Can I fall in love, Episode 136

Two years later:

Suhani was making Yuvan ready; it was his first day of play school.

Yuvani was there, all set to go to school, and was cautiously watching them. Suhani notice this.

Suh: What are you looking this beta?

Yuvani: Mumma, I too want to go to play school!

Suh: Play school? Why, you are now at school.

Yuvani: No Mumma, I don’t want to go to school, I want to go play school only!

Suh: But why?

Yuvani: (Cutely) because they leave early at play school, by noon, and at school they will leave only by evening.

Suhani laughs hearing her.

Suh: (holding her ear) Oh, so you want to come early, for what to play? Huh?

Yuvani nodes smirking.

Suh: Now stop kidding and go to school with your Bhais.

Yuvani: No, no, no!!

Suh: Stop being adamant!

Yuvani: (yelling) Papa……….Papa……..

Yuvi comes in hearing Yuvani and Suhani left her ear.

Yuvi: What happened beta, why did you yell?

Yuvani: (fake crying) Papa, Mumma twisted my ear. It is paining a lot!

Suhani looked at her knowingly, Yuvi smiled at her knowingly.

Yuvi: Suhani, what is this, why did you twisted her ear? Poor thing, it is paining a lot for her.

Suhani fumed at him.

Yuvan: No Papa, Di is lying, Mumma didn’t twist her ear, and she simply held it, that too slowly.

Suhani smiled proudly.

Yuvi: Of course you would say that, you always side your mother.

Suh: What is wrong in that, you Papa and daughter are always together, supports each other, so what if my son supports me?

Yuvi was about to retort, just then Anuj came in.

Anuj: Bhai, Bhabhi, shall we leave.

They nod, send Yuvani on her school bus, then YuvAni and Menuj leave with Yuvan and Aagney,


Risyap too came there, with Ayan. They leave the kids at play school.

Anuj: (anxiously) So?

Suh: So what, you, Yuvi and Ria leave for office, Menka you go home.

Anuj: And you Bhabhi?

Kas: We both are going to somewhere.

Anuj: Ok.

They part.


Suhani and Kasyap go to their garden, and sits under a tree.

Kas: Time flew away so fast…. Isn’t it?

Suhani nodes.

Suh: Remember the first time we came here, when this was no man’s area,

Kas: Of course, I do,

Suh: (smiling) and then, we converted this whole place,

Kas: Man, we used to study here, and now,

Suh: Our kids started to go to school, can you believe it?

Kas: It sounds like…….. Like something,

Suh: Yeah, everything, our college life and all seemed like happened yesterday.

Kas: Yeah, and the best thing is that,

Suh: Everything is still the same.

They smile and spent some time there.

At office:

Anuj was tensed, anxious and was roaming here and there. His brothers smiled seeing him, for they knew his feelings, they have gone through all these.

Yuvi: So Bhaiya, what do you think?

Sau: (thinking) Mm……Well I was better than him, but, (laughing) he is better than you.

Yuvi: Oh, really??

Saurab smirks.

Yuvi: Come, let us go to him.

Sau: Sure.

They went to their younger brother and calmed him down.


Sorry again, I was busy.

I hope you guys are enjoying the present track, well, kids track I am writing now is something I wanted to see in the serial, alas we were provided with real mess, so I am writing all these here, because Yuvani, would have been the best and the cutest parents!

If you guys have any ideas or something that you wanted to see and if you think that I am capable of writing it, then please share with me, and share your valuable comments.

Love you all.

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