Can I fall in love, Episode 110


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Suhani calls Yuvi.
Yuvi: (sleepily) Suhani………. You know na, I slept very late yesterday, then why are you troubling me in this early morning!
Suh: (smiling) of course I know, and I know one more thing that you have a meeting early in the morning, and that my lazy husband is still sleeping forgetting it.
Yuvi: Oh yeah, I forgot that.
Suh: I know, now get up, get up!!
He smiles.

Yuvi: Yeah, I did, let me get fresh, I will call you later, bye.
Suh: (smiling) Bye.
She cuts the call and got ready.
Everyone was having breakfast. Suhani was dull, Anuj signed Sharad.
Sharad took fruits to eat.
Anuj: (faking wonder) Sharad, you are eating fruits?? What happened?

Sh: Nothing yar, this paratha na, it look so dull.
Everyone other than Suhani looked on.
Gauri: Dull?
Sh: Yeah, without any life, just like,
Anuj: The person who made it.

Others laugh, they got what the two were up to. Suhani looked up.
Suh: What?
Anuj: Nothing Bhabhi,
Men: Actually bhabhi, today I understood the meaning of something you told me earlier, that the taste of the food depends the mood in which the person cooks it.
Suhani looked on.
Sau: (taking paratha in hands) Yeah Suhani, Menka is right, today’s paratha is very dull, just like you.
Everyone laugh!!
Anuj: yeah, someone is dying here,

He high-fives Sharad and others laugh.
Bh: Guys, stop teasing my sister, you know,
Gauri: That she is missing my brother.
They laughed harder.
Anuj: Just look at Bhabhi, never seen her this dull.
Suh: Ma!!

Prat: Anuj, Sharad, stop teasing my daughter.
Dadi: Yeah, stop it, see her, poor thing.
Anuj: Dadi, you don’t know her, she isn’t this innocent,
Gauri: Yeah, Dadi, you haven’t seen Bhabhi teasing us.
Sh: This is nothing in front of that.
Suhani fumes and others laugh.

Prat: Ok, ok, stop it now.
Others smirk.
Suh: Bhaiya, I have a presentation in this morning, shall we,
Sau: Yeah sure, I am done.
They leave.

She had a fine day at office.
Saurab came in the evening.
Suh: Bhaiya, I had a nice day today, my presentation went very well.
He smiles.
Sau: Goo, now that my sister did a good at her work, I will give you a treat.
Suh: Bhaiya!!
Sau: What?

Suh: (laughing) You know what I feel know, that I am a ten year old girl, who got good marks at exams, and that you are my Dad, giving me treat for that.
He laughs.
Sau: Let it be anything, just come na. Or do you have any problem in spending time with me.
Suh: (Sighs) Bhaiya, what is up with you.
Sau: Nothing. Let us just go.
Suhani nodes.
They went to restaurant and ordered too much food.

Both foodies, they were enjoying a lot. They were having a very good time together.
Rags called Saurab, and disconnects the call.
Suh: Bhaiya,
Sau: you know na, she want to know where we are, and then after knowing, she will give me a lecture on dieting, and I don’t want it now, not in front of this delicious food. I don’t want to spoil my mood. I want to enjoy eating without any disturbance.
Suh: Actually Bhaiya, you are right, your brother too is the same, always taunt me on food. Now let us enjoy food without those two villains.
Sau: (laughing) Villain?
She nodes.

They had a nice time together and got home.
Rags was waiting for them, and they signed each other.
She was fuming.
Rags: Where were you? You are very late!
Suh: Bhabhi, that we,
Sau: We got stuck in traffic.

Rgas: Traffic, really, Suhani you tell me, where were you?
Suh: Bhabhi, we went to have food, and,
Rags sighs.
Sh: I told you Bhabhi, these two foodies,
Anuj: Looks like Bhabhi is utilising Bhai’s absence, aren’t you Bhabhi?
Suh: Exactly, today after many days, I had food without hearing his taunts,
Sau: Me too.

Rags beats him. Others laugh.

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