Can love happen? (Episode 1)

Sharmishtha:Now stop talking about love and have your food.

Sharmishtha brings the plate of food and serve it to Ragini.Ragini thinks

Ragini:Why I am feeling like i am going far away from a person which I have done loved forever?

Ragini is thinking.

Here Laksh is doing work when he gets a call on his phone.He picks up the call


Boy:Laksh remember me?

Laksh tries to remember

Laksh:No I don’t remember you.Who are you?

Boy:I am your old friend Prem.

Laksh:Oh so you are their.


Prem is chatting with Laksh on phone when a truck starts coming behind him.The truck is near to Prem.

Laksh:Prem if I am not wrong then this is the sound of truck coming near?


Prem turns and sees truck but before he could go the truck hits him.


Laksh cuts the call and immediately sits in car and starts driving.He doesn’t knows where Prem is but he is trying to find him.He sees someone lying on road in the pool of blood.Laksh stops the car and comes out of it and he is shocked to see that the person is Prem.


Laksh goes to Prem and tries to wake him up but he doesn’t wakes up.Laksh checks his nerve and he is shocked as the nerve is stop working.

Laksh starts crying

Laksh:Prem why you leave me?You were only their to him I can call you a family.

He cries when he sees the temple of Shiv Ji.

He angrily goes inside the temple.He is alone in the temple.

Laksh:Everyone say that when you are their then we should not worry (indicating towards statue of Lord shiva) but my friend like brother died in front of your temple only.My family died in front of your temple only 18 years ago.

Flashback of 18 years ago

Laksh is out of the bus when Sanskar comes down and says

Sanskar:Let’s go to shiv temple


They are about to go when Swara comes down from bus.

Swara:Laksh come on

Laksh:We are coming haan let’s go.

All the three enter the bus.The bus starts.

Laksh and Swara are sitting together.

Swara:Laksh tomorrow we are going to get marry.Finally our love got a destiny.

Swara keeps her hand on his shoulder.

Laksh keeps his hand on Swara’s hand and says

Laksh:Yeah you are right Swara.

They both see their family are very happy playing with eachother.

Laksh:See our family is very much happy and specially Sharmishtha Aunty.

Swara:She will be happy only know as she is going to become a mother again.

Laksh:Yeah Aunty is pregnant again.I am very much happy.

After some hours still they have not reach shiv temple.

Sharmishtha feels dizzy and feels like vomiting so Laksh asks the driver to stop the bus.Shekhar and Laksh takes Sharmishtha out to vomit.They go little far away from bus.

After vomiting they are leaving to go to bus when they see that bus is blast because of bomb.

Shekhar,Laksh and Sharmishtha are shocked.After the blast Laksh is able to see a small shiv temple.

From that day Laksh blames God for his love and his family’s death.

Flashback end

Laksh:You took my family’s and my love’s life.

Laksh have tears in his eyes and leaves from temple and to his dead friend Prem.

Laksh:I am sorry Prem I was not able to save you.

Laksh cries badly.

At next day Laksh is seen wearing white cloths and putting fire on Prem’s body.He have tears in his eyes.

At other side Ragini is feeling very bad and is feeling like crying but she is not knowing the reason.

Ragini thinks

Ragini:Why I am feeling bad?Why I want to cry?

She is confused when Shekhar calls her.


She runs and hugs him.

Shekhar:Did you missed me?

Ragini:Very much.

Precap:After 18 years Laksh comes back to Shekhar’s house and gets emotional because he remembers the time he spended with Swara.

So this is the first episode of Can love happen?
Guys hope you liked it.Pls tell whether I should continue the story or not.

And also tell how is the dp of this ff ☺

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