Can I fall in love, Episode 143

Yuvi was driving back.

There was absolute silence in the car.

Yuvi looked at the other three and understood that they were still in shock.

He slowed down the car and send a message to Sharad, telling him about everything that happened at the park and also asking him to look after the kids when they gets back.

For he won’t be able to mange three of them at once and Suhani needed to be cared the most.

For she didn’t realise that he slowed down, and with great difficulty she was controlling her urge to look back at the kids, she was very frightened and might burst at any moment.

They reached home. Yuvi fondly asked the kids to walk in.

They get in and where welcomed by Shavna. Shavna took them to their room.


YuvAni got in.

Yuvi: Are you ok?

She nodded.

Suh: We have to tell Ma…whatever happened at….. At the park.

Yuvi: What?? Are you serious? We can’t tell her, she would panic.

Suh: We have to. If we didn’t, kids would. And on what rights can we stop them from telling Ma?

Yuvi: Oh no, we have to tell her before them…..

He looked at her, she wasn’t fine.

Suh: You talk to her, I, me,

Yuvi: (holding her) Are you fine?

Suh: Yeah, I am fine, you talk to Ma.

Suhani went to their room.


Yuvani and Yuvan appeared guilty.

Sh: (gently) what happened? You both look very dull.

They started to cry.

Bhavna calmed them. They told Shavna everything that happened, and blamed themselves.

Bh: It is ok, you are back, fine,

They still looked dull.

Sh: Anyone wants to eat ice creeeeeeeams…….

They looked at him, and Shavna fed the kids.


Suhani was sitting on the bed, she held her head, and was breathing heavily, thinking of everything that took place. She was very upset.

Her phone rang; she looked at it and relaxed a bit.

Suh: How is that you always know when to call me?

Kasyap smiled.

Kas: What is now? You sound upset, as if had a nightmare…

Suh: It is much worse than a night mare, what I had gone through today,

She told him everything that happened, her fears, and he listened to her.

There was a moment’s silence.

Kas: are you ok?

Suh: Yeah, I am relieved, now that I said everything, I am fine.

He talked for some time, until she was fine and then cuts the call.


Yuvi told Pratima whatever happened, he was careful that she didn’t panic.

After few minutes,

Prat: Kids?

Yuvi: They are with Sharad; I messaged him on the way.

Prat: Suhani? Is she fine?

Yuvi: Not fully,

Prat: Go to her, I will talk to kids.

He leaves.

Pratima calls the kids, they apologised to her too.

Prat: It is fine, you did wrong by not listening to your parents, so from now on, promise me that you will always listen to them.

They promised her.

Kids appeared a bit lost.

Prat: Are you both fine?

Yuvani: Yeah Dadi.

Prat: Do you want to ask me something?

Yuvani: No, not to you Dadi,

Yuvan: We want to ask Mumma and Papa,

Yuvani: Why they,

Prat: Ok, whatever it is, ask them, but after sometime, now you both have to play with me.

Kids spent time with her.


Yuvi came to his room.

Yuvi: You ok?

Suhani immediately hugged him.

Yuvi: Suhani……. All good?

Suh: I am sorry,

Yuvi: Sorry? Why?

Suh: I was so upset that I forgot everything about kids, what kind of a mother am I?

Yuvi: It is ok, kids are with Ma, and they are fine.

Suh: And you?

Yuvi: Me?

Suh: (crying) you are their father and you were tensed as me, but hid it all and calmed me, I am sorry, I forgot all about you……I had to be your support and me….

He smiled.

Yuvi: You know why I remained calm.

She shook her head.

Yuvi: Because I know that you won’t let anything happen to our children that you will find them for sure, but for that you had to remain calm, so I was helping you. And see, everything is fine now.

She smiled; he wiped her tears and he too smiled.

She hugged him, and he hugs back.

Suh: I love you.

Yuvi: (smiling) Love you too.

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