can love happen twice?? (epi-2)


Hello friends. I know last time i git very less comments but those comments were quite precious for me. I hope that people will eventually start liking the ff when swasan moments will come. Nd ta thank you all fir supporting and Anam – yess,its a pure swasan ff. So hope that you all will enjoy. And sorry fir any mistakes.

The story starts as Sanskar Maheshwari comes up on the stage and greets the students present there.
Sanskar: good evening everyone. Today i am going to declare a sort of a life time opportunity for everyone.
The room was having a pin drop silence…as sanskar continued
Sanskar: there is still 2 months left for you all’s final exam after which you’ll move along to best universities to get job and show your talent. Then lets make it a little easier for you all. This year i have been searching for a talented designer who will get the opportunity to work with me, which can be any one.
He starts pointing out random person.
Sanskar: it can be u,or u (then suddenly pointing at Swara) or u.
Swara feels a cold sensation as he points her. ‘why me?’ she thinks.
Sanskar: but for that all you have to do is give the best of your best designs in the final and then you’ll be selected. So all the best and i hope i wont be disappointed.
With this he left the stage and gestured the principal to speak. The whole time swara couldn’t understand what had suddenly took place on her mind. She wanted to move around and enjoy the party but she couldn’t. She wanted eat that delicious food which was just kept before her but she couldn’t. Her mind was totally blank. She had no idea why. Was that because of Mr. Sans… What nonsense. So she felt that it would be best if she returns home. She informed Dhruv and Kavita that she’s is not feeling well and so she would leave. So Swara left the room with a heavy heart, confused about what’s happening to her.

The next day she steps inside the college with a broad smile on her face,thinking that today she shall speak to Dhruv and inform it to everyone that she is really in love with him. But again there was an uneasy feeling dangling in her heart. She knew it very well that Dhruv did love her truly. But she was not sure about her feelings. Maybe because before this she had never loved anyone except her parents. For the past three years they had been in a relationship which consisted of love from his side and from her side? She was getting mad with all these thoughts. But she had thought of giving it a try right, maybe some day eventually even she’ll fall for him.
Swara was engrossed in her thoughts when she suddenly felt as if Kavita passed by her side. She turned around to find her standing behind her.
Swara: Kavita?
Kavita didn’t reply. It felt as if she was Crying?
Swara went and stood before Kavita. ‘Yes she is crying’. Swara could understand that Kavita tried her best not to show her tears.
Swara:(softly) Kavita why are you crying?
Kavita:(wiping her tears) i am not crying.
Swara: o please. I know you very well. U cant lie to me.
At this Kavita looked at her and broke down.
Kavita:(hugging nd crying) swara,why did this happen to me? Swara, why? What was my fault?
Swara:(confused) what happened?
Kavita broke the hug and took out her mobile phone. She showed a video to Swara which had almost made her world go upside down at that second. She gave a horrified look to Kavita.
Kavita:(still crying) i don’t know how did it happen, we were drunk but i never meant to dat. I can never do that swara. I can never…
Swara hugged her and consoled.
Swara:(angrily) who made this video?
Kavita: its not just a video anymore,its a mms. Everyone in the college has this video. I don’t know abt the outside woorl…
She broke down again.
Swara:(thinking angrily) this is it. (with a furious tone) where’s he?
Kavita: he must be in his hostel room.
Swara held kavita’s hand and started taking long steps towards the hostel. Soon they reached room number 32 nd almost kicked the door. Swara found a boy sleeping on one bed and another boy coming out from the washroom.
The 2nd boy understood it very well with Swara’s expression that today a 2nd Mahabharat will take place in his room.
2nd boy:(calmingly) listen swara. Dhruv is still sleeping. Let him get up and den…
Swara didn’t let him finish his sentence and went inside the washroom pushing him out of her way. After some seconds she came out from the washroom with a bucket full of cold water and poured it on top of Dhruv. Every one was shocked to see this as Dhruv got startled and got up.
Dhruv:(startled)o my god,o my god, tsunami,tsunami. Laksh save me,saaaaave me.
Then suddenly he came back to his senses and saw swara in front of him,with a bucket in her hand and Laksh was standing just before the door whereas Kavita was standing just beside him, shedding tears.
Dhruv: what’s going on swara? Why are you here and why is ka…
Swara lost her temper and then suddenly slapped him.
Swara:(angrily) shut up you moron. Don’t even try to take my besties name from your dirty mouth.
Dhruv:(confused) what the hell are you talking about?
Swara: don’t play over smart. What were you doing with Kavita yesterday?
Dhruv:(giving a confused look) yesterday we got drunk that’s why i came back to my room and then i slept.
Swara: then what the hell is this?
She took out Kavita’s mobile and showed him the video. Dhruv was shocked.
Dhruv:(shocked) i did not do that? How can i? Laksh was there with me.
Dhruv looked at Laksh for an answer.
Laksh: ya,i was there with him. But i came back after 3a.m. At that time no body was there xcept him.
Swara gave Dhruv a sharp look.
Swara: you must have done all these between that period.
Dhruv: swara i swear i have not done anything. Suddenly he thought of something.
May be i know who did this.
Swara:(sharply) who?
Dhruv:(pointing towards Kavita) your best friend did this.
Swara got soo furious at this that she slapped him again.
Swara:(furious) how dare you speak something like that about Kavita?
Dhruv: swara, she was flirting with me last night so…
Swara: listen Dhruv,Kavita can flirt well but a girl will not make her own video to loose her dignity. Its you all boys who do all these nonsense,and besides you said she was drunk so this was after all your best opportunity to take the advantage.
Dhruv was speechless. He could not understand anything. How did he even get into this serious matter. He looked at Kavita. She was crying rigorously. ‘can the girl act soo well or did…’ Dhruv looked at Swara,when swara said.
Swara: from today onwards,there’s nothing between you and me. There’s no one in my heart named Dhruv,and don’t even try to come near me or my friend.
With this warning she left the room, Messing up everything in her and Dhruv’s life.
Laksh came and sat beside Dhruv to console him.
Dhruv:(almost on the verge of crying) Laksh, can i seriously kiss and do all that stuff with ka…?
Laksh: bro, chillax. There’s something wrong in these video. We will find a strong proof and prove it to swara that you r not guilty of anything.

