Can love happen? (Episode 2)


Ragini:I am very happy Baba that you came back.

Shekhar:I am also happy to meet my daughter.

Sharmishtha sees Shekhar and gets happy


She comes to Ragini and Shekhar

Here Laksh is in forest sitting on a stone and thinks

Laksh:My family,love and my friend Prem all left me.Why?

He cries.

He shouts


He starts crying badly.

Sharmishtha:Shekhar for what you were gone did that work got complete?

Shekhar:No.I tried to find Laksh but I dint got him.

Ragini:Baba who is Laksh?

Both Shekhar and Sharmishtha gets tensed.

Laksh is crying sitting on rock when a Baba comes there.

Baba:Son what happen?

Laksh:Whatever happened with me that is very much terrible.Which can’t be forgotten.

Baba:I don’t know whathappened with you but I can say you that your past will be your future.Go to your past then only you can create your future.But be carefully if you will go in you past then don’t get lost forever in your past to create your future.

Laksh gets confused.


Baba:You will understand it soon.

Baba goes from there and Laksh thinks

Laksh:That baba told I should go to my past means I should go to Shekhar uncle’s house.

He decides to go to Shekhar’s house.

Ragini:Tell know who is Laksh?

Shekhar:He is a very good boy just like my son.


Ragini:Okay.Ma baba I am going out.

She goes from there.

Ragini is seeing beautiful flowers when a car comes there.

Ragini:Who’s car it would be?

A boy comes out of the car.It is Laksh.

Laksh is going when Ragini stops him.

Laksh:Excuse me who are you?

Ragini:I am Ragini and who are you?

Laksh:I am Laksh Maheshwari.

Ragini thinks

Ragini:He is that boy only who ma and baba were talking about.

Laksh:What are you thinking?

Ragini:Nothing come with me.

Ragini takes Laksh to her house.

Laksh enters the house and sees Swara’s photo with garland and gets emotional.

Shekhar sees Laksh and goes to him.



Laksh hugs Shekhar and says

Laksh:I am sorry after that incident I never came to you.I even dint see whether you all are fine.

Shekhar:It’s okay Laksh

Laksh:Who is she? (Indicating towards Ragini)

Shekhar:She is my daughter.

Laksh remember the words of that baba


Baba:If you will go to your past then you will get your future.

Flashback end

Laksh thinks

Laksh:Why I am feeling weird when I come near to Ragini?

Precap:Laksh gets hurt in his leg and Ragini puts medicine on his injury.
Guys I know that this episode is boring but pls comment and thanks to all who commented in previous episode.

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