Can life exist after love failure??(Episode~1)

Haii my lovely frndzz… Thank uu soo much for ua support guys,, am extremely happie fr all ua comments… If ua not satisfied with my episode,, ten plzz let me know.. nd mainly i need ua suggestions frndzz… plzzz comment below…

Without any delay,, lets directly move to episode 1::
2nd Year College starting day::
Everyone searching notice board to know d details of their respective blocks…
Screen shifts to a beautiful girl wearing salwar,, with loose hair, and with lite makeup,,luks stunning..whoz tensionly searcing for her class details.. Yes , Its non other than our lovely Pragya(Speaking with Herself)::: First day only am late,,, its all bcz of maa(Sarala Arora).if she doesn’t off d alarm, then i would have cum earlier only, now c its how much difficult to know d way to my classrum.. while she continuasly blabbering with herself,, suddenly sum1 placed hand on her shoulder,, she was panicked…when she turns,, one girl wearing black jeans and red t-shirt, smiling at her.. and says don’t wry dear.. don’t b tensed, everything will b fyn…am tanu,,, may i know ur name…Pragya:: Heloo tanu,… am Pragya…. Tanu:: haii pragya… meet my jaan bulbul… nd y ua lukng soo tensed,,, wich department???

Bulbul:: Heloo pragya… Pragya:: hiii Bulbul,,actually i was late to clg,, dat too i dnt have any frndz in dis clg, soo searching my block details… am frm xyz department.. nd UBoth??? Bulbul:: Ufff… dnt wry yarr.. we too r frm same department.. n most imp thng dnt thnk dat u dnt have any fndz in dis clg,,, v r dher naa… nd v also have a funny gang ,, hey naa tanu.. Tanu:: mmm.. yes,, pragya… cum lets go to canteen,, our frndz wil b waitng fr us.. v vil introduce them.. Pragya:: Dats soo sweet of u guys… thanks a lot… tanu:; Enough of ua thanks,, v r frndz now,, soo v noo need ua thanks,, just keep it with u.. cum lets goo.. pragya:: Hmmm>…Okkk..

Screen Shfts to canteen::
Group of guys (purab, alia, Nikhil, vijay, riya, viswa(riya classmate nd frnd of abhi))(onethng guys here abhi, Pragya, bulbul, purab, tanu, alia, is of same deparmnt Nd riya, vijay, Nikhil r another deparmt)chit chatting with eachother…suddenly sumone asks wr is abhi… am here guys, a voice comes at cums our hero wit a rockng entry…hey abhi wr r u… am searching fr u frm last half n hr… ha ha.. dnt miss me dat much purab,,enough of thinking abt me.. frst think abt hw to confess ua love to bulbul yaaarr(actually abhi, riya, alia, Nikhil knows about purabs love)… (Actually all d 3 guls (ta,bul,pra)r walking towards canteen,, suddenly tanu phone rings,, Tanu:: hey bulbul,, listen i have an imp call .. u guys both go..i’l be back in few mins.. bulbul::mmmm… Cum soon dear….

They both entered into canteen,, suddenly sum guls stoped bulbul,, nd she was talking with them,, and now our lovely pragya is alone.. she was standing back of abhi N watchng antics of our gang,, bt she cant c our hero, bt can hear his voice ) Purab::justttt stop it abhi…alia:: ha ha.. sum1 is blushing here…Riya:: u know vijay since me,abhi,purab, bulbul r childhood frndz,, purab cant speak evn a word by luking into bulbul eyes,, dat much he was scared bt he loves bulbul soo much.. hey na abhi,, abhi;; u a ryt riya,, bt dis buddhu hey na,, cant evn know hw to confess his love… purab:: dnt say dat abhi,,, if u r in my place u vil know abt my feelng,, then i would have seen u hw u vil confess ua love to sum1… riya;; Enough purab,, abhi wont get dat situatn,, am there naa here to take care of hm(Riya loves abhi,, bt abhi is not sure abt his love)… abhi: mmmmmmmmm…. truee….
Purab was upset with riya words bcz,,he doesn’t like riya frm childhood… just bcz of abhi he was bearing her… On the other side pra thinks i have listened diz voice(abhis voice) bfre, i think its very familier voice to me ,, she was thinking, n lost in her thoughts…. at d same tym bulbul nd tanu comes there and says pragya to cum to introduce to their frndz….

Screen freezes with Pragya Confused Face N Abhi Smiling Face………………………
Sooo….. diz is my 1st episode intro frndzzz,, to know y pragya thinks abhis voice as familiar??? N abhigya intro??? will b revealed in next episode… plzzz frndzz if its boring dnt hesitate to tell me,, all i need is ua suggestions bcz its my frst ff… plzz give ua comments frndz…

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    What the hell will this show keep supporting tanu and Aliya we are all sick seeing boring pragya being tortured.

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      hii.. actually i said its a love story,,… sooo dhere is noo place fr tortre in my ff… anyways thanks fr ua comment………

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