Can love happen? (Episode 4)

I am really really sorry guys for the late update please forgive me.

Ragini applies oilment on Laksh’s leg.All the three are shocked seeing Ragini’s behaviour.

Laksh thanks her and leaves from there.

Ragini asks to Shekhar

Ragini:Baba can I go to shiv temple?

Shekhar:Yeah beta you can go.

Ragini goes from there.

Sharmishtha:Shekhar do you remember that whenever Laksh use to get hurt then like this Swara also applie medicine.

Shekhar:Yeah but why Ragini did this.

Ragini reaches Shiv temple.She joins her hands and closes her eyes when she gets flashback in negative images

She sees that in negative images a boy and girl are standing in Shiv temple.The boy takes sindoor and applies on the forehead of girl and smiles.

Flashback gets end and Ragini thinks

Ragini:What was this which I saw?

Ragini is thinking when the same Baba comes to her.

Baba:This is the truth beta.

Ragini turns to Baba.


Baba:That whatever you have seen its related to your past life.Soon you will come to know the meaning of Flashback.

Baba goes from there.Ragini thinks

Ragini:What did Baba meaned?

Ragini goes out of Shiv temple.

Laksh is driving car and he reminces the word of Baba.

Laksh:What did it mean?

He stops the car and takes his phone and sees Swara’s photo and says

Laksh:Swara when you went away from that time I am all alone in this world.

Laksh have tears in his eyes.

Laksh remembers the Flashback of bomb blast and shouts Swara’s name.

He cries.

Ragini is out of temple when the weather gets change and the air takes its speed.

The thunder starts thundering.

Laksh gets out of his car and starts walking somewhere unaware where he is going.
Here Ragini so standing in middle road and again the thunder starts thundering and she gets scare and she hugs someone unknowingly.

She realises that she hugged someone so she lifts her head to see who was the person.When she sees the person’s face only one word was there on her lips.


Ragini sees in Laksh’s and gets lost.Laksh also gets lost in her eyes.

Precap:Laksh is in a bar and is drinking seeing Swara’s photo.
So how is fourth episode?

Guys I am going to enter a new male character so please please tell me which actor should enter as new character of my ff please tell.


    • Siddhi



      Thanks and please tell which character you want me to enter.Please tell a male actor for the character.And I have written a new Ff Vampire love story it is based on Raglak it will be posted soon so please read and comment

  1. Akshata


    |Registered Member

    wow!!!! story of reincarnation, loved it but update soon. for new character, if its positive then, parth samathan

  2. Jayanti


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    after long time u have posted this fanfiction. I was waiting for it. Really nice episode.
    Even I want arjun bijlani as a new character.

  3. Fairy

    Superbbbb epiode…loved raglak😊😊 n i would suggest arjun bijlani or karan tacker ☺☺ as new entry…keeep rockng dear😊😊😊

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