Can I fall in love, Episode 142

Yuvi was driving car, four of them were on their way to a park, which was a bit far away and was very excited.

It was a two hour drive.

It was a big park and kids, all excited started to run.

YuvAni followed them.

They were having fun, running through the small- small gardens in between, and they reached at a place which was a bit higher than the other areas, the place was very calm, and they sat on the benches

Kids started to get bore after sometime, children’s park was visible from there and they wanted to go there. YuvAni were too tired and told them they will go after sometime, but the kids were not ok with it. They started to compel their parents.

Suh: Please, both of you, we will go after sometime.

Yuvan: Mumma, now!

Yuvi: Yuvan…..

Yuvan looked down.

Yuvani: Ok, then, you both rest here, we will go.

Suh: (shocked) what? No!

Yuvan: Mumma, that is a nice idea, we will go first and you both follow.

Yuvi: It is a very bad idea, you won’t go.

Kids very not ready to accept it, and finally they convinced their parents and left for the park.

YuvAni smiled at them.

But the park was not a near as the kids thought it was, and they lost their way. They didn’t know where to go, and started to panic. They wandered around the park for almost half an hour, and still couldn’t find the park.

Yuvan: Di, where are we? Where is the park? Are we lost?

Yuvani looked at him, he was very frightened, she was frightened herself, but she knew that she had to look after her brother.

Yuvani: (acting ok) No, we are not,

Yuvan: (crying) No Di, we are lost; neither w can see the park, or Mumma Papa. I want to see them. NOW!

Yuvani: We haveto find the park, because Mumma and Papa will come therefor sure, we told them that we would be there.

Yuvan: Pakka?

Yuvani: Pakka. They will surely find us.

Yuvan: But how will we reach there?

Yuvani: Somehow, anyhow we have to reach the park.

He nodded and she smiled at him, with much difficulty.

Meanwhile YuvAni reached the park, just ten minutes after the kids left for it and was shocked, for the kids was not there. Suhani started to panic, she had horrible thought, and Yuvi tired calm her.

Suh: Ki, Kids, where are they? Did they lose the way, did someone take them away? What would have happened? It is our fault; we should not have allowed them.

Yuvi: Suhani, relax, relax, keep calm, we have to find them.

Suhani looked around; the park was very huge she had absolutely no idea where to find them.

They started look for the kids.

It took another fifteen minutes for kids to find the park.

Yuvan: Di, are you sure, will Mumma Papa come here?

Yuvani: Yes, it was only five minutes from where we sat, I am sure they came here,

Yuvan: But we were not here then.

Yuvani: I know, I am sure that they are looking for us,

Yuvan: Where?

Yuvani: I don’t know!

Yuvan: (terrified) what?

Yuvani: Listen, it is ok, calm down, they will come here again, because we told them that we would be here, so they will definitely come back.

Yuvani said this very confidently that Yuvan was convinced, but she was very afraid and with all her mind she was praying for her parents to come there.

They sat on swings, and anxiously looked for their parents.

YuvAni were at some other side of the park searching for kids, they were enquiring to the guards, tourists, workers and everyone.

Suh: (tensed) Yuvi, we will, we will once again look at the children’s park, they might have lost the way and might have, might have reached back.

Yuvi: Yeah, let us go there.

They came back to the park, reached the entrance, and to their greatest relief, found the kids there. They got their lives back and Suhani started to cry.

Yuvan saw them, he told Yuvani and the kids ran to them and hugged them.

That moment was very valuable for the four of them, all the tension they had for the last hour just vanished, in the right sense, and they got their lives back.

Yuvani: Papa, Mumma, I was very afraid.

Yuvi: (unable to contain himself) It is, it is ok beta, everything is fine, you… you are with us.

Yuvan & Yuvani: Sorry Mumma, sorry Papa.

Suh: It is, it is really OKAY.

Yuvi: Yuvan, weren’t you scared?

Yuvan: I was, but Di calmed me.

Suhani fondly hugged her.

Then YuvAni led the kids outside, for all of them wanted to leave that place at once.

Yuvani looked at her parents; she was surprised to see them calm.

Yuvani: (thinking) Why aren’t they angry at us, why didn’t they scold us, it was our entire fault!

Guys, you might find this unrealistic,but trust me, it happened in real

Waiting for your comments


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  1. Akankshanna

    True……. Sometime we doubt…. But after sometime able to find their reason towards their behaviour

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  2. ItsmePrabha

    Wow..Beautiful…loving all these scenes…will be waiting for the next..

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  3. Superb épisode

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

  4. It was just awesome..??? u have made me get my childhood memories back.. Its not unrealistic. It happened with me n my bro in real when we were kids.. But my mum found us at last.. N u know, she was not calm she scolded and beat us.. Hahahaha?? fond memories.. Anyways cute episode.. Keep going..

    1. Yuvani

      Really, it happened tome and my bro too…
      Thank you

  5. Yuvani_saraj

    lovely epsiode…

    1. Yuvani

      Thank you

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