Can I fall in love, Episode 109

Suhani packs Yuvi’s bag.
She was dull. Yuvi came to her.
She hugged him.
Yuvi: I am sorry, but it is very important for me to go, otherwise I would,
Suh: I know, but one week!
He kissed her forehead.
Yuvi: I am always with you.

She smiles they hug, and then he leaves.
Her day was dull, Kasyap understood this, and he spent more time with her than usual.
She knew what he was doing, but was happy about it.

Suhani and Risyap were about to leave.
Kas: We will drop you first, and then we will go home.
Suh: It is fine; Bhaiya is coming to pick me.
Kasyap smiles and Saurab came there tat that time.
He greeted Risyap and then they leave.
Sau: So how was your day?

Suh: As usual,
Sau: So you are not missing my brother?
She smiles.
They had a nice drive.
Suhani was busy till dinner, but then she started to miss him.
She had a presentation for the next day, and was trying to do it.

But even after two hours she couldn’t do anything, for Yuvi hasn’t called her.
She was eagerly waiting for his call.
Suh: Why didn’t he call till now? It is almost 10, shall I call him? But what if he is busy, for tired? But, still,

She was being desperate, and then he called her. She was super excited and attended the call.
Suh: (in a go) hello, how are you? Are you ok? When did you reach? Where you busy till now? Where are you staying? Why didn’t you call till now? Did you have food? And why are you silent?
Yuvi: Because you are not letting me speak.
He laughs and she smiles.

Yuvi: I am fine; I was busy in a conference till now, just got fresh and had food, now relaxing.
She smiles.
Suh: Good.
Yuvi: And you? What are you doing?
Suh: I have presentation for tomorrow, but I only did two slides by the last two hours,
He laughs.
Yuvi: My God!! One hour for a slide?
Suh: I, that,

Yuvi: Ok, do it now, it will be fine.
She smiles.
Suh: What about tomorrow? I mean your schedule.
Yuvi: I have a conference at 8 am.
Suh: Really, then go to sleep, you were working till now, you must be really tired, we will talk tomorrow, bye, goodnight.
Yuvi: (smiling) Yeah goodnight.

He was about to cut the call.
Suh: I love you,
He smiles.
Yuvi: I love you too.

He cuts the call.
Both smile thinking about the other.
Suhani restarted her work, now it was easy.
Pratima came to her.
Suh: Ma, you here?
Prat: Yeah, beta what are you doing?
Suh: Nothing serious, I have presentation for tomorrow,
Prat: You are missing him na,
Suhani smiles.

Prat: So from today, till he is back, you stay with me.
Suh: Ma,
Prat: Why? You don’t like to stay with me?
Suh: No Ma,
Prat: (smiling) Then what, come,
She smiles.

Suh: Ok Ma, I will come after finishing my work.
Prat: Why? Can’t you work form my room.
Suh: Ma,
Prat: Then come.

Pratima takes her laptop and leaves, Suhani went with her.
Suh: Ma, you sleep, I will finish work and then sleep.
Pratima smiles and sleep.

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