Can I fall in love, Episode 145, *last*

A week later:


Suhani came to room.

Yuvi: Kids slept?

Suh: (confused) don’t why they sleep early.

Yuvi: (sighs) don’t act as if you don’t know why.

She looked on.

Yuvi: Come on, they want to wake up early tomorrow and wish us, it is our anniversary!

She fumes.

Yuvi: Now don’t give that look. We both know that it is our anniversary, and every year this day we try to hide from the later, even then we know it,

Suh: But there is a fun in it.

Yuvi: Who said there isn’t? But let us do something different this time.

Suh: What?

Yuvi: Take your phone and come with me.

Suh: What?

Yuvi sighs; he takes her phone and grabs her with him and took to the garden.

She smiles, and he hugs her from behind.

Suh: This garden has many memories…..

Yuvi: It does; our first talk after marriage…….. We planted the rose,

Suh: I confessed my feelings,

They smile.

Suh: Look, the rose blossomed again.

He nodes.

Suh: Looks like it blossomed for tomorrow.

Yuvi: It would have been really tough na, to pluck it.

Suh: While plucking it was but,

Yuvi: It is relative…..Yuvan’s smile is worth millions of such flowers….

She nodes.

Suh: So, what are we doing here now?

Yuvi: Sit.

He made her sit on the bench and took his phone.

Yuvi: Let us cherish the memories.

And they did, their first meeting, first conversation, becoming friends, his visit to orphanage, their arguments, her garden, forest camp, his love realisation, his confession, their marriage rituals, married life, their arguments then, development of her feelings, birthdays, especially his first birthday after marriage, incident at the sea, incident on the giant wheel, her getting jealous, his accident, her realisation and confession, anniversary celebration, their honey moon, him making her realise that he needs her time, both calming and supporting the other always, like during Risyap and Anuj’s issue, fun during Risyap’s marriage, he going or business tour, Adi- Gauri marriage, time spent at farmhouse with Risyap, her conceiving and the way she surprised him by confessing the news, him taking care of her, them arguing on the baby, Yuvani’s birth, her mischief, her innocent quires, Yuvan’s birth, their cute fights and every other thing that happened till that moment. They cherished them all.

Both were happiest in the world, Suhani was so excited that she got up and started to turn rounds.

He smiles seeing her.

She looked up and saw Shavna on the terrace, she told Yuvi. YuvAni and Shavna waved at each other.

And then, when it was 12, Yuvani smiled at each other, held their hands and wished each other together, then they looked up and wished Shavna.

Suhani’s phone started to ring, she puts it in speaker.

Risyap: (screaming) happy wedding anniversary guys!

YuvAni thanked them and cut the call.


Meanwhile, Golu woke up by alarm and woke, Anaya, Yuvani and Yuvan.

Yuvani and Yuvan went to YuvAni’s room and other two to Shavna’s, and was shocked to see the room empty.

They came to hall.

Yuvani: Golu Bhaiya, Mumma Papa is not there in room.

Golu: Yeah, there too, Mumma Papa is not there.

Yuvan: Where did they go?

Kids searched them in the house.

Anaya: Did they go out?

Yuvan: Without us?

Golu: They might be outside.

Anaya: We will go out.

Yuvani: No it is dark.

Golu: We will got to terrace and look from there.

He lead others to terrace, they found Shavna there and wished them. Shavna was surprised.

They told them everything and asked for YuvAni, Shavna took them to garden. Kids wished YuvAni; they too were surprised to see the kids.

Suh: Why did you got up now? We thought you will wake up early in the morning.

Yuvani: We thought the same, but Bhaiya told us that the day change at 12, so he woke up and the rise us three.

Parents smiled fondly at their kids and hugged them.

Next day:

There was a small party organised, inviting relatives and friends. Shavna and YuvAni together cut the cake.

Pratima asked the eight of them to go for outing and they went together.


Kids were having fun in the rides and elders enjoyed this.

Kids came to them asked to join them in giant wheel, Suhani refused.

Yuvan: Mumma, this is not fair, you always do this!

Yuvani: Yeah, neither you yourself get in, nor you let Papa.

Yuvan: Mumma why are you scared of them?

Yuvani: Yeah, it is nothing big.

Suh: No, I am scared and I am not going to come.

Yuvan: Then let Papa come.

Yuvi tried to speak, but, Suhani didn’t let him.

Suh: Please, you guys enjoy,

Sharad smiled seeing her but Bhavna was confused.

Bh: Suhani refusing to rides? She likes them like anything, when did she became scared of these?

Sh: It is not she, but guru who is scared, she is covering up.

Bhavna smiled at her sister proudly.

The kids started to tease Suhani and Yuvi was feeling very guilty, but Suhani made sure that he didn’t speak.

But he couldn’t see her being teased.

Yuvi: (loudly) Ok, enough now, Suhani, come, we will get in.

Suh: (horrified) no.

She still remembers his face when he was on the giant wheel.

Kids again requested her and she refused.

Yuvi: Suhani, it is ok, it really is, please, for me.

She looked at him, he nodded and then eight of them got in.

Yuvi was finding it very hard, it was his childhood fear, but he knew that he had to overcome this, because Suhani was being teased for him, she took everything on her head just for him and he had to do this for her.

Suhani was looking at Yuvi every now and then, she was worried, and the kids teased her for being scared.

But the kids got only the half of it, she was afraid but not because of the ride, she was afraid for her husband.

They came down, Yuvi went to her.

Yuvi: I am fine; I am perfectly fine, now I can ride on any of these.

She started to cry out of happiness, he held her hands.

Suh: Thank God.

Yuvi: Thanks to you.

Suh: But what was the need of getting in, it was just a ride,

Yuvi: Why did you put the blame on your shoulder?

She looked at him. They smiled.

It was not the matter of a silly ride, they both valued the latter’s respect. For they know that love is not just romance, it is respect, care, share, sacrifice…

They complimented each other very well; they are soul mates, meant to be together, forever and ever.




Thank you is a very small word to express my feelings…

Writing this ff was not great, but the greatest feeling. I wrote 145 episodes only by your support.

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.

And guys please, please, please comment, not only about this epi, but also about this whole ff, and please tell me what you liked most in it, both the episode and the ff.



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