Can love happen? (Episode 3)

Sharmishtha sees Laksh and goes to him.


Laksh sees her and touches her feet and she gives him blessings.

Sharmishtha:Beta armature 18 years you came back here.

Laksh:Aunty something told me to come here so I came.


Laksh:My soul told me to come here.I just came to see whether you all are fine.

Ragini is standing behind Shekhar when a image comes in front of her.

She is in bus and then bus gets blast.

Ragini shouts.


Shekhar and Sharmishtha goes to Ragini.Laksh remembers when the bus got blast Swara shouted in the same way.

Laksh thinks

Laksh:What is happening with me?

Laksh goes to Ragini.

Laksh:Ragini what happened?


Shekhar,Sharmishtha and Laksh are shocked.

Shekhar:There is nothing beta it’s just your illusion.

Sharmishtha:Yeah it’s your illusion.

They make sit Ragini on sofa.

Sharmishtha goes to bring water.

Shekhar:Ragini calm down first.

Ragini takes long breath.Laksh thinks

Laksh:Ragini is Swara sister.

Laksh takes Shekhar aside and says

Laksh:Uncle Ragini shouted in the same way the way Swara shouted when the bus got blast.

Shekhar:But how’s that possible?

Laksh:That only I don’t know uncle.

Sharmishtha comes to Ragini and Shekhar drinks water.

Laksh and Shekhar comes to them.

Laksh:Ragini what you saw that you shouted?

Ragini:I was sitting in bus and the bus got blast.

All the three are shocked.When the same baba who melted Laksh comes there.

Baba:Jai bholenath


Baba:I came here to reveal the truth.

Shekhar:What truth?

Baba:She is your first daughter with second birth.

Laksh:What nonsense you are telling?Swara is dead.And no God or no power can bring her back to me.

Baba:This girl is your love.

Laksh gets angry but Shekhar and Sharmishtha calms him down.

Shekhar:Baba my daughter Swara is no more in this world so please don’t touch our paining nerve.

Baba:You will come to know the truth.Jai bholenath.

Baba goes from there.

Laksh is going out of the house when a glass comes in his leg and blood comes out from his leg.

Ragini immediately goes to take first aid box.She makes him sit and she applies medicine on his leg.

All are shocked to see Ragini’s this behaviour.

Precap:Ragini goes to shiv temple and she gets some flashback.
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