Can I fall in love, Episode 140

Yuvi was very busy doing something when Yuvan came to him and asked to play with him. He refused immediately. Yuvan insisted. Yuvi got angry and scolded him. Yuvan cried and left from there.

Yuvi sighed.

Yuvi: Oh no!! What have you done Yuvi, go after him and apologise.

Yuvi went to Yuvan with some chocolates; Yuvan was in his room and as crying. Yuvan looked at him.

Yuvi: Papa is sorry.

Yuvan looked away.

Yuvi: Sorry…. see I have got chocolates for you.

Yuvan: I don’t need.

Yuvi: ok, then what do you need? Shall we go out and play?

Yuvan: No!

He left the room angrily.

Yuvi looked up and saw Suhani standing there.

Suh: What do you think? That he will calm down if you pamper him?

Yuvi: Of course not, why would he? After all he is your son!

Suh: Oh, so now?

Yuvi: Let him calm down. Then I will go to him.

Suh: Oh, really, but whenever I get angry, you used to pamper me until I leave anger, why now?

Yuvi: Exactly, I spoiled one, don’t want to spoil one more…….

Suhani fumes and beats him. Just then Yuvani calls Yuvi and he went to her. Yuvan see this and fumes further.

He went to Suhani.

Yuvan:  Mumma, Papa loves Di more than me na?

Suh: Why do you feel so?

Yuvan: See a, Papa scolded me and instead of coming to me he went after Di!

Suhani looked at her son.

Suh: (thinking) God Yuvan, it is not like you think!

Suh: Did Papa come to you?

Yuvan: He did,

Suh: And,

Yuvan: Said sorry,

Suh: Then,

Yuvan: I turned away.

Suh: Why?

Yuvan: I thought he would pamper me, my friends’ parents does that, why not Papa?

Suh: (thinking) because your Papa know that it is wrong!

Suh: Because Papa got hurt!

Yuvan: Why?

Suh: Because you were angry. I told you na, you should forgive people when they say sorry. Why didn’t you do that?

Yuvan: (guilty) I m sorry Mumma.

He looks at Yuvi and saw him laughing with Yuvani.

Yuvan: Mumma you are lying. Papa is not sad; he is having fun, look.

She looked at the direction he pointed.

Suh: (thinking) Yuvan, it isn’t what you think it is!

Suh: So?

Yuvan: he loves di more?

Suh: Shall I prove it wrong?

Yuvan: Yes.

Suh: Come with me.

She took him to the garden, to the rose which she and Yuvi planted on their wedding night. That plant is very close to both of them hence it is still there, without any damage, after these many years. The only plant which Yuvi takes care off. He is very concerned about it and always looks after it. May be the only plant Suhani doesn’t pay attention to.


Yuvan: Why are we here Mumma?

Suh: You did wrong by remaining angry when Papa apologised. So you have to make up for it.

His mother said this with grim expression that he agreed.

Yuvan: How will I make it up Mumma?

Suh: (indicating the only blossomed flower in the plant) Give this flower to him and say sorry.

Yuvan looked frightened.

Suh: What?

Yuvan: Mumma this flower?? Yeah, No!

Suh: (acting innocent) why?

Yuvan: Papa will be really angry and will scold me! He scolded Di very much, once when she tried to pluck it,

Suhani smiles.

Suh: You said na, Papa loves Di the most.

Yuvan: He does.

Suh: Still he scolded her right?

Yuvan nodded.

Suh: So this is our test,

Yuvan: What test?

Suh: To see whom Papa loves more, you or Di?

He looked on confused.

Suh: If Papa scolds you, he loves Di more and if not he loves you more.

Yuvan: Really?

She nodes.

Yuvan: Ok.

Suhani plucked the flower with very heavy mind, it was very dear to her, and she apologised to the plant and handed that beautiful flower to Yuvan.

Suh: Tel Papa that you are sorry for being angry and that you loves a lot.

Yuvan nodes.

They got in and Yuvan went to Yuvi and Suhani to her room.

Yuvi was sitting on the chair outside; Yuvani had gone to play with others by then. He sat alone. Yuvan approached Yuvi and he saw the flower in his hand Yuvi was very angry to see it with him, but controlled his anger because only sometime before he scolded him. But he was very sad, to the flower with him.

Yuvan: I am sorry Papa, sorry for acting rude,

Yuvi looked at him, he was so innocent, and Yuvi smiled fondly. Yuvan got happy.

Yuvan: I love you Papa.

Yuvi smiled wider and hugged his son.

Yuvi: I love you too…. (After a second, being concerned) Did you pluck the flower by yourself?

Yuvan: No, Mumma did and then she gave me.

Yuvi: (surprised) Mumma?

He nodded.

Yuvan: What happened Papa?

Yuvi: No nothing, you go, I will come.

Yuvan nodded happily and went running inside.

Yuvi: (confused) Suhani plucked the flower??

He went inside o ask her, but stopped at the door when he saw Yuvan with her.

Yuvan was very happy and was hugging her.

Yuvan: Mumma, you were right, Papa didn’t scold me.

Suh: (smiling) I told you!

Yuvan: He said sorry to me, he hugged me, he loves me the most.

Suhani nodes happily and Yuvan leaves. Yuvi hides from the door while Yuvan leaves and he understood what happened.

He got in and looked at her greatly. Suhani sighed.

Suh: You and your anger! Can’t you control it even now?

Yuvi: (placing his hands on her shoulder) I don’t have to,

She looked on.

Yuvi: (winking) you always clear the mess I create.

She moved his hands and turned away.

Suh: Oh hello, I didn’t do this for you, but for my son!

Yuvi: (hugging her from behind) really?

Suh: (looking sideways) yes.

Yuvi: No.

She smiles, and he hugs her harder, and kept his chin on her shoulder.

Yuvi: But did you tell him that I love the most? I mean I love both of them equally.

Suh: I know.

Yuvi: Then?

Suh: Our kids are not jealous, it is that Yuvan felt left out by you, now both are convinced that you love them the most, they are happy with it. They won’t argue over it, at this age, kids should feel loved.

He smiles.

Yuvi: Then what about kids’ father? Should he feel loved by kids’ mother?

Suh: Yuvi!

Yuvi: What?

Suh: Nothing.

They smile.

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  1. Wow!! This epi was excellent.. I loved it… I thought suhani would cry for plucking the rose n yuvraj wud console her but u again made it very cute at the end…

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    wow..loved the way how suhani is making her kids understand things…will be waiting for the next..

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  3. Wooo amazing….cute yuvani or yuvani family…..ab yuvani ka bahuth yaad atha he kash wo ajj bi hamara saath hooo

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