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Can I fall in love, Episode 112


Suhani was so happy!!
Yuvi would be back by evening, and her mood was exactly opposite to what it was it the past few days. She was cheerful was ever, her excitement in meeting Yuvi was visible in her eyes.
Breakfast was very cheerful, all were having fun.
Anuj: Sharad look, someone is glowing!!
Others laugh!
Suh: (sighs) Anuj!! Won’t you ever stay quite?
Anuj smirks.
She fumes.
Sau: Suhani let it be, it is once in a while we get a chance, it is always you who do this, and now when he got a chance you can’t stop him.
Suh: Bhaiya!
Rags: He is right Madam.
Suhani sighs.
The day was cheerful.
Suhani came back evening. Anxiety was very high in her eyes. Saurab smiles seeing her. She was busy as usual, and then they she heard his car’s horn. She got very excited and was about to go to him, when Gauri stopped her.
Gauri: Bhabhi, just come na, please, it is urgent.
Suh: (disappointedly) OK.
They went to her room. Bhavna, Rags and Menka were there. Suhani looked on, confused.

Yuvi was very much excited to meet her. He met Dadi and Pratima and then asked for Suhani.
His brothers smirked and took him to Anuj’s room.
Both brothers and sisters were making Yuvani busy intentionally they were talking silly, both tried to escape the scene and was not able to. Yuvani sighed, they were irritated and others were enjoying this.
Yuvani took out their phone silently, and for their luck, others didn’t notice, and typed.
“These guys are playing with us, shall we play back?”
Both the messages were delivered on the same time, they read the other’s message and smiled.
Then started to act along.
Yuvani, who was irritated until know, appeared happy, and even, stared to talk.
After sometime others understood that their plan flopped and let Yuvani leave, but Yuvani stayed back.
Bh: Suhani, it is enough now, you leave.
Anuj: Bhaiya, we know that our plan flopped. Let it be.
Yuvani laughed and then heed to their room. Yuvi was waiting for Suhani when she came in. They looked at each other. Suhani had tears in her eyes; finally she met him after a long one week. She ran to him and hugged him tightly. He too hugged her back. All their feelings, emotions, which was their within them for the last week, just flowed, and reached the other. And they understand how much the other missed them.

Suh: This was the worst week of my life, I was never dull to this extend, like I lost my life! I missed you bossing me around, I missed your taunts!
Yuvi: (smiling) My case was nothing different, I missed your nonstop chatter; my mind was always with you and everything around me appeared too dull. I am sorry.
Suh: I won’t accept sorry, from the next time, if you are going for conferences like his, I will come with you!
Yuvi: What?
Suh: yes, and I am very serious about it.
Yuvi smiles.
Yuvi: Nothing can be done with you.
Suh: i don’t care.
Yuvi (smiling) I know.
They broke the hug, he wiped her tears, and they smile.
She baked their favourite cake for him, with welcome back written on it. He smiles and they cut it together.
She fed him first.
Yuvi: (amazed) Oh my God, Suhani you are really doing this?
Suh: (confused) what?
Yuvi: I mean, you want me to have it first, you really want ME too have it first, your favourite cake!! It never happened before! I am surprised!
She fumed and he laughed. She beats him.
Suh: I won’t talk to you.
She went to the window and stood there annoyed.
He smiles and went to her, hugged her from behind and kept his chin on her shoulder. She turned sideways.
Yuvi: Acha, few minutes ago someone said that she missed me taunting her, and now?
She smiled hearing it and turned her face towards him, he touched her forehead with hers and they smiled.
He then stood beside her and they watched the sky, enjoyed its silence. She was smiling and he adored her. He took out a bangle form his pocket and made her wear it, she was happily surprised.
Suh: It is very beautiful.
He smiles and she hugs him.

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