Can I fall in love, Episode 111

Suhani was playing with Golu.
Suh: Golu, now Masui can’t handle it anymore, means, Golu it is too much days na. You tell your Chachu to come back, Mausi can’t stay away anymore. Mausi is very upset.
She was so dull. Golu smiled at her, his smile so innocent and pleasant that she smiled seeing him, and hugged him. She had a wonderful time with him.

Next day:
Suhani turned really dull, she was not at all speaking, like lost her charm.
Even though they were busy in office, Kasyap understood how she feels. He smiles thinking something.
Evening, they came out.

Kas: Suhani, today you are coming with us.
Suhani was about to say something.
Kas: Man, I messaged your Bhaiya, he won’t come.
Suh: But,
Kas: Why, you have any problem?

Suhani sighs.
Ria: I know what you are thinking Suhani, first you have to drop me, and then go to where ever you want to.
Suhani smiles and hugs her.
Kas: Shall we?

Other two nod.
They went Risyap’s home, dropped Ria, met his parents and then went to their garden.

Gauri was about to go home, she met Adi.
Adi: On your way home?
Gauri: Yeah,
Adi: great, I am coming with you.

Gauri: What?
Adi: Yeah, I was about to come your home, now we can go together.
Gauri: OK.
They leave together and reach home.

Gauri looked around for Saurab’s car, and was happy to see it.
Gauri: Thank God, Bhabhi is home.
Adi: Why?
Gauri: Nothing, I have a work with Bhabhi, thankfully she is back.
Adi: You depend on my sister too much.
Gauri smiles.
They got in.
Gauri called out for Suhani.

Bh: Your Bhabhi is not back. Hi Adi.
She hugged him.
Gauri: But Saurab Bhai’s car is outside, didn’t she come with him?
Bh: No, she said she will be late.
Gauri: (disappointed) No!!
Bh: What? Anything for tomorrow?

Gauri nodes.
Bh: She is with Kasyap.
Adi: Then she won’t be back soon.
Gauri: Yeah.
Adi: No worries I am here, I will help you out, last time was I couldn’t completely help you, I had to go na.
Gauri nodes.
They leave.

Suhani was sitting idle.
Kasyap sat beside her.
She didn’t notice it.
Kas: Come on man, you can’t stay like this.
She looked at him.
Kas: I know you are missing him, but,

She nodes.
Kas: Just look at this place, it hasn’t lost its charm.
She looked around.
Suh: You are right.
Kas: Then just, we will have a walk.
She nodded no.
Kas: Come, come, come.
He made her stand an then, they together started to walk. They stood near the jasmine.
Kas: Do you remember how we planted this?
She smiles.

Suh: Very much, I remember everything about the plantation. We got its sapling with great difficulty, but thankfully we got it. And till the plant has grown to its fullest, you were taking care of it like a child.
Kas: but that was just the case of this plant, all other plants here are your kids!
She smiles.
A rose was newly budded, she went to it. Rose flower when it half blossomed looks amazing and she like it.
Suh: It is looks so nice.
Kas: Then be like it.

She looked on.
Kas: It brought smile o your face, it brings happiness, so just be like it.
She smiles.
Suh: thank you.
He smiles.
He started to talk, he talked about anything and everything, like a nonstop radio, and she enjoyed his company, like always.
No relation can be replaced, everything is special own its own, but by being with someone, you can forget the sadness the other caused. It is not because one id greater than the other, but because both re close to heart.

Yuvi is home.

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