Can love happen? (Intro)

Hi guys I am Siddhi.This ff is on RagLak.This is a rebirth love story so hope you will like it.

Laksh Maheshwari:A rude business man who doesn’t have faith in love.He is 40 years old.

Ragini Sengupta:She is a lovely girl who is always willing to find her prince charming.She is 22 years old.

Kabir Singh:He is Laksh’s secretary.

A big office is shown.Then a man is shown with his back facing.Kabir enters the man’s cabin and says

Kabir:Sir the meeting is got fixed.

The man says without turning

Man:Cancel the meeting.

Kabir:What!Sir but this meeting is very important.

Man turns and it is Laksh.His some hair strands are white and he is wearing spectacles.

Laksh:I said to cancel the meeting so do what I say or else you will be fired.

Kabir:Okay sir

He goes from the cabin.

Laksh sits on chair and takes a file and starts reading it.A employee comes inside and says

Employee:Sir I want to talk with you.

He sits on his opposite chair.

Laksh:I have not told you to sit.

The employee stands.

Laksh:Now say what you want to say.

Employee:Sir I want a promotion as I am working in your office from many years and still I dint got a promotion.

Laksh gets angry and says

Laksh:What you did for our company that I will give you a promotion.

Employee:Sir I am working in this company from many years.

Laksh:But when you came in this office at that time our company was in same position where we are now.You are here from past many years then okay I will fire you then no need to guve you promotion.

Employee:No sir please don’t fire me.

Laksh:Okay but listen when you will contribute for my country at that day I will give you promotion now leave from my cabin.

The employee horribly leaves from there.Laksh takes the file and starts reading it.

A girl is shown in a beautiful garden.She is seen playing volleyball with children.

Girl:Yes I won.

Girl:Ragini didi whenever you are in our team then we always win from boys.

Ragini:Yeah as girls are powerful then boys that is why.

The girl gives a hifi to Ragini.

Sharmishtha comes there and says

Sharmishtha:Ragini food is ready

Ragini:Yeah ma I am coming

she goes inside her house and sits in dining table

Ragini:Ma can I ask you one thing?

Sharmishtha:Yeah ask

Ragini:Is love true?

Sharmishtha:Yeah love is true.Love is a very much powerful feeling.Love happens between two people where they share everything with eachother.They live eachother.And remember love can happen in any age.

Ragini:But can live happen?


Precap:Laksh goes to god’s temple where no one is there leaving him

Laksh talks to the statue of Lord.

Laksh:Because of you I loosed my family.I loosed my love only because of you.
So how is the intro hope u will like it.


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