can love happen twice?? (epi-1)


Hii frnds. I am Mia. I am a very big fan of swasan. After reading sooooo many ff’s of raglak,swasan,swalak and ragsan. I have decided to write a ff on my favourite couple swasan. Hope that you all people may like it. And ya warning, my English is not that good so please maintain peacee??

The story starts with girl standing and waiting in a corridor, and continuously looking at her wrist watch every minute. She is wearing a casual white t-shirt with blue jeans. Suddenly another girl comes there running towards her.
2nd girl:(panting for breath) am sooo sorry swara. Actually vo,i had a little work…
Swara: ya ya. Vo ‘little’ work like flirting. Seriously Kavita, when will you change? We are in college’s last year now.
Yess, so its our Swara and Kavita. These two had been BFFe’s since they were in class 6. Swara was a famous business man’s daughter that is Shekhar Gadodia. While Kavita belonged to a middle class family. Although they had totally different natures they ought to be ‘Best Friends Forever and Ever’. It was the same from there childhood. While swara busied her self in studies, Kavita engrossed herself in flirting with boys. This was after all there last year of fashion designing course. Soo the students had thought of celebrating it with a small party within the school campus.
The story continues…
Kavita:(holding her ears) sorry yaar. The boy was soo handsome. I could not stop myself.
Swara:(rolling her eyes) ya,right. Now hurry up. I need to eat. I am starving.
Kavita: mee too.
With this they head towards there college hall. As soon as they enter the hall there friends start greeting them. Swara looks at the decorations and gets a little thoughtful when she’s interrupted with the delicious and mouthwatering smell of the food. Kavita continues chatting with her friends when suddenly she’s interrupted by a soothing male voice.
Kavita turns around to find a handsome and breathtaking face looking at her.
Kavita:(very happily stretching her hands while welcoming for a hug) Dhruuuv (played by Parth Samthaan).
They give a warm hug to each other.
Kavita:(while breaking the hug) how are you? I didn’t find u in college for soooo many days.
Dhruv: i was a little busy.
Kavita: O?, i see.
Dhruv: hey, where’s miss Bookworm.
Kavita: she must be at the food counter.
Dhruv: ok,see you then after sometimes.
He says this and starts leaving when suddenly Kavita holds his wrist. He turns around to look at her when she comes closer to him. She keeps her hands around his neck and looks at him intensely.
Kavita: why? U don’t like spending time with me?
Dhruv:(removing her hands) well, its better if you don’t flirt with me. If your best friend sees this then she might live to kill you.
With this he gives her a confused smile and goes from there. Kavita smirks and again starts gossiping with her friends.
On the other hand Swara is standing just beside the food counter and is busy looking at the menu. She suddenly hears a familiar voice calling her name and a smile spreads around her face. She turns around to find Dhruv standing just some inches away from her.
She suddenly remembers how she fell in love with this mad boy. It was the first year of the college. From the first day Swara had been trying to compete Dhruv’s designs. They were just best of the best enemies. She never knew that the relation of enmity which they had was just from her side,unless one day Dhruv suddenly proposed her. She was shocked and felt a little bit of insulted for which she had slapped him. She knew what a big mistake she had committed. Her mother had taught her that a boy’s dignity is mostly present on their cheeks. So Never Slap Them. She had been tensed for two months thinking about the way he might take his revenge. But No. He never did anything. Moreover he tried to help her in her designs which made Swara realized that it was not some infatuation but he did truly love her, and she had accepted him.
She stood there with a smiling face while he stared at her.
Dhruv:(thinking) she looks like an angel when she smiles.
Swara: what happened?
Dhruv: it seems like you are not happy finding me here.
Swara: its not like that. I am very happy.
Dhruv: then prove it.
Swara:(confused) how?
Dhruv: by screaming out I love you.
Swara felt a little relieved.
Suddenly she was interrupted by there principal’s heavy voice. He was standing on the stage while greeting every one.
Principal: Good evening my dear students. Today I am really happy to find soo many talented faces are going to move out from my college and bring fame to our college by there best designs.
Everyone clap.
Principal: soo to make the evening more delightful fir you all, i have called our special guest that is the young and handsome fashion tycoon of India Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari.
Everyone claps as Sanskar Maheshwari enters the stage. Swara could hear most of the girls gasping. ‘Yup,ok that was something natural, Sanskar Maheshwari was not just some random person. He was a fabulous fashion designer and at the age of 26 he has almost conquered millions of heart throughout the world with his amazing works. Besides that he is blessed with a breathtaking handsome face. But even then, it was not quite done with those girls boy friends. How bad they might be feeling to see there girlfriends gapping at some other handsome guy.’ swara thought this all and turned around to look at Dhruv.
‘can even I someday do that? looking at some other boy and getting mesmerized?’
With this confusion the day started.

Precap- An lifetime opportunity is announced,while swara is made to make a choice between her love and carrier and many other twists.

Hope that you all will like my ff. If not then you should feel free to comment and Il stop writing it.? Hope that I didn’t bore you all. Nd ya Il try my best to write longer episodes. But please friends doo comment.

Credit to: Mia

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