly) mom your prayer did work. I got a job to work with Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sumi:(excited) o my god. That’s such a great news. I shall bring sweets for you on this auspicious day. Really you made me proud.
Swara didn’t reply. She was too tired. Maybe these are the affects of the aftershocks she got.
Sumi: by the way who came and dropped you?
Swara: Mr.Maheshwari.
Sumi:(shocked) what? (while shaking swara) swaraaa…have you list it. Did you thank him. You should have at least called him inside. We could have had our lunch together…swara are you listening.
Swara didn’t reply. She thought to herself that Mr. Maheshwari was right,she should think twice before speaking anything, nor she’ll fall into deep trouble.

Precap- The Gadodia family goes to the Maheshwari mansion.

Credit to: Mia

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