Can I fall in love, Episode 134


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It was Yuvani’s first day at school.

Yuvi was making her get ready, he asked her to stay straight and she, in no way was going to obey. He fumed at her and she made face. He sighed.

Yuvi: Just like your mother, disobedience is companion!

Suhani make to room hearing this and fumed at him.

Suh: You!!

Yuvi: What I am saying right, see her, she is not obeying me.

Suh: Come on, she is a three year old kid, how can you expect her to stay calm for long? Of course she will get irritated.

Yuvi: So, I will send her like this to school, like a monkey?

Yuvani: Papa, you calling me monkey, I won’t talk to you!

Suhani laughed hearing this, Yuvi tried to convince Yuvani.

Yuvi saw Suhani laughing.

Yuvi: What? What is there to laugh?

Suh: Nothing, wait,

She took out her phone to record the moment, he fumed and tried to grab the phone from her, she ran and he chased her, but before he could catch her, Yuvan came in, calling out for his mother. Suhani took him in arms. Yuvi smiles at them and then went back to his daughter,

Suhani took Yuvan to Rags.

Suh: Bhabhi,

Rags: (taking Yuvan from her) don’t worry; he would be fine with me.

Suhani smiles and leave, YuvAni then leave with their daughter, while Rags took Yuvan away, so that he don’t see them, especially his sister leaving.

They reach her school.

Risyap and Ahan were waiting for them.

Yuvani ran to Ahan.

Ria: So dears, all set to go?

The kids nodded, Yuvani was a bit tensed. Ahan, who saw this, held her hand.

Kasyap smiles seeing this, and then signed the other three.

Suhani fondly caressed both their cheeks.

Suh: Now get in, there are too much for you to explore!

Kids smile, not exactly understanding what she meant, Ahan took the lead, he held Yuvani’s hand and they went inside.

Their parents watched them with so much affection.


Yuvi: So now,

Kas: You and Ria go to office, we both are taking leave today.

Yuvi was about to argue,

Suh: No! You would go to office today.

Yuvi: But,

Ria: It is ok, we will manage.

Yuvi sighed.

Yuvi and Ria left for office and the other two to home.


Suhani reached home, she straight away went to Yuvan.

Rags: How is Yuvani? Is she ok?

Suhani nodded.

Rags: Today you pick her from school, from tomorrow I will do it.

They smile, and then started to play with Yuvan.



Yuvi was restless, Saurab smiled at him.

Sau: Tensed, huh?

Yuvi: That, Bhaiya,

Sau: (smiling) I know, I have been through this, when Harsh and Varsh,

Yuvi: And what did you do?

Sau: Nothing, it is normal,

Yuvi: Will she be fine there?

Sau: Of course she will, she is not the first kid they are going to manage,

Yuvi: But she is my first kid!

Saurab smiles seeing his brother and then tried to calm him.



Kasyap came to Birla house, together he and Suhani went to pick the kids.

Kids where happy to see them and ran to them. Then, they started to explain their experience, Suhani and Kasyap enjoyed all these.

Yuvi called Suhani, and cut the call.

Kas: What?

Suh: You know why he is calling, and I am not going to pick it now.

Kasyap sighed!

Yuvi called again for five times and she cancelled it every time, he then calls Kasyap. She cancelled that call too.

Yuvi sighed! He was restless and decided to leave. Saurab saw him.

Sau: What?

Yuvi: I am leaving,

Sau: No,

Yuvi: What?

Sau: You won’t go home now,

Yuvi: But,

Sau: Calm down, Yuvani is fine!

Yuvi: But Suhani is not picking my call.

Sau: Very good,

Yuvi: Bhaiya!!

Saurab smiles, and then made him stay there.


Suhani and Yuvani reach home, Yuvani ran inside.

She went to Yuvan, and gave him chocolate, which she got from school.

Suhani smiled seeing them.

The kids started to play.


Yuvi comes after a while; he straight away went to Yuvani.

Yuvi: How was your day?

She started to explain, and he smiled at her.

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