Can love happen? (Episode 6)


Laksh is drunk.He drives to his home and he drives the car slowly.

He reaches his home.

Here Ragini is going but she realises that her locket was gone to Laksh’s shirt’s pocket.She was knowing his address and was near to his house so she goes to him.

Laksh tries to go but falls down.Ragini reaches there and sees Laksh like this so she helps him to stand as he was half unconscious.

She reaches his room and lays him on his bed and she is going when she remember her locket.

She silently removed the locket from his pocket and is going but her dress’s hand gets stuck in laksh’s watch.

She slowly removed it and sees Laksh lovely and goes from there with a dilemma.

Ragini is walking on road when she gets a flashback.


She sees herself with a boy in a beautiful garden but she is not able to see his face.

They both start dancing on tere liye.

Ragini thinks

Ragini:Who would be that boy?

Laksh gets a dream of the incident which happened 18 years ago.

He jerks from his dream and sees it’s morning.His head starts paining.

Precap:Parth and Arjun’s entry.
Sorry guys for the late update I am seriously sorry.

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