can love happen twice?? (epi-3)


I know that its getting boring and readers are not njoying my ff but even then i am writing it for those who did comment. Thank you people for reading my ff. And very soon our swasan will meet.

Swara informs Kavita about her plan to settle her’s and kavita’s life. Kavita gets shocked at this and denies. But eventually she agrees to it. They see Dhruv coming towards them as there class begins. After a lot of practice swara and Kavita approach him. She looks at them and tries to clear swara’s doubts…
Dhruv: swara just listen…

Swara:(signing him to stop) Dhruv i don’t have time to listen to you. So just pay attention to whatever i am saying.
Dhruv keeps quite while both of them sit just beside him.
Swara:(carefully choosing her words) see Dhruv,i don’t know what happened yesterday. I am not even interested to know anymore. But i am sure about one thing that this has almost ruined my besties reputation. This is creating a hell lot of problems for her future.(stopped for some second) so to solve all these matter we can control the social rumour in just one way, that is by declaring that you both are in a relationship.
Dhruv was held shocked. ‘what the hell is she even talking’he thought.
Swara continued: As you know that most of the students that is almost 95% of the students never knew anything about me and you so it wont be a great deal for them.
She looked at him. Her eyes were moist.
Swara: this is the only way left. This is how we can settle our life,(almost not heard) after whatever happened.

Dhruv had no words. He was sure about one thing that he can never play with a girls dignity even if he is drunk. Then how can he be there in that video. Weren’t the sudden shocks he got in the starting of his day were enough. After all that suddenly his love of life comes to him and tells him to act a relationship with her bestie. Seriously? Why are these nonsense things happening? Is it Kavita’s plan. Dhruv turned to look at Kavita. She was not looking at them as she was busy ‘crying or shedding crocodile tears’Dhruv thought. He turned to look at Swara who was busy looking outside the window. She looked at him sharply.
Swara: are you guys ready?
Both of them did not reply.
Swara: fine. Its high time that i do something.
She got up from her seat and went in the middle of the canteen.
Swara: can i have your attention please.
Everyone present there turned to see her.
She stood up on one of the tables so that everyone got a clear view.
Swara: as you all know about the video,soo i thought that now its time that i declare a secret thing to you all.
She waited for sometimes to see everyone’s attention.
Swara: it is thaaaaaaat….kavita and Dhruv had been secretly dating for the last 3 years.

1st student: are you serious swara?
2nd student: or you have got drunk.
Swara: no guys its true. They are a livey dovey couple.
3rd student: but Kavita used to flirt with everyone.
4th student: an we never saw them together.
Swara: dude what did i say just now. It was a(almost whispering) secret relationship.
They all look confused when suddenly Survi starts clapping while others too join.
4th student:(standing up) that means aaj Ki party (every one shouts pointing at Kavita and Dhruv) tumhare taraf saiiiii….

Everyone claps and enjoys. Swara feels a little relived to see the serious atmosphere fade away. Dhruv gives a fake smile while suddenly Kavita falls down from her seat. Everyone gets shocked. Dhruv and swara to her side. They see that she has fainted and so rush her to the sick room. After sometimes the doctor comes and informs swara that it’s due to rigorous depression. She might not have had her food and that’s why she felt weak and due to extreme tension she fainted.
This was too much for Swara. She knew she had to get out of this. She cant see her bestie in this situation. It was too painful. She told Dhruv , Survi and all others that she will leave now and so left the college with a halfday.

The first month passed somehow. Dhruv and Kavita acted to be in a relationship and soo they had to throw a party too. But swara was not present in all these. She had made a sort of wall between all her male friends. She had lost her trust on everyone. She stopped talking to her friends,except survi and Kavita. Her life’s routine didn’t consist of any fun or adventure like before. It consisted of work,tea with Kavita and Survi and full focus on her exams. In the meantime Dhruv tried his best to contact her but he couldn’t. But he was now sure about something. Kavita was innocent,because even she had changed. She never flirted anymore. She never even spoke to him. She had turned out to be a dork now, which did made him feel sympathetic fir her. On the other hand Swara’s parents, her mom(Sumi Gadodia) and dad(Shekhar Gadodia) got tensed about this drastic change. There bubbley daughter had turned out to be a lifeless robot in just some days. They never knew what had really happened but were depressed for her and then suddenly one day Shekhar left for USA as there was some big project. Swara felt sad as her loneliness increased. Yes, Sumi was there but she was more attached to her father, Sumi couldn’t give swara that much time as she was busy with her household works nd the running the NGO. But Shekhar always tried to give her at least a little bit of time even if he was tired. This made there bond stronger day by day. And now,when she had thought that she’ll share every incident with her papa he left for USA. Swara got more upset.

Suddenly one day Swara’s college sent a notice to every student about the job with Mr.MAHESHWARI and unfortuanately(for Swara) Sumi found the notice. Swara was not even interested to work with a male designer. She had had enough with this ‘boy’ stuff.
Sumi: But swara its a lifetime opportunity. You will work with the famous, heartthrob, designer Mr. Sanskar.
Swara: mom,i don’t wana work under a male boss.
Sumi: but why?
Swara: mom he is rogue. I mean keeping and changing his mistress’s is just like a spec of dust for him. So just imagine, some days i would have to work late night and then if his intentions go wrong and he does something with your daughter then?
Sumi: stop all these imaginations. He’s from a very reputed family. He has got other works too except just running after girls…actually he doesn’t run after girls but girls run after him.
Swara: i don’t care, i wont work with him,even if i get the chance.
Sumi: swara, at least do this for your papa.
Swara: how is papa related to it?

Sumi: Sanskar Maheshwari’s dad that is Durgaprasad Maheshwari. He is a very big reputed business man. Your papa went in USA for a big deal with him. It’s quite tough to catch his attention,but if dp gets to know that his son’s frriend’s(pointing at Swara) father is going for this deal then whom will he give the priority?
Swara:(bluntly) my dad.
Sumi: yess…
Swara: mom,but how can you be sure that we will turn out to be good friends.
Sumi: even if you both turn out to be enemies then also at least they’ll know you.
Swara:(irritated) uff maaaa….

Sumi: no,i wont listen to anything. Fill the form and submit it. I want to tell my friends, proudly…that yes,my swara works with the Maheshwari’s.
Sumi handed her the form and left. Swara looked at the form and sighed…
Swara: this idiot principal. He had no other work excepting sending all these to our house. Now i am doomed…

Precep- first meeting of swasan.

Credit to: Mia

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