Can I fall in love, Episode 144

Kids came to YuvAni, and they looked confused.

YuvAni smiled at them, but kids didn’t.

Suh: What happened to you both?

Yuvi: You look………  confused.

Yuvani: Papa, Mumma,

Yuvan: Why didn’t you scold us?

YuvAni: What?

Yuvani: Yes, whenever we do something wrong, you scold us,

Yuvan: You scold us for everything, when we don’t study,

Yuvani: When we don’t do home work

Yuvan: When we fight with each other,

Yuvani: And now,

Yuvan: It was our entire fault,

Yuvani: Still you didn’t scold us, why?

YuvAni were a bit surprised and smiled at each other.

Yuvi: Come here,

They made the kids to sit on their lap.

Suh: Because fault wasn’t entirely yours,

Yuvi: We should have stopped you.

Yuvani: No, that fault is ours,

Yuvan: You let us only because we were adamant!

Yuvani: And didn’t give you a choice.

YuvAni smiled.

Suh: Do you know why we scold you?

Yuvan: Because we do wrong and we should be punished.

Yuvi: No,

Yuvani: Then?

Suh: Scolding is not a punishment; we scold you so that you don’t do it again,

Yuvi: That you learn from your mistakes.

Suh: We really hate scolding you both,

Yuvi: But sometimes it is necessary.

Suh: Not here,

Kids looked on.

Yuvi: Will you do sometime like this from now on?

Kids: No! It was scary.

YuvAni smiled.

Yuvi: So you learnt you lesson?

Kids nodded.

Suh: So why scold you?

They smile.

Kids: We are sorry again.

YuvAni: It is OKAY!

Pratima called kids and they leave.

Golu and Anaya were there.

Prat: Your parent’s wedding anniversary is coming,

Golu: Yeah, next week.

Prat: So any plans?

Yuvani; we didn’t think of any,

Prat: Then start thinking; give them a very good surprise.

Anaya: We can go for outing.

Yuvani and Yuvan looked down.

Prat: What happened to you both?

They didn’t say anything.

Prat: Actually both you should go and prove them that you won’t go against them.

They nod.

Prat: Because parents,

Golu: Are never wrong!

Pratima smiles and the kids went to play.


Suhani was smiling,

Yuvi: Again smiling without reasons……

Suh: (fuming) I was thinking about kids,

Yuvi: Mm, they got mature. Really mature.

Suh: I will make them their favourite food.

Yuvi: Can you tell the number of time you prepared my favourites after we had kids?

Suh: What?

Yuvi: Yeah, tell me.

Suh: I, I don’t know.

Yuvi: I knew it, I am not simply saying, you don’t have time foe me at all.

She beats him and he holds her.

Yuvi: I know we have to take care of kids, but we have to spent time with each other too.

Suh: So I am not having time for you at all.

Yuvi: Never.

Suh: Pakka?

Yuvi: Pakka.

She sighs.

Just then Yuvan called out for her.

Suh: Yuvan,

She tried to get off Yuvi’s hold, but he didn’t let her.

Suh: What are doing? Leave me….

Yuvi: See, only now I told you and see what you are doing.

She sighs.

Suh: Stop playing, Yuvan is calling me, it would be sometime important.

At that time they heard Bhavna going to him and enquiring.

Yuvi smiles.

Yuvi: Here you go; Bhavna is with him, she will take care of him.

Suh: But,

Yuvi: But what? Don’t you trust your sister?

Suh: Of course I do.

Yuvi: Then what? Let she be with my son and you, you be with your son.

Suh: Huh? My which son?

Yuvi: Me. According to you I am still a kid na. So take care of me now. I won’t let you go otherwise.

She blushes.

Yuvi: Why are you blushing? I asked you to look after me.

Suh: Oh, so what should I do?

Yuvi: (smirking) you don’t have to do anything, I will do.

And the he kissed her.



Last episode.

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  1. Akankshanna

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  2. Nice ff don’t end it soon give us some more nice continuarion

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      I am sorry dear, but I am ending this,
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  3. Woooo…superb….yuvaniiii love uuuuuu….plzzz ye story kadam math sab ke wajase show kadam hote baath bi yuvani hamari saath he

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      I am writing another one dear, felt like ending this, sorry
      Thank you and love you too

  4. Yuvani_saraj

    cute episode…loved yuvani scene

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  5. YuvAni are awesome with their children and the previous epi was awesome too.. last epi?? This ff was something beautiful.??? if u can, end it with 150 episodes..

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