Can I fall in love, Episode 132

Suhani was in hall with Yuvan, Yuvani came to her.

Yuvani: Mumma, I want to take Yuvan in hands.

Suh: What?

Yuvani: Yeah, I will take Yuvan, not you.

Suhani smiles hearing her. Yuvi cam to them.

Yuvi: Really, but why, because you are his didi?

Yuvani: No, from now I will take care of him, so that you both have time for me.

Yuvi: (confused) What?

Yuvani: Yeah, nowadays you both are busy with Yuvan, and don’t have time for me, so I will look after him, then you both would be with me, would have time for me.

YuvAni were stunned, they looked at each other. They felt guilty and didn’t know what to say. Did they fail as their daughter’s parents? They didn’t know!

Pratima came to them, and smiled at the couple.

Prat: Beta, what happened? Why are you angry?

Yuvani: Dadi, tell Mumma to give me Yuvan.

Prat: Why?

Yuvani: I will take him from now.

Prat: But if you take him, then how can Mumma and Papa can spent time with you? You would be busy with him na.

Yuvani thought for a while,

Yuvani: Yeah, you are right Dadi, but I didn’t then, they will take him and not me!

Prat: Is it so beta, you don’t worry, I will take to your parents and scold them, you go and play.

Yuvani: No.

Prat: So you don’t want to play bicycle? Harsh is waiting for you.

Yuvani: (excited) Really??

Prat: Yeah.

Yuvani ran out happily. Pratima smiled at her.

YuvAni were silent throughout, Pratima went to them.

Suh: (tensed) Ma…….. Yuvani………Did we, did we fail,

Prat: Not fully.

They looked at her.

Yuvi: Then? Ma, you heard her, she is upset.

Prat: I know, and there isn’t anything abnormal in it, until Yuvan’s birth, only she was there with you, all your time was meant for her, and now suddenly someone came in, and even though not fully the time you spent with her is reduced.

Suh: But Ma,

Prat: I know I have gone through this, (smiling) these four gave me tough time.

She looked at Yuvi, he smiled slightly.

Suh: But what will we do now? Yuvan is young and he needs care.

Prat: Of course he needs, but Yuvani isn’t big either, she is a small kid herself, she won’t understand it.

They nodded sadly.

Yuvi: Then,

Prat: Try to spend more time with her, never let her alone, one of you be with her, for most of the time, if not always, she would be happy.

They nod.

Prat: You weren’t completely wrong, but now, make sure you don’t make any mistake, I know Yuvan and Yuvani are equal for you, but make them feel so, they shouldn’t feel it in the opposite way.

They smile Pratima leaves.

Yuvan started to cry; together they calmed him down, and made him sleep, took him to room and laid him on the cradle.

Suh: Did you notice something,

Yuvi: What?

Suh: (laughing) Our daughter went on you, just like you, she too need everyone’s attention and don’t want to share her love.

Yuvi fumed.

Yuvi: What is wrong in it? Anyway I am happy that she is like me at least she will understand me, unlike others, who don’t even care for me.

Suhani smiles hearing this.

Suh: Really, (keeping her hands on his shoulder) so I don’t care for you?

Yuvi: No. You never had time for me, and now after kids, you have completely forgotten me.

She smiles at him, he looks at her.

Yuvi: Why, why are you smiling like this?

Suh: Nothing.

Yuvi: Then,

She kissed him on his cheek, he looked surprised.

Suh: You be here with Yuvan, I am going to Yuvani.

He nodes, she smiles, he smiles looking at her.

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    Awwwwwww….. Shm aa gyi… (feel shy), ??????????

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    1. Yuvani

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  3. Love this epi a lot.. Superb…

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