On the other hand Swara tried to console Kavita but she failed everytime.
Kavita:(crying) my life is ruined swara. What shall i do? My future is dark now.
Swara: no dear. Its not at all like that. You have got to be strong,nd fight back against this.
Kavita:(hugging swara) but how?
Swara felt speechless. Yes that was a tough question. It was hard to believe that the person she had trusted the most. Whom she had felt that she could give the chance of loving, is the one who ruined her friends life. How will she help her friend to come out of this tangled situation when she’s too broken from inside.
Suddenly one of there friend’s came and greeted them. She sat beside them so that she could help swara to console Kavita. After sometimes when Kavita excused herself for going to the washroom,suddenly the friend(named survi) spoke to swara.
Survi: we can have a solution to this.
Swara:(confused) what?
Survi: most of the students don’t know that you and Dhruv…
Swara looked down.
Survi: we all have an idea that you both are good friends. So you can do one thing.
Swara looked at her eagerly.
Survi: college students wont taunt Kavita if they get to know that Dhruv and Kavita are in a secret relationship.
Swara looked at survi with teary eyes. Already soo many things took place in her life and then after that you have got to sacrifice the person you liked the most to make your friend’s life ok? ‘Its hard but not impossible’ swara thought.
Swara:(warmly) thank you Survi for the idea.
Survi:(smiling) a friend in need,is a friend indeed.
Swara turned around to find Kavita returning. She stood up and blocked kavita’s way.
Kavita: what’s the matter Swara?
Swara:(determined) we have got to do an important work babes.

Precap- the story will continue and there will be a two month’s leap when our swasan will meet.

Credit to: Mia

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