Can I fall in love, Episode 141

It was a Saturday morning,

Suhani was getting ready to go to orphanage and was about to leave and got a call from Kasyap.

Suh: Yeah, I am about to leave,

Kas: (smirking) I know,

Suh: What is there to laugh?

Kas: You say……

Suh: Oops…… they are not there, picnic!

Kasyap laughs.

Suh: (angrily) and you were waiting,

Kas: (smirking) for you to get ready.

She sighs.

Suh: So what is your plan for day?

Kas: Off to Bhaiya.

Suh: Ok.

Kas: Yeah, see you later.

Suh: Bye.

She then changed, Yuvi came to room.

Yuvi: What?

Suh: Kids are not there, picnic, but I forgot.

He nodes.

Yuvi: Nice, then we can go for picnic, I will call Kasyap.

Suh: No, I mean they went to Bhaiya.

Yuvi: Ok,

Suh: (excitedly) I will tell kids.

She went to their room, and didn’t come even after sometime; Yuvi went to their room and found Suhani at the door.

Yuvi: What ar,

She kept her hands on his mouth, and signed him to look inside.

Yuvani was helping Yuvan in doing his school project, it appeared huge and tough, YuvAni fondly smiled at their kids.

After a sec, Yuvi started to get in and Suhani held him.

Suh: What are doing?

He looked at her surprised.

Yuvi; Ar.. are you serious?

Suh: What?

Yuvi: Yuvani is helping Yuvan,

Suh: So?

Yuvi: She is a child herself, how can she help him? And what is your problem; do you really believe that she will be able to do it perfectly?

Now Suhani was surprised, and she looked at him.

Yuvi: What?

Suh: I know the project which they are doing, Yuvan told me about it yesterday, their teacher asked the students to take elders help, as it is huge, I told him that we would do it the evening as I thought I would go out, so he went to her. She is his elder sister.

Yuvi: But she won’t be able to do it right.

Suh: (sighs,) Oh God, in the age to teach children, I have to make my husband understand, poor me!

Yuvi: What?

Suh: Or what, I am pretty sure that she won’t be able to do it rightly!

Yuvi: Then?

Suh: (fondly) just watch the two of them, see how happy Yuvan is, see the trust he has on his sister and Yuvani, see how proud she is, they simply don’t say, that sister is the next mother.

Yuvi looked on.

Suh: And if we go in now, they both will feel Yuvani is not capable, that she doesn’t know anything, it will affect both very badly.

Yuvi: But what about Yuvan’s project?

Suh: If she gets stuck, Yuvani will surely come to us and,

But Yuvi cuts in.

Yuvi: What if she feels she is right and completes it?

Suh: Oh God, let me finish, if they complete the project then too they will come to us, to show how she helped his brother, it is a proud moment for her. At that time we will make corrections, without hurting her feelings.

Yuvi: You are right, there is a huge difference in going in now and correcting them. But are you sure they will?

Suh: Of course they will, they are our kids.

He smiled at the kids.

Yuvi: Ok, let us leave now, before they see us.

She nodes and they leave.



YuvAni were in their room and the kids came in. Both were very happy and Yuvan excitedly told them how Yuvani helped him and showed them the project.

Yuvi smiles at Suhani.

Suh: Wow Yuvani, you have done very well,

Yuvi: But beta, (pointing at one error) It isn’t like this,

Then they corrected the mistakes and the kids were very happy.

Yuvani: Papa, we didn’t know most of these and we referred many things then completed the project.

Yuvi: That is why you are given projects with, to study new things, Yuvan you did well that you went to Yuvani, now you both studied new things.

Yuvan: So I have to go di for all such projects and assignments?

Suh: Yes,

Yuvani: And then, we will come to you, because you are elder and you will do the corrections.

Yuvi: Exactly! And now that your work is done we will go for outing tomorrow.

The kids got excited about it, they hugs their parents and left.

Yuvi: Suhani, you are right, elder sister is next to mother, but…….. mother is mother.

She smiles.

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